Apple have posted up a behind the scenes looking at the recording of Adele's "Hello" with Logic Pro X.
I have SoundShifter on the piano to pitch it down a half step. We wrote the song higher and changed the key, but I liked the piano sound and didn’t want to replay it. I sampled my Roland TR-808 kick drum into the EXS24 and used that in the chorus to double the bass. Valhalla’s VintageVerb is on the guitar single-note stuff. I filtered the drums with the Logic AutoFilter. I used SPL Transient Designer to shorten the length and add attack on those drums. And there’s a little bit of Sylenth1 playing a sine-wave, organ-like pad under the chorus.
Jason Tate on 01/20/16 - 04:02 PM
Apple has released a new app called "Musical Memos."
Music Memos is the easiest way for songwriters to capture and organize new musical ideas. Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to record acoustic guitar, piano, voice, or any musical instrument as high-quality, uncompressed audio. Then name, tag and rate your ideas to start building a library of all your favorite new song parts and riffs. Music Memos automatically detects your tempo, rhythmic feel and chords and lets you instantly hear your musical idea accompanied by a rhythm section with realistic drums and bass. View the chords you’ve played, add comments and lyrics, or share your recordings with friends or directly to Apple Music...
Jason Tate on 01/20/16 - 01:45 PM
Apple Music has reportedly surpassed 10 million paying subscribers.

Submitted by undefinedcolton
Eric Wilson on 01/10/16 - 11:00 PM
The instrumental version of Marianas Trench's new album, Astoria, is now on Spotify and Apple Music.
Joe DeAndrea on 01/09/16 - 05:23 PM
More reports continue to corroborate the big rumor of Apple ditching the 3.5mm jack for the next version of the iPhone. All of this could potentially be a push to add new noise-canceling technology with Lightning-enabled headphones, that could tie into the high-resolution audio rumor from last month.
Furthermore, the report adds that the audio system used in the iPhone 7 will feature new noise-canceling technology from U.K. audio company Wolfson Microelectronics. This tech will be built into the phone as well as into the headphones that are plugged into it. Apple is expected make a strong push for company’s that make Lightning-enabled headphones to implement the new noise-canceling...
Eric Wilson on 01/07/16 - 07:27 PM
New rumors (via The Verge) from the Portable Audio Festival this weekend in Japan have suggested that in 2016 Apple Music could introduce the streaming of high-resolution audio, along with positioning the Lightning connector over the 3.5mm headphone jack to do so.
The reports suggest 96kHz / 24-bit music streaming, which many headphone manufacturers are said to be preparing for with upcoming models featuring Lightning connectors.

High-resolution audio, whose benefits are at best dubious, can of course be conveyed via the conventional 3.5mm headphone jack, but it appears that Apple and its hardware partners are betting on using the more advanced Lightning port. It allows for...
Eric Wilson on 12/21/15 - 04:35 PM
Apple Music and iTunes Match now allow for libraries up to 100k tracks.
Jason Tate on 12/07/15 - 01:51 PM
Graham Spencer, writing for MacStories, on the rumor that Apple may ditch the 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7.
It's too early to tell whether Apple really will get rid of the 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7 next year, but I think the real question is when will they get rid of it, not if they get rid of it. In my eyes, it's either going to happen in 2016 with the iPhone 7 or 2018 with the iPhone 8. I will be amazed, probably dumbfounded, if we get to 2020 and our phones still have the same 3.5mm audio jack. Although Macotakara implied that the reason for removing the audio jack is to make the iPhone thinner, I think the more likely reason is a combination of making it thinner, but...
Jason Tate on 12/01/15 - 12:44 PM
Jimmy Iovine has issued an apology for comments he made on CBS This Morning.
We created Apple Music to make finding the right music easier for everyone — men and women, young and old. Our new ad focuses on women, which is why I answered the way I did, but of course the same applies equally for men. I could have chosen my words better, and I apologize.
Jason Tate on 11/20/15 - 12:13 PM
Beats Music is almost no more. To the tens of you out there using the Beats Music streaming service, this is gigantic news. To everyone else, surprise! Beats Music is still a thing, until November 30th, when Apple will shut it down for good.
Blake Solomon on 11/16/15 - 08:20 AM
Haim's Beats 1 "Haim Time" show debuted last night.
Jason Tate on 11/06/15 - 11:36 AM
Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, says that Apple Music has 6.5 million paying subscribers, and another 8.5 million on the free trial.

Submitted by ericsounds41
Blake Solomon on 10/20/15 - 08:24 AM
Apple has started @AppleMusicHelp on Twitter for questions related to its Apple Music service.
Jason Tate on 10/14/15 - 11:00 AM
Marianas Trench's new song "Wildfire" can be found on Apple Music. This mother fucker can write a hook.
Jason Tate on 10/02/15 - 12:16 PM
Apple had an event today. New Apple TV, new iPhones, that OneRepublic band played a song. The official Apple thread is a good place to talk about the new stuff, SixColors' tweets are a good place to catch up, and all the new info is on their website.
Jason Tate on 09/09/15 - 12:14 PM
Haim announced on Pharrel Williams' Beats 1 show that they're working on a new album and will soon have their own Beats 1 show as well.
Jason Tate on 08/31/15 - 12:27 PM
Mark McGrath's new EP Summetime's Coming is on iTunes.

Submitted by poppunkwayo
Jason Tate on 08/21/15 - 12:16 PM
The Apple Music Festival will be from September 19th through September 28th this year. Headliners include Pharrell Williams, One Direction, Florence + The Machine, and Disclosure.
Jason Tate on 08/18/15 - 11:13 AM
Beats 1 now allows you to listen to the shows again via replays.
The easiest way to find Replays is to look for the DJ's curator page on Connect (such as "Julie Adenuga on Beats 1"), tap the Connect tab, and look for a playable Replay. This way, you'll be able to listen to a show in its entirety without having to skip the DJ talk and interviews with the playlists – which are still available if you only want to get the songs from each show.
Jason Tate on 08/05/15 - 12:39 PM
HitsDailyDouble is reporting that Apple Music's subscription numbers are in the 10 million arena after four weeks. That would be far higher than what I'd previously guessed.
Apple doesn’t make its streaming numbers public but is showing reports to those rights holders, who have been surprised by how big those figures already are. Some streaming numbers (notably on a couple of cutting-edge hip-hop titles) are actually competitive with Spotify’s. Some rights holders feel Apple should publicize these figures; the decision to do so or not falls to Eddy Cue. But releasing the numbers would likely go a long way toward turning those who don’t yet get it into believers.
Jason Tate on 07/28/15 - 11:52 AM
Jason Tate on 07/15/15 - 12:55 PM
Joanna Stern, over at the Wall Street Journal, has posted a quick primer for how you can turn off "auto-renewal" for the newly launched Apple Music. My first impressions of the service are mostly positive. I still think there's too much going on in the app, and the part I want and use most -- "My Music" -- seems kinda just there. But it works. I feel oddly attracted to this Beats 1 thing when my entire Twitter feed is talking about what's playing at the same time. I wonder if that novelty will wear off. Playlists aren't really my thing and the "select artists you like" screen had virtually no artists I like (and the device should have know that information from my iTunes usage anyway)....
Jason Tate on 06/30/15 - 11:06 AM
Apple Music, the new streaming service from Apple, is now available when users upgrade to iOS 8.4. The company is still offering a free trial period of three months. Can it become what our Anthony Sorendino predicted it could become? What are your thoughts on the new service? Can it dethrone Spotify as the preeminent streaming service?
Craig Ismaili on 06/30/15 - 08:33 AM
"Cement" by Citizen is free this week on iTunes.

Submitted by poppunkwayo
Jason Tate on 06/27/15 - 11:21 AM
Jason Snell, writing at iMore, does a good job recapping Apple's history with digital music.
It's easy to pick the launch of the original iMac or iPod as the moment that Apple's fortunes changed forever, but I think a strong argument can be made for April 28, 2003. Without a version of iTunes for Windows and support for USB syncing (rather than just FireWire, which was rarely seen on a PC not made by Sony), the iPod would've never become a breakout product. For Apple to win the day, it needed to go to Windows, and the third-generation iPod did that.
Jason Tate on 06/26/15 - 10:42 AM
The New York Times has published a profile on Zane Lowe and his work with Apple on Beats 1.
To keep Beats 1 sounding fresh around the world, the station will alternate one- and two-hour programming blocks by established broadcasters with those by musicians and celebrities, who will host and plan the shows themselves. Among the names on board: the teen actor Jaden Smith, the alternative singer St. Vincent, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age and the British electronic duo Disclosure.
Jason Tate on 06/25/15 - 10:44 AM
Taylor Swift will be putting 1989 on Apple Music.
Jason Tate on 06/25/15 - 10:35 AM
Our very own Anthony Sorendino wrote an interesting blog playing futurist for what something like Apple Music could become. I've had a long fascination with looking at how music could intertwine with technology and the ideas presented here are really interesting. Now we just need Siri to become self-aware and cast judging snarky comments at me because I'm actually enjoying this new Hilary Duff album.
You get a notification one day that your favorite band is doing a live stream concert next week. Apple Music adds the event to your calendar and sends you a reminder by playing a few seconds of your most played track from that band. The live stream is free for the first few songs, but if...
Jason Tate on 06/24/15 - 04:04 PM
Billboard is reporting that Apple Music has signed up two of the larger independent digital rights conglomerates.
Apple Music, the hardware giant's soon-to-launch streaming service, has landed an eleventh-hour coup, striking deals with the independents’ digital rights organization Merlin and with Martin Mills’ indie powerhouse Beggars Group, sources tell Billboard. Label group PIAS has also announced it has signed on.
Jason Tate on 06/24/15 - 10:02 AM
Cementing Taylor Swift's position as the most powerful person in the music industry: Eddy Cue of Apple just announced the company will pay artists (probably means the labels) for streaming that takes place during the free trial.

Update: Eddy Cue talked with ReCode about the change in policy.
Cue says Apple will pay rights holders for the entire three months of the trial period. It can’t be at the same rate that Apple is paying them after free users become subscribers, since Apple is paying out a percentage of revenues once subscribers start paying. Instead, he says, Apple will pay rights holders on a per-stream basis, which he won’t disclose.
Jason Tate on 06/21/15 - 08:40 PM
Taylor Swift has posted an open letter to Apple Music on her blog about why she's keeping her latest album off the platform.
This is not about me. Thankfully I am on my fifth album and can support myself, my band, crew, and entire management team by playing live shows. This is about the new artist or band that has just released their first single and will not be paid for its success. This is about the young songwriter who just got his or her first cut and thought that the royalties from that would get them out of debt. This is about the producer who works tirelessly to innovate and create, just like the innovators and creators at Apple are pioneering in their field…but will not get paid...
Jason Tate on 06/21/15 - 11:01 AM
HypeBot has posted an article explaining how artists can go claim their Apple Music Connect profiles. We talk a lot about Apple Music on this week's podcast and this is the one part of the service I'm less than excited about.
Jason Tate on 06/12/15 - 10:01 AM
Square has teamed up with Apple Pay to offer a new contactless payment reader. I'd love to see this become a thing at venues for buying merch.
Jason Tate on 06/10/15 - 12:03 PM
You can stream Ryn Weaver's debut album The Fool on iTunes. The album comes out on June 16th.

Submitted by bradsonemanband
Jason Tate on 06/09/15 - 10:27 AM
Apple's long-awaited foray into music streaming will finally be released on June 30. It'll cost $9.99 per month, with a three-month free trial. There's also a family plan available for $14.99 per month. It looks like the service will be fully integrated both into the iOS Music app and the Mac desktop iTunes app. We'll have plenty more news about this in the near future.

Update: Apple's official page is now live.
Thomas Nassiff on 06/08/15 - 12:14 PM
Bleachers' Like a River Runs EP is now up on iTunes.
Jason Tate on 06/02/15 - 11:28 AM
Marianas Trench has a new EP on iTunes titled Something Old / Something New, which includes two songs recorded before their first record and the two previously released singles, "Here's To The Zeroes" and "Pop 101." The band's new album, Astoria, will be out this year with all new tracks.

Submitted by JGG
Joe DeAndrea on 05/27/15 - 10:37 AM
Attalus' Into the Sea is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

Submitted by Jamos4184
Jason Tate on 05/18/15 - 10:01 AM
Passion Pit's new album Kindred is streaming on iTunes.
Jason Tate on 04/14/15 - 11:47 AM
"Chlorine" by Title Fight is free this week on iTunes.

Submitted by poppunkwayo
Jason Tate on 04/13/15 - 12:34 PM
Everclear​'s new album Black Is The New Black is now up for pre-order via iTunes.

Submitted by poppunkwayo
Jason Tate on 03/30/15 - 03:19 PM
Apple and Beats are pushing ahead with a streaming service that would aim to take on the likes of Spotify and Rdio. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails is said to be playing a major role in the new venture.
The new music app, which is a collaborative effort between Mr. Reznor and other Apple and Beats employees, including Jimmy Iovine — who founded Beats with the hip-hop star Dr. Dre — will feature the streaming music service with many of the same characteristics as the Beats Music streaming service, one Apple employee said. Those may include curated playlists and a more vivid visual appeal, while conforming to Apple’s sleek and minimal design aesthetic, one person said. The name Beats...
Blake Solomon on 03/26/15 - 08:00 AM
Daniel Johns from Silverchair has released his Aerial Love EP on iTunes.

Submitted by Alligator Blood
Jason Tate on 03/13/15 - 11:36 AM
Peter Kafka, writing at Recode, looks at how Apple and Beats may be relaunching their service later this year.
Apple executives, led by media head Eddy Cue and Beats Music founder Jimmy Iovine, have been arguing that the music business “needs to get behind a paywall,” say people who have talked to them. Apple bought Beats last year, partly to help it gain a foothold on streaming music just as iTunes sales of digital downloads had started to drop.
Jason Tate on 03/06/15 - 12:45 PM
Two of the songs from the deluxe edition of 1989 by Taylor Swift are now on iTunes. The Jack Antonoff co-write of "You Are In Love" and "Wonderland."

Submitted by poppunkwayo
Jason Tate on 02/25/15 - 12:50 PM
Thousand Foot Krutch's song "Untraveled Road" is free on iTunes this week.

Submitted by poppunkwayo
Jason Tate on 02/22/15 - 03:24 PM
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