You can check out PureVolume's latest video Q+A with letlive., in which they discuss The Blackest Beautiful, the recording process, and delicious swiss pastries.
Drew Beringer on 08/21/13 - 12:12 PM
In case you needed another one, PureVolume has posted a second teaser video for Blessthefall's upcoming video "You Wear A Crown But You're No King." The full video will be released on Thursday.
Drew Beringer on 08/20/13 - 03:09 PM
PureVolume has released a live video of Night Riots performing "Spiders" at the Macbeth flagship boutique in Encinitas, CA.
Drew Beringer on 08/20/13 - 11:36 AM
Tonight Alive stopped by PureVolume to perform stripped down versions of "The Ocean" and "Listening."
Drew Beringer on 08/15/13 - 12:24 PM
Frank Turner and friends offer tips on how to survive a music festival over at PureVolume.
Drew Beringer on 08/14/13 - 12:05 PM
PureVolume is giving away a free download of Stickup Kid's EP, Nothing About Me, here.
Drew Beringer on 08/13/13 - 12:31 PM
You can stream a new Parachute song titled "Higher" over at PureVolume. It's from the band's upcoming new album, Overnight, which is in stores tomorrow.
Drew Beringer on 08/12/13 - 09:43 AM
Don't forget - PureVolume is streaming a bunch of sets from this weekend's Outside Lands Music Fest. Tonight is Nine Inch Nails's set so you'll want to tune into that.
Drew Beringer on 08/10/13 - 03:11 PM
PureVolume will be your destination this weekend to live stream the fifth annual Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival from San Francisco. The two channels will feature performances from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Phoenix, The National, Vampire Weekend, Grizzly Bear, and many more. You'll be able to stream the sets as well as check out the times and channels here.
Drew Beringer on 08/09/13 - 11:51 AM
You can watch a new video interview with Tonight Alive on here.
Drew Beringer on 08/07/13 - 01:03 PM
You can watch part two of O'Brother's new documentary over at PureVolume.
Drew Beringer on 08/01/13 - 11:07 AM
You can watch a new video interview with Blessthefall on here.
Drew Beringer on 08/01/13 - 09:12 AM
PureVolume have announced its line-up for the PureVolume stage at Lollapalooza (for the Toyota + SpinMedia Tent) along with an 18-track playlist with all of the artists. Some of the artists dropping by include O'Brother and Frightened Rabbit. Check it all out here.
Drew Beringer on 07/29/13 - 11:42 AM
PureVolume has an exclusive video of The Front Bottoms performing "Au Revoir (Adios)" at Macbeth's Flagship Boutique here.
Drew Beringer on 07/22/13 - 01:41 PM
You can stream Wallpaper.'s new album, Ricky Reed is Real, in its entirety over at PureVolume.
Drew Beringer on 07/19/13 - 09:42 AM
You can stream a new Deaf Havana song titled "Speeding Cars" over at PureVolume.
Drew Beringer on 07/18/13 - 07:39 PM
Wallpaper. has been keeping a Warped Tour video diary for PureVolume and today's entry highlights Warped Tour Backyard Wrestling between Anto Boros of The Swellers and JJR, tour manager for The Wonder Years. Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 07/17/13 - 04:21 PM
PureVolume recently interviewed Jay Johnson of letlive. about the band's new album, losing themselves during shows, and overseas success.
We lose ourselves a little bit and give in to the fact that we just play music onstage and there are times when Jason is off somewhere else in the venue picking flowers for a girl out of a gesture of kindness, and then he comes onstage and breaks something, and I have no idea anything is going on to be honest. All of us kind of zone out for a little while and let the mechanics of our body take over.
Drew Beringer on 07/12/13 - 12:07 PM
PureVolume has released a cool "behind the scenes" video featuring William Beckett recording his upcoming new album, Genuine & Counterfeit here. The album is in stores August 20th via Equal Vision.
Drew Beringer on 07/11/13 - 11:56 AM
PureVolume has posted the second part of its fan interview video with 3OH!3 here.
Drew Beringer on 07/03/13 - 09:29 PM
PureVolume recently interviewed Justin Pearson Mars of Retox about the band's new album, the genesis of the band, and where he think technology is leading all of us.
It's just people's people's uneducated opinions on how we sound and our uneducated opinion on how other things are. I read so many times in reviews for the Locust, "I love the keyboards" when it's actually the bass or guitar. That's not the listeners' fault or necessarily a criticism because even with RETOX it's not as obvious as a song with structure from, say, the Ramones. When the Locust released Plague Soundscapes and we kind of blew up a bit people were like, "I can do this with one hand, that's garbage." I wanted to...
Drew Beringer on 07/03/13 - 12:39 PM
PureVolume recently interviewed Thomas Mars of Phoenix about the band's new album, cross-pollination, and Drakkar Noir.
I find it easier to find a sound that’s really exciting and new with things that are old and familiar. Because things that are really brand new? They sound like what the future should be like, with no surprise element to it.
Drew Beringer on 07/02/13 - 09:31 AM
PureVolume recently interviewed Chino Moreno and Aaron Harris of Palms about the band's new self-titled album.
The music's pretty visual. From the first time I heard it, even though it was a lot to take in, I immediately got this cinematic feeling. The music is panoramic to me. I'm looking at it, listening to it, and seeing all kinds of different images. Even with the name Palms, we didn't come up with it too late into the process. Everything gave it this feeling. I felt like it was very cinematic. A lot of the lyrics are painting pictures of landscapes. There's not too much storytelling in the lyrics. It's more or less the music is speaking to me and, I think, you guys as well in a very...
Drew Beringer on 07/01/13 - 01:21 PM
PureVolume recently interviewed Rob Aston of Transplants about the band's new album and what it's like working with Travis Barker and Tim Armstrong.
Here I am talking to my best friend and he's fresh out of a plane crash, and he's talking about the possibility of us doing another album—and I was so on board because how can you not be on board with the type of perseverance and motivation that Travis has? He's literally lying in a hospital bed with skin melting off his body in ridiculous amounts of pain and he's talking about maybe we should do another album so I was like, "fuck it, let's go." I just hate the fact that it took something as horrible as that plane crash to happen for us to...
Drew Beringer on 06/28/13 - 01:48 PM
PureVolume has posted the first part of its fan interview video with 3OH!3 here.
Drew Beringer on 06/27/13 - 04:00 PM
You can check out Luther's new video for "A Quiet Stretch of Weather" over at PureVolume.
Drew Beringer on 06/25/13 - 12:58 PM
PureVolume premiered Forever The Sickest Kids' new lyric video for "Keep Calm and Don't Let Me Go" here.
Drew Beringer on 06/24/13 - 12:23 PM
The Reptilian's new album, Low Health, can be streamed at Purevolume. Pre-orders are available here.

Submitted by Fame
Ryan Gardner on 06/22/13 - 01:36 PM
You can stream a new Hawthorne Heights' song titled "Spark" over at PureVolume. The band's new album, Zero, is in stores June 25th. Pre-order it on iTunes.
Drew Beringer on 06/21/13 - 10:59 AM
You can watch PureVolume's latest video interview with SECRETS here.
Drew Beringer on 06/18/13 - 12:27 PM
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