Under The Gun recently spoke with comedian Ari Shaffir for its "Stand-Up Tuesday" feature, which you can check out here.
As production gets cheaper, itís like, letís just give it straight to them and that way, the fans Ė theyíll decide what to do with it, if they support a comic or not. I heard something on NPR about self-publishing for writers, and how it used to be this black mark. It was the grossest thing you could do. But now, itís just like, the writers are giving up to 80% of book sales, including Kindle sales, through Penguin releasing it or what have you. Now, theyíre giving up like 10%. You ask a writer, and theyíre like, we just donít need them anymore. There are so many...
Drew Beringer on 02/12/13 - 02:03 PM
Under The Gun a new "Complaint Department" column up today titled "Death to Vinyl Flippers." Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 02/07/13 - 11:59 AM
Under The Gun recently interviewed William Control (Aiden) and talked about writing two novels, his upcoming solo album, and his band's new album.
There will be one more Aiden album, mainly because I feel I left things on such a cliff in the midst of finishing our contract with Victory (Records). And like I said, Iím not the same kid that started Aiden anymore, but I do love Aiden and jumping around on stage. Itís a young manís game though, and Iím not a young man anymore, you know? Warped Tour is a young manís game. I want to appease the audience that has been with me and followed us for so long, but at the same time I feel sort of like a liar singing those songs on stage that I wrote...
Drew Beringer on 01/31/13 - 01:07 PM
Under The Gun Review has posted its "5 Artists To Watch in 2013" list here.
Drew Beringer on 01/28/13 - 10:52 AM
Want to win a t-shirt from Tegan and Sara along with an autographed copy of their new record Heartthrob? Head over to Under The Gun for more details.
Christian Wagner on 01/25/13 - 07:54 AM
You can check out Under The Gun's recent interview with Breathe Carolina here. They talked about the band's upcoming new album and tour plans for the spring.
From The InterviewI think it's [a continuation of] an evolution that we've just taken. We never sat down and planned anything out, we just write everything write itself and let brains or our emotions take off. I think what fans can expect is the same Breathe Carolina sound, dancey and fun, but we're also going to bring back a lot of the, not obviously hardcore because we have been hardcore, but you know, heavier pop. We want it to play from beginning to end like a raging party. The kind of album you can put on at a house party and...
Drew Beringer on 01/18/13 - 02:07 PM
Under The Gun recently sat down with Aaron Gillespie (The Almost) to discuss the band's upcoming new album.
From The InterviewNo. I mean, I love his records and I kind of want to go back and do a record with Aaron (Sprinkle) again. After youíve used a producer for a certain amount of time, you should switch just toĖ You know, itís like going to the same restaurant over and over again, and getting the same thing. Every once in a while, you kind of want to get something different just to try it. You know what I mean? So thatís what we did.
Drew Beringer on 01/11/13 - 03:23 PM
You can stream a new Squid The Whale track entitled "Warden Sings The Blues" on Under The Gun; we're participating in #WhaleWednesday with our own song premiere next week.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/09/13 - 12:04 PM
To celebrate Nick Martin's (Underminded) 30th birthday, Under The Gun listed the five most essential tracks from his career. Check it out here and wish Nick a happy birthday over at his Twitter.
Drew Beringer on 12/10/12 - 12:03 PM
Under The Gun is streaming Young Alive's latest EP American Gentlemen here.
Drew Beringer on 11/30/12 - 11:51 AM
Under The Gun is exclusively streaming The Deep North's new self-titled EP here.
Drew Beringer on 11/13/12 - 12:36 PM
Thomas Nassiff's favorite band Black Veil Brides has a new song, "In The End," streaming here.
Drew Beringer on 11/01/12 - 11:29 AM
Under The Gun is premiering The Monsters I've Met's new EP Lights Out! here.
Drew Beringer on 10/30/12 - 11:20 AM
Under The Gun is premiering The Body Rampant's new video for "Seabrinx" here.
Drew Beringer on 10/29/12 - 03:22 PM
Under The Gun is exclusively streaming a new Shapes & Colors song today titled "The Life You Stole." You can check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 10/26/12 - 01:14 PM
Under The Gun recently interviewed Basement about recording with Sam Pura at The Panda Studios, the bandís time in America, and their decision to call it a day.
Drew Beringer on 10/23/12 - 07:51 AM
Under The Gun has a lengthy feature about Eminem's hit single "Lose Yourself" turning 10 years old today. Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 10/22/12 - 11:13 AM
Under The Gun is streaming a new Maker song "I Had To Put My Lady Down" here.
Drew Beringer on 10/22/12 - 08:44 AM
Under The Gun has an exclusive stream and download of Yellabird's new EP Mountainosaurus here.
Drew Beringer on 10/16/12 - 09:15 AM
Under The Gun has some exclusive video stills from The Body Rampant's upcoming video for "Seabrinx" here. The band will also be entering the studio next month to record its debut album with Brian McTernan.
Drew Beringer on 10/16/12 - 02:22 AM
Under The Gun has the exclusive scoop on what's going on with Second To Last, which you can read here.
Drew Beringer on 10/11/12 - 11:46 AM
Under The Gun recently interviewed Jeremy from Touchť Amorť, which you can read here.
From the InterviewIf you were to say ďcircle Ďyesí if you want a barrier, circle Ďnoí if you donítĒ, Iím going to always circle ďno.Ē I know that they serve a purpose, I know that venueís insurance is a big deal. You always hope that the bouncers who are up front handling the kids are handling them properly.
Drew Beringer on 10/08/12 - 12:22 PM
Under The Gun recently caught up with Jerry Jones (Trophy Scars) and he gave a lot of insight about the intricate themes of the band's forthcoming full-length album, details about his inspirations and the plethora of side projects the members have been involved with.
From The InterviewItís heavier. Itís more beautiful. Itís more intense. Itís a very visual album, maybe more so than the last three releases. There is a full girl choir and some serious girl features on most of the tracks. This record allows a bit more of the female perspective and I think that is really going to help connect people to the story and concept. The scenario is truly a nightmare and heavily details the intimate...
Drew Beringer on 10/01/12 - 01:57 PM
Under The Gun will be hosting a free screening of Iwrestledabearonce's horror film A Beary Scary Movie in Boston on November 7th. Details in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 10/01/12 - 10:59 AM
Today Under The Gun has an interview with G-Eazy in which they discuss his upcoming album, tour, and a collaboration with MOD SUN.
From The InterviewI think itís a step forward stylistically. Itís a little darker, but itís basically taking what I learned from sampling and remixing old 60′s songs, and then taking a step forward because all the production is original this time. No samples. So itís like stepping away from that crutch, and writing my music for myself.
Drew Beringer on 09/15/12 - 04:51 PM
Under The Gun Review and PropertyOfZack are joining forces today to introduce Atlantic Avenue. UTG has a stream and track-by-track of the band's new album When The Lights Go Down here, while POZ is giving away a free download of the track "Overrated" here.
Drew Beringer on 09/13/12 - 11:39 AM
Today Under The Gun has a pretty cool interview with John D. Boswell and his brainchild Symphony of Science.
Drew Beringer on 09/11/12 - 09:52 AM
Under The Gun sat down with Bert McCracken (The Used) and discussed the success of the band's most recent album Vulnerable as well as an upcoming 11-year anniversary edition of the band's self-titled album.
From The InterviewWeíre actually working on an 11 year anniversary edition. We thought that would be a little cooler and we have a DVD coming out and tons and tons of special things for the die-hard Used fans that were around in 2001 and 2002.
Drew Beringer on 09/06/12 - 08:27 AM
Today Under The Gun has a pretty cool feature in which they list the 15 anniversary tours they'd like to see happen in 2013.
Drew Beringer on 08/27/12 - 11:21 AM
Our friends at UnderTheGun have had a busy couple of days. They are streaming Crystalyne and States Away's new EPs, have an op-ed on the Christofer Drew/Bryan Stars situation that has inspired a lot of debate, and inspect the plot holes in Spiderman 3.
Thomas Nassiff on 06/05/12 - 01:24 PM
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