The Idol Dead filled out our interview. Read what they had to say.
Memories of my first time on the internet looking for Blink 182 websites which you used to be when I was a teen! I had one friend in my hometown with the internet and the same taste as me and we found AbsolutePunk pretty early and milked it for every band it had on it. We got into pop rock by finding New Found Glory’s From the Screen to Your Stereo mentioned on there. Nothing like that was played on the radio or on TV in the UK so we thought we were cooler than cool listening to Blink, The Ataris, Fall Out Boy and Brand New.
Zac Djamoos on 03/26/14 - 06:21 PM
Read our write up of the 3/23 Austin stop of La Dispute's "Rooms of the House" Tour with Pianos Become The Teeth and Mansions.
For the first time, I’m actually having a fairly hard time describing exactly what made this night and show so intense for me – aside form just the nature and content of the music, that is. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it was that my hoodie wasn’t quite warm enough. Maybe it’s because I was at the show alone, which is rare. Whatever the reason, everything added up and the intensity and show just clicked. No matter what band you’re a fan of or what album or song catches your ear most, definitely go see this show if it comes near you.
Ryan Gardner on 03/26/14 - 01:40 PM
Fourtitude answered our interview; here's their response.
I honestly had no clue there actually was a Radical Records, and I was amused to receive a cease and desist notification from their legal team. Apparently they didn’t want anybody to be confused into thinking they were in any way associated with my terrible rap music - I can’t say I blame them.
Zac Djamoos on 03/25/14 - 07:34 PM
We're premiering a live music video from unsigned Seattle band Truth Under Attack, which you can view in the replies. Often seen opening for bands such as The Classic Crime and Moneta, the band mixes rock riffs, guitar solos, and pop hooks to create a sound reminiscent to Tonight Alive and early Paramore.
Jake Denning on 03/25/14 - 09:44 AM
Today we are excited to stream The Analog Affair's latest EP, Wild. You can hear it the replies. If you like what you hear, you can download it at name-your-price. Fans of brooding electronic indie music should enjoy it.
Ryan Gardner on 03/25/14 - 06:15 AM
Post-hardcore band The North took some time to fill out our random interview. Read it here.
I love listening to the radio. It opens my eyes up to popular rap, hip hop, pop, indie and many more styles I wouldn’t normally listen to! Even though our band may not be “Top 40” style, we may be able to fit on Sirius Radio.
Zac Djamoos on 03/24/14 - 08:15 PM
Looking for some new music? Head to the replies to see what was submitted to AP.net recently.
Ryan Gardner on 03/23/14 - 08:40 AM
Fine Fine Titans answered our interview; read it here.
After we finished our short set, for some reason, people wanted more! Never being a band to disappoint, our fill in guitar player ripped into a barely recognizable version of “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters that we had never practiced before. Ever. And we completely bombed it. Somehow, we managed to drag our way through it to the end, but not without hitting just about every speed bump along the way. We overplayed the chorus, underplayed the verses, and I even think the drums were in the wrong key, which I’m formerly thought was impossible.
Zac Djamoos on 03/21/14 - 09:07 PM
We're aware of some of the wonky bugs going on with the website at the moment. I think I've figured out and am aware of most of them -- but if you come across something could you let me know in the replies (or if the site's not working to post on Twitter)? Sorry for the inconvenience we are definitely trying to get everything sorted out. This is why I drink.
Jason Tate on 03/21/14 - 02:14 PM
Just a friendly reminder to make sure you check us out on other social networks. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Last.fm, and Rdio. The AP.net staff can also be found elsewhere online, this post highlights where. Show us some love.
Jason Tate on 03/21/14 - 10:00 AM
We're back this week with another AbsolutePlaylist, a feature that will bring you a playlist each Friday from one of our staff members or a special guest to ring your weekend in the right way. For today's playlist, I handpicked a batch of songs from some of my favorite springtime albums, new and old, for a playlist to soundtrack this year's spring season. You can check out a Spotify link in the replies.
Jake Jenkins on 03/21/14 - 09:45 AM
Read our interview with Boston Calling Music Festival co-founder and producer Brian Appel. The upcoming third event takes place in downtown Boston from May 23-25 with performances from Death Cab For Cutie, Modest Mouse, Brand New, The Decemberists and more.
With the alternating stages we’re able to setup for the next band while one band is performing. There’s no waiting in between bands. We can seamlessly move on to the next performer within seconds of the other finishing, which ultimately leads to the ability to book more on our lineup and for the audience to see all the bands that they came for.
Alex DiVincenzo on 03/21/14 - 07:44 AM
Nikol filled out our interview. See what she said.
I am a certified phlebotomist…drawing blood…I took the course with my older brother because he asked me to, and yeah…I can do that. I don’t though. He does, and he’s great at it.
Zac Djamoos on 03/19/14 - 08:05 PM
There will be scheduled maintenance on the AP.net database and servers tonight at 10pm (PST). It should take about two hours and the site may be unusable or down during the process. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Jason Tate on 03/19/14 - 07:23 PM
There are heaps of great pop-rock bands kicking around the UK at the moment. Three of them are heading out on tour together this week, which is handy. Hit the replies for the lowdown on Natives (ex-Not Advised), Bleach Blood (ex-The King Blues) and Arches and to see the schedule for their tour, which begins tonight in Bristol.
Andy Biddulph on 03/19/14 - 10:12 AM
That's Not My Baby answered our interview; see what they had to say.
If you aren’t a big name pop star or have a really good record label promoting you don’t have much of a chance to get on major stations. It’s not the radio stations fault. To become a successful radio station you have to appeal to a really broad audience, and with satellite radio and services like Spotify and iTunes it has become really easy to find music that like and avoid the radio completely. So if you’re like us, not a pop band, and don’t necessarily have large listener appeal we don’t stand much of a chance.
Zac Djamoos on 03/18/14 - 08:16 PM
Today is Jason's birthday! Wish him a good one in the replies or on Twitter.
Ryan Gardner on 03/18/14 - 05:59 AM
The Nearly Deads' vocalist Theresa Jeane answered our random interview; check it out.
We offer something that is so hard to define, so hard to classify or label, and that's a good thing! We genuinely enjoy what we do and we have fun. That's something that comes through in the music. We're regular people, and I sing about regular stuff. It's a very raw sound, and we don't try too hard. So, if you like good, honest rock and roll, we're the band for you.
Zac Djamoos on 03/17/14 - 09:00 PM
You can check out our interview with Blackbear here. We talk about working with Basecamp on his debut album The Afterglow, Spotify, Warped Tour, and more. He currently is out with T.Mills and MOD SUN on the rest of the "All I Wanna Do" tour, dates are in the replies.
Jake Denning on 03/17/14 - 08:05 PM
Got a bad case of the Mondays? Hop over to the AP Plug.dj room for some tunes!

Edit: We're all finished.
Anthony Sorendino on 03/17/14 - 05:58 PM
Hit the replies to check out my recap of the last day, Day 4 (Saturday), of SXSW. You can check out my recap of Day 1 (Wednesday), Day 2 (Thursday), and Day 3 (Friday) as well. That's a wrap - what a great week!
Ryan Gardner on 03/16/14 - 10:20 AM
"The pills that you gave didn't do anything. I just slept for years on end, fuck."
Staff ReviewsReal Estate - Atlas (Kelly Doherty)
Gameface - Come On Down (Zac Djamoos)
The Grand Budapest Hotel (Jonathan Bautts)
Zac Djamoos on 03/15/14 - 09:33 AM
Hit the replies to check out my recap of Day 3 (Friday) of SXSW. You can check out my recap of Day 1 (Wednesday) and Day 2 (Thursday) as well. Make sure to follow me at @RyanGardnerC on Twitter or Instagram for random thoughts and reviews during the day before I recap them.
Ryan Gardner on 03/15/14 - 07:35 AM
Night Windows filled out our interview, the answers to which can be found here.
I looked everywhere and came up with a ton of names, and the only name that really stuck in my mind was Night Windows. So, I decided to pay homage to one of my favorite bands (The Weakerthans) and name the band Night Windows after one of John K. Samson's most beloved songs.
Zac Djamoos on 03/14/14 - 08:46 PM
Just a friendly reminder to make sure you check us out on other social networks. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Last.fm, and Rdio. The AP.net staff can also be found elsewhere online, this post highlights where. Show us some love.
Jason Tate on 03/14/14 - 10:00 AM
It's time again for our latest and greatest feature, AbsolutePlaylist, where one of us knuckleheads does a very little amount of work that seems impressive because it's a list! In this week's installment, I have created an ode to the poorly written word, a grouping of songs I turn to when I simply can't procrastinate any more and must just sit down and write something. Maybe you have the same dilemma, and maybe someone is always threatening to fire you because, in their words, "You aren't very good at writing for being a writer." Whatever your need, here are some songs.
Blake Solomon on 03/14/14 - 08:22 AM
Hit the replies to check out my recap of Day 2 (Thursday) of SXSW. You can check out my recap of Day 1 (Wednesday) as well. Make sure to follow me at @RyanGardnerC on Twitter or Instagram for random thoughts and reviews during the day before I recap them. Today I’ll be hanging out at the Charlie Says Fest that we are sponsoring to see Diamond Youth, Driver Friendly, Pup, Tiny Moving Parts, For The Foxes, and NGHBRS.
Ryan Gardner on 03/14/14 - 07:46 AM
Something You Whisper filled out our interview, which can be read here.
People should listen to our band because we aren’t dumbing down the music. I get that there needs to be the hooks and the repetition, but I’m blown away at the amount of music out there with no actual meaning. I think music has the power to heal people, and save lives, and I just hate to see some musicians wasting their opportunity to change lives with invaluable lyrics. Maybe their goal was strictly to make money, so in that case, congratulations for meeting your goals. No one is failing if they are reaching their goals I just have different ones.
Zac Djamoos on 03/13/14 - 08:12 PM
This year at SXSW, I'm providing daily recaps of the festival. Here's the recap from a small part of Tuesday but mainly Wednesday. Make sure to come back every day to read recaps of the rest of the days. Make sure to follow me at @RyanGardnerC on Twitter or Instagram for random thoughts and reviews during the day before I recap them. Today I’m planning to spend the afternoon alternating between the Topshelf Showcase and Equal Vision/Pure Noise showcase. I’m hopefully seeing The 1975 at the MTV Woodies tonight.
Ryan Gardner on 03/13/14 - 08:14 AM
Heyrocco filled out our interview - check it out.
I love all the asshole BS that goes on. when you find someone to work with that is also a fan and friend it makes the journey that much more enjoyable. A band is usually only as big as they are good. That part isn't up to the industry. We're not that big now for a reason, we're not as good as we're going to be. Although, I'd like to stop hearing so many people say they know 'how the music industry is these days' but that's not something the industry can change.
Zac Djamoos on 03/12/14 - 07:59 PM
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