Sigur Rós will debut new music on their upcoming 2016 tour.
every time you go on tour you want it to be different…and every time it is, usually because you have a new album you want to play people. and that can be fun, because you have to work out how to recreate all the complicated stuff you did in the studio for the stage. but there was a time when things were the other way round, when we worked stuff out on the road, and trying to capture lightning in a bottle was a problem for the studio later on. this time, in addition to playing songs you know, we wanted to remember the seat-of-your-pants feeling experienced in the wake of, ágætis byrjun, when for two years we formed and re-formed...
Jason Tate on 11/24/15 - 01:21 PM
Riffstation.com lets you play a music video with the song's chords showing up next to it. It's currently in beta but it looks pretty cool. Check out Blink-182's "I Miss You" here.
The chord recognition algorithm detects major, minor and 7th triads with about 85% accuracy in typical rock/pop music. The chord positions shown are in root position only. The chords will always be detected and shown in the actual key the song was recorded in. If the song is in difficult key to play in, you can use the capo tool and play in any key you like with a capo on your guitar.
Jason Tate on 11/24/15 - 01:19 PM
Universal has apparently blocked Morrissey's request to reissue "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris."
David Joseph at Universal Music in London has refused the request made by Morrissey and the band to re-issue 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' as a loving tribute to the lives lost in the Paris atrocities. David Joseph is instead arranging his own tribute to Paris utilizing his current crop of Universal artists.
Jason Tate on 11/24/15 - 01:14 PM
Today, we're fortunate to bring you an exclusive stream from Pettigrew, a duo featuring Household frontman Josh Gilbert. Meloncholia is reminiscent of nu-wave emo bands La Dispute and Balance and Composure as well as the melodic moments of pop-punk juggernauts The Story So Far. It's a unique and effective blend of styles, and if you like what you hear, you can preorder the album here and check out the band's upcoming tour dates in the replies.
Aaron Mook on 11/24/15 - 11:07 AM
Ethan Oliva just doesn't stop. As if releasing Absolute100 artist Barlow's sophomore album and a 52-track Guided By Voices tribute album this year wasn't enough, he's now released a solo album titled Findlay for name-your-price on Bandcamp. It's 35 songs. You can hear "Warp" and "Carriers" in the replies.
Aaron Mook on 11/24/15 - 10:54 AM
In a recent interview, Matt Thiessen of Relient K confirms that they have an album ready for 2016.
“I always enjoy the new stuff the best because of the fresh factor. We have a new record finished and poised for a 2016 release.”

Submitted by sammyboy516
Eric Wilson on 11/24/15 - 10:00 AM
Nielsen Music confirms (via Billboard) that Adele has broken N*Sync's first week sales record in the U.S., selling at least 2.433 million copies in a little over three days.
Eric Wilson on 11/24/15 - 09:51 AM
Pusha T will release a new album, Darkest Before The Dawn, on December 18th. His long in the works album King Push will come out in spring 2016.
Ryan Dennehy on 11/23/15 - 06:09 PM
For this new series called Disposable Diaries, we will be giving bands a disposable camera to document what it is like for them backstage. To kick off the series, Stalking Gia and Scavenger Hunt give us a preview of their shenanigans before their Orange County show. Check out some of the highlights in the replies and view the full album on the AbsolutePunk Flickr.
Photos & Show ReviewsStalking Gia & Scavenger Hunt (11/18/2015) - Santa Ana, CA (Angelica Abalos)
Angelica Abalos on 11/23/15 - 04:06 PM
Tony Visconti recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss David Bowie's forthcoming album ★ (pronounced Blackstar) and how they were heavily influenced by Kendrick Lamar, that it features James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and a jazz quartet fronted by Donny McCaslin helped the process. Watch the video for the title track in the replies.
"We were listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar. We wound up with nothing like that, but we loved the fact Kendrick was so open-minded and he didn’t do a straight-up hip-hop record. He threw everything on there, and that’s exactly what we wanted to do. The goal, in many, many ways, was to avoid rock & roll."
Kyle Huntington on 11/23/15 - 03:53 PM
Watch Wolf Alice's official video for "Freazy" in the replies.
Kyle Huntington on 11/23/15 - 03:32 PM
Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches briefly talked about the future of the band with The Sunday Times.
"At this point, the band is the focus. But eventually, everyone will go and do their own things."
Eric Wilson on 11/23/15 - 02:29 PM
I've run out of superlatives to describe Adele's sales numbers for 25, so let's just let them speak for themselves: she's sold 2.3 million copies in three days, putting her very close to beating N*Sync's first week record of 2.4 million in less than half the time; those numbers include 900,000 copies sold on iTunes on the first day alone, and she's projected to finish the week somewhere around 2.9 million. She also might bow out her second week with yet another million sold, becoming the first artist to ever do more than a million in two separate weeks. There really is no precedent for these kinds of sales.
Ryan Dennehy on 11/23/15 - 02:14 PM
Coldplay will embark on their first world tour since 2012 starting in March. The tour starts in South America in March, and European dates begin in May. North American tour dates have yet to be announced.
Eric Wilson on 11/23/15 - 01:46 PM
Here's a weird tour for you: Lamb of God are going out on the road next year and are taking Anthrax, Deafheaven, and Power Trip with them. An interesting group of bands to say the least. Check out the dates in the replies.
Jake Jenkins on 11/23/15 - 01:44 PM
Plain White T's video for "American Nights" is in the replies.
Jason Tate on 11/23/15 - 01:26 PM
Green Day will be releasing a limited "Black Friday" vinyl edition of American Idiot on November 27, 2015. The special release will be available exclusively at independent record stores in the United States. The 5,000 limited edition run will include a red and black LP and a white and black LP.
Jason Tate on 11/23/15 - 01:23 PM
Kelsey Butterworth, writing for Future of Music:
Iovine is not evil, and in this regard, he is not special. And sexist gaffes like this offer an opportunity to correct misconceptions below the surface. All of the industry women I know have stories about workplace sexism, and I am no exception. There is the constant sneering, patronizing, skeptical questioning of my taste in music. There was the time in high school when, while setting up my lead guitar rig for an award-winning jazz band, a (male) hired audio hand grabbed gear out of my hands, intoning that there was no way I understood how to hook up an amp. There was the time in college when I worked as an unpaid festival volunteer, and...
Jason Tate on 11/23/15 - 12:46 PM
Fall Out Boy will be on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night.
Jason Tate on 11/23/15 - 12:04 PM
The Cure have announced European tour dates.
Jason Tate on 11/23/15 - 11:57 AM
Coldplay's upcoming album A Head Full of Dreams features a sample of President Obama singing "Amazing Grace."
"We have a tiny clip of the President singing Amazing Grace at that church," Chris Martin told The Sun. "Because of the historical significance of what he did and also that song being about, 'I'm lost but now I’m found.'"
Jason Tate on 11/23/15 - 11:56 AM
Riot Fest's early bird tickets for Denver and Chicago will go on sale Tuesday, November 24th. A little announcement video is in the replies.
Jason Tate on 11/23/15 - 11:54 AM
Sufjan Stevens will be releasing 10th anniversary edition of Illinois with new artwork.
The double LP will include an “Antimatter Blue” and “Cape White” vinyl colors. The audio for the special edition comes from a 2014 remastered version of Illinois. We commissioned children’s book artist and the original Illinois cover artist Divya Srinivasan to portray Blue Marvel in the style of the original art. We’re pressing 10,000 double LPs of this edition. And we might include an extra surprise so stay tuned.
Jason Tate on 11/23/15 - 11:52 AM
Brian Fallon answered some detailed questions about his upcoming solo album, among other things.
It is a lot more work to record and write your own record and do everything, thank God I had Butch, who plays a ton of instruments I can’t play. When I went into this I wanted it to have energy at times but not sound like Gaslight, which is tough because it’s my songs in both.
Blake Solomon on 11/23/15 - 10:34 AM
Saturday (the 21st) was Carly Rae Jepsen's 30th birthday. Sing her happy birthday, maybe. (sorry)
Blake Solomon on 11/23/15 - 10:31 AM
You can listen to Macklemore's latest song "Kevin" featuring the always awesome Leon Bridges over on NPR.
Keagan Ilvonen on 11/23/15 - 10:28 AM
Patent Pending are streaming their new album, Riot Hearts Rebellion, out this Friday November 27th. Check it out here.

Submitted by stubbie25
Blake Solomon on 11/23/15 - 09:48 AM
You can now stream the Moving Mountains and Prawn split in full over at Stereogum. I haven't even listened yet and I know it's better than two people playing flutes underwater.
Blake Solomon on 11/23/15 - 09:44 AM
"I set fire to the rain, watched it pour as I touched your face."
Staff ReviewsAdele - 25 (Craig Manning)
Staff PhotosStalking Gia & Scavenger Hunt (11/18/2015) - Angelica Abalos
Craig Manning on 11/23/15 - 08:34 AM
Thrice has just announced on their social media pages that they will release a new album in 2016, their first since 2011's Major/Minor. Teaser image is in the replies. My Album of the Year 2016 is officially penciled in now.
Craig Ismaili on 11/23/15 - 08:05 AM
Foo Fighters just dropped a new EP entitled, Saint Cecilia for free.
Tonight, Let me begin with a preface to a letter I wrote a few weeks ago from my hotel room in Berlin while on our final tour for this album. I felt the need to write this foreword in light of the heartbreaking tragedies of Nov. 13th, as this project has now taken on an entirely different tone. As has everything, it seems...

The Saint Cecilia EP was put into motion back in October of this year as a celebration of life and music. The concept being that, as our world tour drew to a close this week, we wanted to share our love of both with you in return for everything you have given us.

Now, there is a new, hopeful...
Keagan Ilvonen on 11/22/15 - 10:58 PM
Adele performed "When We Were Young" on SNL. Check it out here.
Eric Wilson on 11/22/15 - 11:18 AM
More than just opening acts, Stalking Gia and Scavenger Hunt brought electrifying performances to the Constellation Room on Wednesday night. With acts like that, they might as well be headlining their own tours. Take a peak at some of my favorite show highlights from the show in the replies!
Angelica Abalos on 11/22/15 - 04:58 AM
It's Sunday, and that means it's recommendation day. Here are the staff recommendations for the past week. Hit the replies to let us know what you've loved as well.
Jason TateAs always, check out my blog and the AP.net podcast.
Alex DiVincenzoTokyo Ghoul is a compelling, character-driven anime series with flesh-eating monsters.
Jason Tate on 11/22/15 - 01:00 AM
New The Used guitarist, Justin Shekoski, has posted an Instagram about joining the band and leaving Saosin.
In light of this news, after years of writing and waiting to produce a new record, some of the members of Saosin have decided to end our 13 year relationship for questionable reasons. This was a shock to me. Even though all of this happened a few months ago, I’m still processing it. I’m sure I’ll discuss this in greater detail at a later time. One thing I can be sure of is that I could not and would not have done anything differently over the past years. The shows were some of the best we have ever played. It truly seemed as if everyone was happy and positivity was at an all-time...
Jason Tate on 11/21/15 - 07:50 PM
Tonight Alive have released a new song on Apple Music called "To Be Free."
Eric Wilson on 11/20/15 - 03:46 PM
Hits Daily Double is reporting that Justin Bieber's new album Purpose will track at 504,281 units sold. One Direction's new album Made In The A.M. tracked at second with 414,778 sold.
Eric Wilson on 11/20/15 - 03:18 PM
My Body Sings Electric have released half of their upcoming "Franklin Tapes" EP. Hit the replies for a stream.
Anna Acosta on 11/20/15 - 02:55 PM
Tori Kelly can be seen performing her cover of "Colors of the Wind" from the We Love Disney Compilation over at Teen Vogue.
Eric Wilson on 11/20/15 - 02:29 PM
Besides the tape demo release quick fingered fans also found a page saying Procrastinate Music Traitors has signed Greater Pyrenees.

Submitted by spangler789
Jason Tate on 11/20/15 - 12:45 PM
TMZ is reporting Vanna is being sued after a fan was struck in the face by a guitar.
Eric says without warning a guitar flew through the air and struck him smack in the face. According to the lawsuit, Eric's nose was broken in 5 places. He also suffered lacerations to his face and a guitar string apparently punctured his nose, with a portion lodging inside it.

Submitted by gold soundz
Jason Tate on 11/20/15 - 12:42 PM
Victory Heights video for "Lost Boys" is in the replies.

Submitted by Max_123
Jason Tate on 11/20/15 - 12:39 PM
Dropkick Murphys are embarking on a 20th Anniversary Tour next year.

Submitted by ACA
Jason Tate on 11/20/15 - 12:36 PM
Hit the replies for a professionally filmed set of Brand New live at Austin City Limits 2015. (Bonus: Lollapalooza Berlin 2015 video as well.)

Submitted by tjdohner21
Jason Tate on 11/20/15 - 12:35 PM
Andrew McMahon has released the deluxe version of his latest album today. It includes acoustic versions of “High Dive,” “Cecilia and the Satellite,” “Maps For The Getaway” & “Halls” along with two bonus tracks “Lottery Ticket” and “Art School Girlfriend.”

Submitted by fearthesloths
Jason Tate on 11/20/15 - 12:30 PM
Google is giving away Michael Jackson's Thriller for free for the next week.
Jason Tate on 11/20/15 - 12:23 PM
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