You can stream a new My Ticket Home song titled "Hot Soap" in the replies. It's off the band's upcoming album, Strangers Only, which hits stores on September 3rd via Rise Records.
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 12:28 PM
Fest 12 has released its full schedule, which you can view on their website. With the festival expanding to four days for the first time ever, there's a lot to digest. If you're going, discuss who you want to see most, where you'll be each night and speculate about the "mystery sets." And remember, there are always conflicts when your festival has this many great bands...so keep the noise down. Also, remember to pick up your tickets and keep up with our coverage.
Thomas Nassiff on 08/23/13 - 12:17 PM
Today's second interview from the random questionnaire offered to any and all bands comes from Doomed From Day One. You can read the interview here.
Linda Ferreira on 08/23/13 - 12:16 PM
Craig Owens (Chiodos) is currently spending some time in an Atlanta studio. It's unclear what Owens is working on since the band begins won't be entering the studio to record its fourth album until September 1st.
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 11:28 AM
Another new Nine Inch Nails song was played last night on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show. The track is titled "Find My Way" and a radio rip can be heard in the replies. It's off the band's upcoming new album, Hesitation Marks, which hits stores on September 3rd.
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 11:23 AM
In a recent interview with the Associated Press, John Mayer speaks about his new album, Paradise Valley, the duet with Katy Perry, and his outlook on life post-throat surgery.
In a recent interview, Mayer was as talkative as ever, but seemed to have a new sense of calmness as he discussed how his life has shifted in the last three years. He overcame a throat injury thanks to Botox injections last year, but the injury left him on voice rest for months and sidelined his performances — "an intense amount of hyperfocus" is how he describes it.

"I don't drink really anymore. I warm up before I sing. I warm down," he said. "I do whatever I can. I don't want to lose that part of my life again."
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 11:16 AM
You can stream a new Jesu song titled "Homesick" in the replies. This is the first track off the band's upcoming new album, Everyday I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came, which will be available on September 24th.
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 11:12 AM
HRVRD's recent Daytrotter Session is now available for your listening pleasure.
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 11:09 AM
Mayday Parade will be premiering "Ghosts" next Tuesday, August 27th. It's the first single off the band's upcoming new album, Monsters in the Closet, which hits stores on October 8th via Fearless Records. You can also view the album's track listing below.

Track Listing:
1) Ghosts
2) Girls
3) Last Night For A Table For Two
4) 12 Through 15
5) The Torment Of Existence Weighed Against The Horror Of Nonbeing
6) Even Robots Need Blankets
7) Repent And Repeat
8) Demons
9) Sorry, Not Sorry
10) Nothing You Can Live Without, Nothing You Can Do About
11) Hold Onto Me
12) Angels
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 11:05 AM
Save The Day tweeted out that the band just played Can't Slow Down (a record that just turned 15 years old) from front to back for the first time. Could they have just been doing it for fun or is this something that might pop up in a future show? Would you be stoked if the band busted out these stone-cold classics on tour? I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 10:57 AM
PureVolume has premiered a very informative studio update from The Devil Wears Prada and its upcoming album, 8:18 (in stores September 17th). The site is also offering a a free download of the band's new single, "Martyrs."
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 10:42 AM
Like many of you, Jason and I are pretty huge fans of Thrice and we celebrate every release in its discography. So it was quite the honor to speak Riley Breckenridge on the latest AbsolutePunk.net Podcast episode. In this episode, we break down the entire Thrice discography (with Riley sharing a lot of cool stories and inside information), talk about the band's current status, and we even fit in a little baseball talk.

You can subscribe to this podcast in a variety of ways: via iTunes, your own RSS feed (instructions below), or streaming/downloading the mp3 in the replies. You can also find our previous episodes on iTunes and SoundCloud. As always, we hope you enjoy.
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 10:35 AM
Today we're bringing you an exclusive premiere from American Authors. This is one of those bands that when you first hear them, you just have that feeling they're going to soon be dominating playlists. To say these guys are catchy would be a massive understatement. I sorta get a fun. mixed with Relient K vibe from their upcoming EP -- which you can find more songs from on iTunes. If you check the replies, you'll hear a new song called "Luck," which drummer Matt described as, "a desperate attempt at explaining to those we love why leaving home was so important in order for us to pursue our dreams. It was also an acknowledgement that along our journey, some people would feel abandoned...
Jason Tate on 08/23/13 - 10:24 AM
Just a friendly reminder to make sure you check us out on other social networks. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Last.fm, and Rdio. The AP.net staff can also be found elsewhere online, this post highlights where. Show us some love.
Jason Tate on 08/23/13 - 10:00 AM
Today's interview from the random questionnaire offered to any and all bands comes from The Dead Good. You can read the interview here.
Zac Djamoos on 08/23/13 - 09:39 AM
braidedveins is a 5-person musical organization based in Flint, Michigan, and is featuring members of The Swellers, Empty Orchestra, Kid Brother Collective, The Conqueror Worm and others, will be releasing Future/Forever soon in partnership with Save Your Generation Records. We are premiering a track from that seven-song EP and it's titled "The Nature Cruise of the Century!" It's been described as "the harrowing breakdown of a human body subjected to the ravages of capitalism." It was recorded by Nick Diener and mixed/mastered by Mark Michalik and you can listen to it in the replies. More details, such as artwork and release information, will be announced soon.
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 09:25 AM
Celebrate Vanna frontman Davey Muise's birthday today by watching the latest installment of the band's ambitious video project, The Few and the Far Between: The Movie. The third chapter set to the song "I Said I'm Fine" from their latest album. This episode also features guest appearances from Andy Williams (Every Time I Die) and Devin Shidaker (The Acacia Strain). Watch it in the replies. If you missed them, catch up on the first and second of 10 parts. Come back next Friday for more!
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/23/13 - 07:53 AM
Stream a new Eyes Set to Kill song titled "Where I Want to Be" in the replies or on the band's AP.net profile. The female-fronted post-hardcore group will release Masks, their fifth full-length album and first for Century Media Records, on September 17th.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/23/13 - 07:35 AM
On last night's Late Show with David Letterman, MGMT wore cool sunglasses indoors and played its new song, "Your Life Is A Lie," which is off the band's upcoming self-titled record (in stores September 17th). You can watch video of the performance in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 05:25 AM
When you live your life through records, the records are a record of your life.
Staff ReviewsNative - Orthodox (Drew Beringer)
ArticlesEssentials: Reading and Leeds Festival Preview (Andy Biddulph & Kyle Huntington)
Exclusivesbraidedveins Song Premiere
Drew Beringer on 08/23/13 - 04:55 AM
This year's Reading and Leeds-goers are currently being bombarded with a raft of bands to check out this weekend. We know you're a smart bunch, so our recommended bands' combined stagetime adds up to exactly five hours. Fill a nice chunk of your weekend with these guys, then the rest is up to you...
Andy Biddulph on 08/22/13 - 11:14 PM
This week's installment of Free Music Friday can be found in the replies.
Andy Biddulph on 08/22/13 - 10:55 PM
Blessthefall's music video for "You Wear a Crown But You're No King" can be viewed over at Loudwire or in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/22/13 - 07:46 PM
Watch Action Item's video for "Good Or Bad" in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 08/22/13 - 07:43 PM
Ben Affleck has been announced as the new Batman. He will appear opposite Henry Cavill in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel, set for release July 17, 2015. As you'd expect, there's quite a discussion going on in our Entertainment Forum.
Blake Solomon on 08/22/13 - 07:21 PM
Razor & Tie has signed Southern California rock trio Kyng. The band is currently working on a new album.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/22/13 - 05:08 PM
Unwritten Law are being rejoined by original drummer Wade Youman for this weekend's SRH Fest shows in California.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/22/13 - 05:00 PM
Watch Doyle's (ex-Misfits) lyric video for "Valley of Shadows" in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/22/13 - 04:54 PM
Today's second interview from the random questionnaire offered to any and all bands comes from Ten Ton Man. You can read the interview here.
Zac Djamoos on 08/22/13 - 02:33 PM
Coming up on its 20th anniversary (where does time go?), Green Day performed their classic album, Dookie, in it's entirety last night at Brixton Academy. Lucky for us, someone recorded the whole thing which you can watch in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/22/13 - 02:12 PM
Watch Rival Tides' music video for "My Insomnia" in the replies - the video is directed, produced, and edited by the band's vocalist, Robyn August. Fans of Anberlin, Story Of The Year, and Hands Like Houses should be into this.
Jack Appleby on 08/22/13 - 02:11 PM
This past July, Under The Gun took part in a press roundtable event with director Edgar Wright and actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost about the trio's new movie, The World's End, which hits theaters tomorrow.
We like putting things into the film that are like omens. It’s like chapters in a book, and that’s the name of this chapter. There is a lot of that put into the movie as a way of being able to later look at the signs and say ‘Oh I see why this is called ‘The Famous Cock,’ or why this one is ‘The Good Companion.’
Drew Beringer on 08/22/13 - 02:08 PM
Head to the replies to see The Daily Show fill-in host/correspondent John Oliver describing his worst stand-up set ever, which somehow managed to involve a broken bottle.
Cody Nelson on 08/22/13 - 01:36 PM
Seas (featuring members from Sights & Sounds and Hippy from Moneen) have signed with Black Box Recordings. The band will release Fade Out Into the Night on September 24th. Listen to a new song called "Bloodworks" in the replies.
Deborah Remus on 08/22/13 - 01:07 PM
Senses Fail released "Grindcore," their new mobile game.
Christian Wagner on 08/22/13 - 01:04 PM
The Malones (who we debuted on the site with their Quiet Country Audio Session) has announced new tour dates which you can see in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 08/22/13 - 01:02 PM
The Dangerous Summer will be releasing its video for "Sins" soon. In the meantime, however, you can watch a teaser for the video in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 08/22/13 - 12:08 PM
If you ever dreamed of being able to purchase a kale salad with a side of Arcade Fire, then today's your lucky day. Select Whole Foods stores will now be selling vinyl records along side all the organic, gluten-free food you can handle.
Whole Foods has good reason to get into the music game: Starbucks, of course, has been selling music for white people and those who love them for years. And concerning vinyl, 2012 saw a 19% upswing in wax sales, a trend that has been consistent for the last half decade. Urban Outfitters, a master of disseminating and commodifying alternative culture, has had success with vinyl as well.

Submitted by mr_raccoon
Drew Beringer on 08/22/13 - 12:05 PM
Paramore have announced Parahoy!, a four-day cruise that'll be departing to Great Stirrup Cay this March. Tegan and Sara (and many more guests) will be joining the band on this adventure. More details in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 08/22/13 - 11:53 AM
Looks like Triple Crown Records have a few copies of Brand New's 10th Anniversary edition of Your Favorite Weapon available on black vinyl.
Drew Beringer on 08/22/13 - 11:39 AM
You can stream a new Death Grips song titled "Birds" in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 08/22/13 - 11:32 AM
You can watch Pity Sex's new video for "Wind Up" in the replies. It's off the band's recent album, Feast of Love, which is available now.
Drew Beringer on 08/22/13 - 11:26 AM
Daryl Palumbo and Richard Penzone's new band Color Film have posted a live recording up for "Small Town" -- it's in the replies -- from their upcoming LP Living Arrangements.
Jason Tate on 08/22/13 - 11:21 AM
Signals Midwest will be releasing its new album, Light On The Lake, in late October via Tiny Engines. Pre-orders for the album will be coming in September. You can see the artwork in the replies.

Track Listing
01) 308
02) In The Pauses
03) A Room Once Called Yours
04) St. Vincent Charity
05) The Desert To Denver
06) An Echo, A Strain
07) Lowercase
08) San Anselmo
09) Caricature
10) Greater Plains
11) The Things That Keep Us Whole
12) A Glowing Light, An Impending Dawn
Drew Beringer on 08/22/13 - 11:17 AM
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