South By So What is right around the corner. I talked briefly with the brains behind the whole thing, Mike Ziemer, to get his take on festivals, the history of this one, and the future ... you can read the short Q&A in the replies.
My first show ever was in March of 2004. I did the show because the agent for an Audio Karate and Tokyo Rose tour needed a show for them in Dallas around SXSW and everything was full. I put them on a community center show I was throwing with local bands. Over the years March became our annual "anniversary" show and eventually turned into what we called South By So What?!. The name originally came from someone I worked with at a company called Buzz Oven who...
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 04:03 PM
Soundsupply has released their latest drop -- this one is in partnership with the upcoming Fest.

Albums Offered:
1. Laura Stevenson "Wheel" (Don Giovanni Records)
2. BOYSETSFIRE "While A Nation Sleeps…" (Bridge Nine Records)
3. Restorations "LP2" (Side One Dummy)
4. Captain, We're Sinking "The Future Is Canceled" (Run for Cover Records)
5. Xerxes "Our Home Is A Deathbed" (No Sleep Records)
6. Run Forever "Settling" (Tiny Engines)
7. Plow United - Marching Band (Jump Start Records)
8. Drug Church "Paul Walker" (No Sleep Records)
9. Glocca Morra "An Obscure Moon Lighting An Obscure World" (Kind of Like Records)
10. Heartwell "Certainty of Change" (Kat Kat Records)
Share &...
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 03:57 PM
The fourth video of the Kevin Devine and Jesse Lacey interview can be seen in the replies.
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 03:51 PM
Due to demand Blink 182 have added another Untitled show on November 13th.
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 03:49 PM
This week Mark Rose (Spitalfield) and Bob Nanna (Braid) stop by to talk about music, the industry, and their musician centric "song shop" like website downwrite.com.

You can subscribe to this podcast in a variety of ways: via iTunes, RSS, or streaming/downloading the mp3 in the replies. You can also find our previous episodes on iTunes and SoundCloud. As always, we hope you enjoy.
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 03:29 PM
Listen to a new Reggie and the Full effect song titled "37" on Alt Press.
Alex DiVincenzo on 10/25/13 - 03:23 PM
Head to the replies to watch Joan Jett & The Blackhearts' music video for "Any Weather." The track was co-written with Dave Grohl.
Alex DiVincenzo on 10/25/13 - 03:19 PM
Hear a new The Company We Keep song entitled "Shadowing" on AltPress. The band's full-length, Sound / No Sound releases October 29 via Easy Killer Records, and is easily one of my favorites this year.
Jack Appleby on 10/25/13 - 02:34 PM
We have more giveaways from our mysterious, generous, and reportedly handsome friend, Uncle Buck.
Comment below with your name, email, which show you want to go to and any questions you have for me.
Christian Wagner on 10/25/13 - 01:42 PM
For this weekend Brand New's merch store is having a 20% off sale. What does Jesse Lacey think?
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 01:42 PM
Calvin Harris' EDMified version of The Killer's "When You Were Young" can be heard on Rolling Stone.
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 01:19 PM
Travis Barker's remix of REM's "Losing My Religion" can be heard here.
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 01:15 PM
Paramore will be performing "Still Into You" on Queen Latifah's talk show on October 29th.
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 01:11 PM
Kristin Thomson's article "Value Added Streaming" is a really well thought out piece on the future of streaming services.
As an advocate for musicians and songwriters, I’d like to see an increase in (a) audience size, (b) number of streams and (c) the payment per stream. But I also know that the per-play rate for on-demand streaming services was set through private negotiations between the platforms and the biggest record labels in the world, and that individual musicians (unless you are as powerful as Metallica or Pink Floyd) have almost no leverage over that (c) per-play rate.

On-demand subscription is still a crowded marketplace, currently represented in the US by Spotify,...
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 01:09 PM
Robin Thicke may have just given the weirdest interview of the year.
My dad was single my whole pubescent period. [Laughs] He had Ms. Alabama, Ms. Dominican Republic—every week. I was like, Dang, Pops.
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 01:01 PM
Big D and the Kids Table were involved in a run in with security a couple days ago in Poughkeepsie. The lead singer sent in a statement to Dying Scene.
The first thing I would like to say about the unfortunate events that occurred the other day in Poughkeepsie is that it is unfair for me to publicly make a statement because my job allows me that platform, while the other gentlemen involved in this incident does not. So it’s only fair to entertain the thought that this gentleman may not agree with my accounts. And let’s also not demonize him; he must have friends and family that love him very much. [...] From this point, I was choked in such a rage-ful way that left me having the post...
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 12:51 PM
You can stream Bad Religion's Christmas Songs album in the replies.
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 12:44 PM
All Shall Perish bassist Mike Tiner spoke with Metal Injection about how Suicide Silence's management basically gave the band no choice but to fire their former vocalist Eddie Hermida, who was then announced as the new vocalist of Suicide Silence a short time later.
Suicide Silence's management informed us of all of the things All Shall Perish would and would not be "allowed" to do. All Shall Perish could not play a show until Eddie was well "established" as the new singer of Suicide Silence. Suicide Silence's management told us that they would have to be well into their new album and touring cycle before All Shall Perish could be seen again with Eddie," Tiner told Metal Injection.
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 12:42 PM
Tegan and Sara joined Katy Perry on stage to help perform "Roar" -- video in the replies.
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 12:38 PM
Punks in Vegas has put together a video playlist of 50 of their acoustic sessions featuring all bands playing The Fest next week.

Submitted by timorous_me
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 12:33 PM
New music by Mogwai will be debuted on BBC Radio 6 on Monday.

Submitted by deanster321
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 12:20 PM
In the video in the replies you can watch Ken Andrews talk in depth about mixing Paramore's recent album (22:36 to 41:34 & 47:50 to 50:26) and a variety of other topics.

Submitted by mr_raccoon
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 12:18 PM
The theme song from A Day to Remember's Common Courtesy video series is now available for download. It is called "Making History" and it is by Manly Masculine Men (Andrew Wade/Drew Russ)

Submitted by creativemind
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 12:13 PM
Blink 182 have added two more Untitled shows in LA on November 11th and 12th.

Submitted by Uncalled Four
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 12:12 PM
Watch A Lot Like Birds' music video for "Next To Ungodliness" in the replies, and grab No Place on October 29 via Equal Vision Records.
Jack Appleby on 10/25/13 - 11:20 AM
Head over to PropertyOfZack to stream a 6-way split being released at Fest 12 by Soft Speak Records, a division of Music Gives Back. The split features Dikembe, Modern Baseball, The Hotel Year, Pentimento, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) and Old Gray. The label will give 100% of the profits to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
Thomas Nassiff on 10/25/13 - 11:07 AM
Stream The Directive's new single "Little League" at idobi. It is available for pre-order.
Christian Wagner on 10/25/13 - 11:04 AM
Hit the replies to see a video of Darkside performing "Freak, Go Home" for BBC Radio 1.
Jake Jenkins on 10/25/13 - 11:00 AM
Crusades is a Canadian punk band that will issue its second LP, and first for No Idea Records, on November 5. The album has a really long title. It's Perhaps You Deliver This Judgment with Greater Fear Than I Receive It and we've got an exclusive stream of "The Expulsion" in the replies. The record has a long name for a reason – according to the band, it's a concept album centered around the life of philosopher, heretic and antichristian martyr Giordano Bruno as an archetype for the modern atheist, freethinker, artist, poet and lover. Listen to the track in the replies and let us know at what exact timestamp your mind explodes.
Thomas Nassiff on 10/25/13 - 10:17 AM
Just a friendly reminder to make sure you check us out on other social networks. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Last.fm, and Rdio. The AP.net staff can also be found elsewhere online, this post highlights where. Show us some love.
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 10:00 AM
This week's Fest 12 feature was going to be a huge playlist that I created on Spotify featuring bands playing this year – but then I kind of realized that someone else had already done a way better job of creating such playlists, and that's the man who organizes Fest himself, Tony Weinbender. Tony has curated a host of playlists – six to be exact – featuring 20-25 songs each. Additionally, one of the other wonderful people who help make Fest happen, Sarah Goodwin, has her own playlist thrown into the mix. You can check out all seven playlists – enough to last you until Fest starts on Thursday, basically – over on Bandcamp. Take a listen to the bands you've never heard of, because that's...
Thomas Nassiff on 10/25/13 - 08:24 AM
Unconditional Arms - the instrumental side project of The American Scene guitarist Jeffrey Wright - has made his debut album, Kinship, available for free download.
Alex DiVincenzo on 10/25/13 - 08:17 AM
Stream Close Your Eyes' Line in the Sand on Alt Press.
Alex DiVincenzo on 10/25/13 - 08:08 AM
At Long Last…Music and Songs From Arrested Development will be released on November 19 via Varèse Sarabande Records.

Track Listing
1. Arrested Development (main title)
2. She's Cute (Season 4)
3. Getaway (Season 4, Gob episode 7, "Colony Collapse")
4. Practice Kisses (Season 4, Gob episode 7, "Colony Collapse")
5. Sound of Silence / The Cockroach (Season 4, Gob episode 11, "A New Attitude"/Season 4, episode 1 "Flight of the Phoenix")
6. Balls In The Air (Season 3, episode 4 "Notapusy") Extended for the soundtrack
7. Face Blindness (L&M) (Season 4, Lindsay's episode 3 "Indian Takers")
8. You'll Never Hear From Me Again (Season 4, Lindsay's episode 3 "Indian Takers")
9. As It Is Such...
Alex DiVincenzo on 10/25/13 - 07:44 AM
May we always be strong in body, spirit and mind, and all of those who would try to harm us let them be cast aside.
Staff ReviewsDarkside - Psychic (Jake Jenkins)
Staff InterviewsDoyle (ex-Misfits) (Alex DiVincenzo)
Alex DiVincenzo on 10/25/13 - 05:48 AM
Congratulations to Bayside frontman Anthony Raneri and his fiance, who gave birth to a daughter, Georgia.
Alex DiVincenzo on 10/25/13 - 05:38 AM
Head to the replies to see a video of Young Guns playing "Bones" from a recent date of the #STANDFORSOMETHING tour.
Andy Biddulph on 10/25/13 - 01:40 AM
This week's installment of Free Music Friday can be found in the replies.
Andy Biddulph on 10/25/13 - 01:28 AM
Cut Copy's new album Free Your Mind can be streamed here.
Jason Tate on 10/24/13 - 10:32 PM
Mike Dubin just posted a Brand New set from November of 2000 at The Downtown in Long Island. You can stream it in the replies -- it includes an "Untitled" song that (to my knowledge) was never released elsewhere.

Submitted by neonballroom
Jason Tate on 10/24/13 - 10:28 PM
After seven years as the tour manager for All Time Low, Matthew Flyzik is moving on to new ventures. Best of luck Matthew!
Jason Tate on 10/24/13 - 10:21 PM
The Offspring are going to be focusing on single releases instead of albums.
We’ve been working on a couple of singles, we’re not sure what we’re going to do with them yet, if we’re going to put them on the internet and send them to radio or whatever. As far as a full scale album there’s nothing in the works, if we do something it wouldn’t be until at least next year, but we’re still moving forward and still going to keep trying to put out new stuff.
Jason Tate on 10/24/13 - 10:18 PM
Today's interview comes from Rhoda May, and you can read it here.
Zac Djamoos on 10/24/13 - 07:05 PM
You can hear a track from This Will Destroy You's upcoming live album, Live in Reykjavic, Iceland, called "There Are Some Remedies Worse Than The Disease" over at Noisey.
Blake Solomon on 10/24/13 - 02:09 PM
Hit the replies to stream Arcade Fire's fantastic new album Reflektor in full. It comes out October 29th via Merge.
Chris Collum on 10/24/13 - 01:06 PM
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