PropertyOfZack has posted a matchup guide and analysis for its "Forlorn 4" round here. You can vote here.
Drew Beringer on 03/22/13 - 02:35 PM
PropertyOfZack is streaming an unreleased Miracle of 86 demo, titled "Sweet Helmet, Olerud," here.
Drew Beringer on 03/22/13 - 12:04 PM
PropertyOfZack recently interviewed the members of Twin Falls. They discussed how the band came together, what the band means for other projects, an album, tour, and more.
Chris: Further is my band, Dashboard is my band, and Twin Falls is my priority.
Suzie: Our Narrative record is recorded. It’s not mixed or mastered yet. The Narrative has released three albums and a vinyl on our own, over the last five years. We’re not interested on rushing it. We want a team to help us for this. The Narrative stuff has been moving slow. These guys have things going on too. There will be plenty of time for both of these things to coexist. I’m so excited about The Narrative record.
Drew Beringer on 03/21/13 - 02:12 PM
PropertyOfZack recently spoke with Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate. They discussed going through band members, changing major labels, getting their act together, and more.
It literally was just me, my drummer, a fill-in guitarist, a fill-in bassist, and we had just released the self-titled album. So everybody was like, “What the fuck is going on with these guys?” Shortly after that we were like, “We’ve got to start working on a new record.” Who’s going to be in the band? Who’s going to be on the record? We start working on it; we decided we’re going to get new management. Interscope at that point had already fired their whole rock department. So at first I was kind of bummed like,...
Drew Beringer on 03/20/13 - 05:33 PM
PropertyOfZack has published the latest installment in its "Decade" feature. Today, they look back on Copeland's Beneath Medicine Tree. Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 03/19/13 - 01:22 PM
PropertyOfZack has revealed the "Forlorn 4" round of its March Sadness tournament here.
Drew Beringer on 03/18/13 - 01:06 PM
PropertyOfZack has posted a matchup guide and analysis for its "Emo 8" round here. You can vote here.
Drew Beringer on 03/15/13 - 01:40 PM
PropertyOfZack has confirmed with Dave Elkins that Mae is currently planning a Destination: Beautiful tour.
Drew Beringer on 03/14/13 - 11:48 AM
PropertyOfZack is streaming a new Steady Hands (featuring members of Modern Baseball) song here.
Drew Beringer on 03/13/13 - 02:00 PM
PropertyOfZack has another SXSW preview today as they list the must-see acts and showcases. Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 03/12/13 - 01:19 PM
PropertyOfZack has revealed the "Emo 8" round of its March Sadness tournament here.
Drew Beringer on 03/11/13 - 01:56 PM
PropertyOfZack has posted its "SXSW Survival Guide" here.
Drew Beringer on 03/11/13 - 11:09 AM
PropertyOfZack has posted a matchup guide and analysis for its "Sad 16" round here. You can vote here.
Drew Beringer on 03/08/13 - 01:48 PM
PropertyOfZack has listed its most anticipated March releases here.
Drew Beringer on 03/07/13 - 03:17 PM
PropertyOfZack recently spoke with photographer Dirk Mai and Jared Monaco (The Maine) for a new perspective piece on the band's upcoming book, Roads, and how it came to life. Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 03/06/13 - 04:28 PM
PropertyOfZack is streaming a new Kurt Travis song here.
Drew Beringer on 03/06/13 - 01:48 PM
PropertyOfZack has published a pretty massive interview with Kevin Devine and Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra), which can read here. They discussed upcoming RSD releases, the recording schedules for each band, and more.
KD: Well they’re not… The Jesse one is a rock record and it’s like a ROCK record. More than anything I’ve ever worked on so far.
AH: Yeah it’s bloodthirsty. Sick. It is. I’ve only heard really bad sounding demos, but it’s a version of Kevin. It’s a version of him that’s kind of this punky, bloodthirsty, loud rock thing. And you can hear the Jesse influence. There’s this section that goes to half time in one of these songs that I really like. It was totally a momment...
Drew Beringer on 03/05/13 - 02:31 PM
The first round of PropertyOfZack's "March Sadness" tournament is now live. Go vote for your favorite band here.
Drew Beringer on 03/04/13 - 03:29 PM
PropertyOfZack has posted a scouting report for each band involved in its "March Sadness" tournament here. Don't forget to vote for your favorite band.
Drew Beringer on 03/02/13 - 08:37 AM
PropertyOfZack launched today a new month-long feature called March Sadness. Check out a blurb about it below and get voting for your favorite sad bands here.
March Sadness consists of a vote-in round (that’s today!) followed by 16-bracket spots broken down into 90’s, Early 2000’s, MId 2000’s, and Modern Day Emo. We are limiting ourselves to 20 bands that will be voted down to 16 by Monday’s Sad 16 launch.

We realize “emo” is both a subjective word and genre, but March Sadness is all about us having fun and interacting as a community. So please click “Read More” below and join us in voting for four out of five of your favorite bands in each emo category through Sunday evening, and...
Thomas Nassiff on 02/27/13 - 02:19 PM
PropertyOfZack has published the latest installment in its "Decade" feature. Today, they look back on The Movielife's Forty Hour Train Back To Penn. Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 02/26/13 - 05:43 PM
PropertyOfZack is streaming the new album from Gonzo (Never Shout Never's dubstep side project) here.
Drew Beringer on 02/26/13 - 02:16 PM
Today's "Friday Discussion" on PropertyOfZack features their favorite side projects. Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 02/22/13 - 02:31 PM
PropertyOfZack has released its behind-the-scenes documentary of Man Overboard recording its third album here.
Drew Beringer on 02/21/13 - 01:07 PM
PropertyOfZack has published a tell-all interview with John D on the downfall of Bamboozle with serious details of what went wrong, and in turn why Skate And Surf and GameChanger are coming back. Check it out here.
There was a falling out at Bamboozle. A really bad one. But it wasn’t with Live Nation as a company. It was with a few individuals at upper management. And the rumors are true. I F bombed them. I went in and told them to take their job and stick it as far up their asses as they could put it. I said that, because I had reached a point.
Drew Beringer on 02/21/13 - 11:50 AM
PropertyOfZack is streaming a new Rookie Of The Year demo, titled "I'm Sweeter," here.
Drew Beringer on 02/20/13 - 01:37 PM
PropertyOfZack recently interviewed Ryan Rockwell of Mixtapes and confirmed that the band will be recording a new album this March. They also talked about a handful of bands within the scene. Read it all here.
POZ: More than guitar. Much more than you practice the guitar. Jason Tate would agree too.
Ryan: Does Jason Tate even know how to play guitar?
Drew Beringer on 02/19/13 - 02:53 PM
PropertyOfZack is streaming This Is Hell's new EP The Enforcer here.
Drew Beringer on 02/18/13 - 11:41 AM
PropertyOfZack has posted an interesting discussion article in which they list albums they think deserve "classic" status in 2020. Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 02/15/13 - 01:10 PM
PropertyOfZack has put together a list of the "Don't Miss Tours This Spring." Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 02/14/13 - 01:18 PM
PropertyOfZack has published a new feature called "Decade," in which they focus on album anniversaries/tours with blurbs on different parts of the album. The first installment features Finch's What It Is To Burn. Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 02/12/13 - 02:40 PM
PropertyOfZack has posted its latest "Perspective" column about the viral campaign for Shone's Heat Thing. Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 02/11/13 - 02:18 PM
PropertyOfZack posted a recent article discussing the different album release strategies from bands like Fall Out Boy, My Bloody Valentine, and more. Check it out here.
Drew Beringer on 02/11/13 - 11:14 AM
In the replies you can find the latest PropertyOfZack QCA sessions with '90s rock cover band Soul Patch (Keith Buckley, Steve Micciche).
Drew Beringer on 02/07/13 - 03:30 PM
PropertyOfZack has also posted a list of albums that deserve the "10-year anniversary" show treatment.
Drew Beringer on 02/06/13 - 12:24 PM
PropertyOfZack ran a feature about albums they believe deserve a second chance - among which they included Blink-182's Neighborhoods, Say Anything's Anarchy, My Dear, New Found Glory's Coming Home, Brand New's Daisy, Yellowcard's Lights and Sounds, and a few other records that have divided up the opinions of many of our readers. Check out the post and discuss your thoughts on these records in the replies.
Thomas Nassiff on 02/03/13 - 09:35 PM
PropertyOfZack has posted another "Perspective" article - this time focusing on Max Bemis' (Say Anything) song shop.
Drew Beringer on 01/31/13 - 04:31 PM
You can check out PropertyOfZack's recent interview with Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche) here. In the interview, Caruana revealed that a new IATA should be released in the fall. He also hints at possible Peace'd Out and more solo material releasing this calendar year.
I’m going to be focused on touring on this. But I am going to record an Avalanche record, and we anticipate seeing a fall release for the record. As far as Peaced Out goes, I know that Choi has been working on some new music already. Him and Roger will be going to the mountains to write and record the new Peaced Out. Going to keep moving. I’m not going to give it a break.
Drew Beringer on 01/30/13 - 01:06 PM
Stream a new Mrs. Skannotto track titled "Free Speech Zone" over at Property of Zack.
Alex DiVincenzo on 01/30/13 - 06:03 AM
PropertyOfZack has a new "Perspective" article today about the rise and creation behind the Warped Tour's Acoustic Basement. You can read it here.
Drew Beringer on 01/29/13 - 02:23 PM
PropertyOfZack asked Adam Pfleider to write a column on the "culture of being first" in response to Friday's Fall Out Boy news. Read it here.
Drew Beringer on 01/28/13 - 02:13 PM
PropertyOfZack is premiering a new You Blew It! song titled "I'm A Kid, That's My Job" here. It's off the band's upcoming 7" split with Fake Problems which hits stores on February 12th. You can pre-order it here.
Drew Beringer on 01/24/13 - 02:35 PM
PropertyOfZack recently interviewed with Greg Dunn of Moving Mountains and discussed the band's upcoming new album.
From The InterviewWell, I know Triple Crown wants to put it out sometime early next year (2013). That was always the deadline or goal that we were aiming for. I think we’re still on track to make that work. I think it will come out sometime in the spring. Its crazy how in two years, your mentality can shift. It really affects your music, obviously.
Drew Beringer on 01/24/13 - 12:15 PM
PropertyOfZack has posted its "Artists to Watch in 2013" list here.
Drew Beringer on 01/23/13 - 03:48 PM
PropertyOfZack has released a documentary about Man Overboard and Lost Tape Collective, highlighting the label's most recent holiday show. It can be seen in the replies. Additionally, Man Overboard told its fans in an email blast that it would be announcing a slew of new information in mid-February.
Thomas Nassiff on 01/23/13 - 01:33 PM
PropertyOfZack has posted up a new editorial today discussing the return and importance of Mega. You can check it out here.
From the ArticleUsing Megaupload, you were able to upload files — be it books, music or movies — and send the link to your friend. But what was in your Megaupload folder was easily searchable using Google or specialized services like FilesTube. What Mega does differently is that it encrypts (jumbles a code so you can’t see whether you are uploading Zero Dark Thirty or your latest song about how cute your boyfriend looks in skinny jeans) on the uploader’s computer and then uploads it to a cloud where you are able to get a link and send it to all of your friends.
Drew Beringer on 01/21/13 - 12:59 PM
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