Kendrick Lamar will be appearing on Los Angeles' Power 106 later this morning to respond to the "controversy" his verse on the Big Sean b-side "Control" brought upon. Power 106 released a preview ahead of time, which you can listen to in the replies.
The irony of that line is that the people that actually understood it and got it was the actual Kings of New York sitting down with them this past week, and them understanding that its not about actually being the King of whatever coast, its about leaving the mark to be as great as Big, as great as Pac.
Drew Beringer on 08/29/13 - 07:20 AM
You can stream a new Los Campesinos! song titled "What Death Leaves Behind" in the replies. It's off the band's upcoming new album, No Blues, which will hit stores on October 29th and is available to pre-order.

Track Listing:
1) For Flotsam
2) What Death Leaves Behind
3) A Portrait of the Trequartista as a Young Man
4) Cemetery Gaits
5) Glue Me
6) As Lucerne/The Low
7) Avocado, Baby
8) Let It Spill
9) The Time Before the Last Time
10) Selling Rope (Swan Dive to Estuary)
Drew Beringer on 08/29/13 - 07:15 AM
You can stream a new Pusha T song titled "Sweet Serenade (feat. some asshole singer)" in the replies. It's unknown at the time if this song will appear on his upcoming solo album, My Name Is My Name.
Drew Beringer on 08/29/13 - 07:12 AM
Death Cab For Cutie's much-loved record Transatlanticism turns 10 this October and Barsuk will be releasing an anniversary edition digitally and on vinyl. Both versions will come with a download code for a collection of demos from the album. That collection will also be available separately if you already own the LP. You can stream the demo version of "Lightness" in the replies as well as check out the album art and track listing. All of this will be available on October 29th.
Drew Beringer on 08/29/13 - 07:09 AM
Today's first interview from the random questionnaire offered to any and all bands comes from Game Changer. You can read the interview here.
Zac Djamoos on 08/29/13 - 06:22 AM
Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday will be performing a secret show at the Leaky Lifeboat in Seaford, NY, tonight (August 29th) at 9PM. This photograph is proof.

Submitted by MrGlanthor
Drew Beringer on 08/29/13 - 04:30 AM
In a special Thursday edition of "The Countdown," I've decided to travel back ten years to rank the five best releases from the incredible year of 2003. Little did we know how good we had it back then - while I won't complain that this year's output hasn't been fairly good, 2003 was a year that showcased some of our favorite bands at the top of its game. I didn't realize how difficult this was all going to be - it kind of all hit me when I was staring at a list of 30+ great-to-classic albums and realizing I had to pick five. Seriously, check out what was released and then try to pick five! Anyways, my final five features at least one AP.net classic while leaving out a few other...
Drew Beringer on 08/29/13 - 04:24 AM
Sleeping Giant has been quietly working on new material, and has about 7 songs ready thus far.
Jake Denning on 08/29/13 - 12:35 AM
Oh hey, Miley Cyrus news that doesn't involve "twerking." According the New York Post (I know, I know), Cyrus teamed up with Kanye West after the VMAs to record a "Black Skinhead" remix that'll allegedly appear on an upcoming remix EP. I guess we'll see.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 04:02 PM
Bad Timing Records have announced second press details on Acceptance's Phantoms.
The records will be getting to us within the next 2-3 weeks. Like the first pressing, we'll put it up for sale once we have the records in hand, so probably around the third week of September. Here's the pressing info:
White w/ Blue Splatter 500 units available in the Bad Timing Records webstore
Solid White 500 units available exclusively via Hot Topic
So there it is. See you in a couple weeks.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:58 PM
You can check out a preview of Daft Punk's upcoming new video for "Lose Yourself To Dance" in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:56 PM
Paramore have been writing while on its European tour and is planning to record new material during its upcoming United States run.

Submitted by morgantayler
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:50 PM
Dowsing has removed Marcus and Delia from the band.
This past weekend after a band discussion we asked Marcus and Delia to leave Dowsing. It was neither an easy decision nor one that was met with enthusiasm. In order to move forward as a band we needed to address issues that are not worth repeating on the Internet.

Submitted by mikeXXXnj
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:48 PM
You can watch Deaf Havana's new video for "Mildred" in the replies. It's off the band's upcoming album, Old Souls, which hits stores on September 17th.

Submitted by GetUpAndrew
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:45 PM
On tonight's The Gunz Show at 9 PM EST, Jocelyn will be live in studio and performing 2 songs acoustic. Also, ITCH and Marky from Glamour Kills are on.
Christian Wagner on 08/28/13 - 03:43 PM
You can stream Better Off's new song, "Keeping Watch," over at New Noise. The band's upcoming record, (I Think) I'm Leaving, is available to pre-order from 6131 Records or Blood & Ink Records.

Submitted by Tyler Vagyler
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:41 PM
After-shows for Riot Fest in Chicago have been announced.

Submitted by tub and rug
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:37 PM
Echo Base have premiered a new song called "Edgebreaker" over at Mind Equals Blown.

Submitted by Aphasia17
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:35 PM
PropertyOfZack has posted a new Discussion on 'Major Shifts In Sounds' from bands in our scene (think: Catalyst to Coming Home, Your Favorite Weapon to Deja, etc.). What are some of your favorite or least favorite changes in sound for bands?
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:26 PM
This is a fun one. PureVolume is giving away a bunch of band-drawn and autographed doodles from this past summer's Warped Tour and today they've giving away the The Wonder Years' doodle (drawn and autographed by Dan Campbell). How do you win that delicious doodle? Well, I know you're gonna have to get artistic and draw your own doodle of the band and hope that it impresses them. But make sure you check out all the details on how to win. There are a few steps. Good luck and have fun!
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:23 PM
Luke Bryan remains at the top spot for the second week in a row, selling 159,000 copies of Crash My Party. John Mayer comes at #2 with Paradise Valley which sold 144,000, and at #3 is TGT, who moved 76,000 copies of their new album, Three Kings. More notable sales can be found below. Album sales in the past chart week totaled 4.9 million units, down 4% compared to last week, and down 3% compared to the comparable week's sales in 2012. Year-to-date sales are currently at 181 million, and that's down 6% compared to the total at this point last year (192.5 million).

Album SalesEarl Sweatshirt - Doris [Debut: 49,000]
Blessthefall - Hollow Bodies [Debut: 22,000]
William Beckett -...
Joe DeAndrea on 08/28/13 - 03:17 PM
Stream the new Party Supplies (production on Action Bronson's Blue Chips) record, Tough Love, in the replies. The album is available now on iTunes through Fool's Gold Records.

submitted by Star Slight
Cody Nelson on 08/28/13 - 03:12 PM
Today's interview from the random questionnaire offered to any and all bands comes from Happy Lives. You can read the interview here.
Zac Djamoos on 08/28/13 - 03:10 PM
The second session of O'Brother's recent appearance on Audiotree Live is now available for your viewing pleasure.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:09 PM
PureVolume has posted the first part of its fan interview video with Davey Havok and Jade Puget of AFI
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:01 PM
Hide Away Records has released a free compilation featuring Count To Four, American Verse, Sleep In., Podacter and many more. It's available on their Bandcamp.
Kelly Doherty on 08/28/13 - 02:56 PM
Check out a lyric video for a new A Loss For Words song titled "Distance (feat. Lynn Gunn of PVRIS)" in the replies. Before It Caves will be released on October 8 via Velocity Records/Rise Records. The album is also available for pre-order. You can find the album art and more details on the release (it features guest appearances from members of The Wonder Years and Polar Bear Club) in the replies.

Track Listing
01) Distance
02) Conquest of Mistakes
03) Falling
04) All This Time
05) No Pioneer
06) 20 Block
07) No Merit to Envy
08) Eclipsed
09) The Kids Can't Lose
10) The Torch and The Name
11) Brace Yourself
12) Siesta Key
13) All Roads Lead to Home
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/28/13 - 02:55 PM
Listen to part two of the three part interview with The 1975 frontman, Matty Healy on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show here as well as the album version of "Robbers." Skip to 47 minutes.
Kyle Huntington on 08/28/13 - 02:34 PM
The World's End stars Nick Frost & Simon Pegg recently laid down a cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" that managed to trump the original in just about every way. Hit the replies to check it out.
Cody Nelson on 08/28/13 - 01:38 PM
Billboard recently profiled IAMSOUND Records. One of the label's partners is AbsolutePunk's very own Paul Tao. He looks so handsome.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 01:16 PM
Nine Inch Nails will also be releasing a remastered audiophile version of the band's upcoming new album, Hesitation Marks, which will be available as a free download to those who ordered the album through the band's website. In other related news, Trent Reznor told Spin that he "made it [the new album] as well as I could, and it costs 10 bucks, or go fuck yourself.
I know that what were doing flies in the face of the Kickstarter Amanda-Palmer-Start-a-Revolution thing, which is fine for her, but Im not super-comfortable with the idea of Ziggy Stardust shaking his cup for scraps. Im not saying offering things for free or pay-what-you-can is wrong. Im saying my personal feeling is...
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 01:07 PM
PropertyOfZack has released its third Love Sessions pilot with Young Statues. You can watch all four videos from the session in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 12:57 PM
Yeah, yeah, I know - another Buzzfeed list on pop-punk. You're rolling your eyes at me right now I bet. But we have good reason to post the "32 Ways To Tell You Grew Up In The Golden Age Of Pop Punk" list because we love the 28th thing listed so very much.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 12:53 PM
Bossk have joined the Deathwish family. You can check out the entire press release in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 12:43 PM
You can listen to a new Test Of Time song titled "Riptide" in the replies. It's off the band's upcoming EP, The Price, which hits stores on September 10th via Bridge Nine. It's also available for pre-order.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 12:40 PM
One of my favorite punk records of the year is The Sheds' new record, I'll Be Fine. So I'm stoked to be teaming up with Mediaskare Records to give away a pretty dope prize pack. We're giving away five t-shirt/signed poster prize packs and all you gotta do to enter is give us one little tweet. Good luck.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 12:35 PM
Blessthefall moved 22,000 copies of its new album, Hollow Bodies, landing the band's at the #1 spot on the Hard Rock Album charts and #15 on the Billboard Top 200.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 12:29 PM
A few weeks ago, Modern Life Is War played an unreal set at the This Is Hardcore Fest in Philadelphia. In the replies, you'll find video of the full set. Watch it - it'll make you a better person. The band's new album, Fever Hunting, hits stores on September 3rd and is available for pre-order.

Submitted by: williek311
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 12:27 PM
Hidden In Plain View will be making its triumphant return to Philadelphia on September 7th at the Theatre of Living Arts. They'll be joined by I Can Make a Mess, Nightmares for a Week, and Young Statues. And we were thinking of giving away one pair of tickets to one lucky AP.net user today, sound pretty cool? Thought so. You can find the details on how to win by checking the replies. Fear not - if you're not a winner, you can still pick up tickets to the show. I'll select a winner by the end of the day.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 12:14 PM
Protest the Hero, Architects, The Kindred and Affiance will be touring North America in November and December. Dates in the replies.
Deborah Remus on 08/28/13 - 12:14 PM
Pop-punk has experienced a resurgence in the scene over the past few years, and Anchorless should be thrown right into the mix. Featuring former members of Tiefighter, the band shows their chops and have a very distinct So-Cal pop-punk style that we've grown to love on the site. Listen to "Just Because" in the replies and you can pre-order the EP here.
Christian Wagner on 08/28/13 - 11:59 AM
Hit the replies to check out Danny Brown's twisted new video for "ODB."
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/28/13 - 11:55 AM
White Lodge is streaming "Prom King", the first song from the band's upcoming 7", How To Stay Jealous Forever.
Kelly Doherty on 08/28/13 - 11:47 AM
The Calgary Herald has written an excellent article explaining the new fees that will need to be paid if international artists want to book Canadian tours. Unfortunately these new regulations will greatly impact many of the bands covered on this website. A petition has been created and you can sign it if you're interested.
If I have a one four-member American band at the Palomino, Im looking at $1,700 Canadian just to get them on the bill and thats on top of paying out a sound tech, paying for posters, gear rental, paying the other bands, staffing, Brown says, explaining there have been tweaks to the LMO in the past, but nothing this drastic or, in his eyes, damaging.
Deborah Remus on 08/28/13 - 11:33 AM
Pearl Jam have released a music video for "Mind Your Manners" -- it's in the replies.

Submitted by B.Leibo
Jason Tate on 08/28/13 - 11:13 AM
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