The Matches will celebrate the 10th anniversary of E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals with a reunion show at Slim's in San Francisco, CA on November 8th. Tickets go on sale next Sunday at 10am.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/12/14 - 10:30 AM
It's that time of the year already. Head to the replies to watch the infomercial for ICP's 15th annual Gathering of the Juggalos.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/12/14 - 09:31 AM
Because I just saw them perform last night and it was amazing and this cover was the best and previously unposted on this here website, head to the replies to watch Haim performing a cover of Beyonce's song "XO."
Blake Solomon on 05/12/14 - 09:25 AM
It looks like RZA and Raekwon have settled their differences according to a note on Wu-Tang Clan's website. The note reveals that Raekwon will be appearing on the group's upcoming record A Better Tomorrow after all.
Jake Jenkins on 05/12/14 - 09:21 AM
Yesterday, Mac Miller released a free mixtape titled Faces. You can download it over on his website, but only after you craft him a sandwich.
Jake Jenkins on 05/12/14 - 09:07 AM
The original line-up of Sparks the Rescue is reuniting to play Eyes to the Sun in its entirety at a hometown show in Portland, ME.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/12/14 - 09:02 AM
Propagandhi's Potemkin City Limits will be released on vinyl through Fat Wreck Chords on May 20.
Deborah Remus on 05/12/14 - 08:23 AM
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Weezer's Blue Album, we've put together a pretty cool playlist featuring some of the band's "deep cuts." No singles allowed, and we tried to include at least one song from all of their full-length albums. There's also a group of music videos featuring some of the best songs Weezer have covered, and some videos of the best covers of Weezer songs. So come inside and let Rivers and the Gang remind you why they made us love them in the first place, and why we'll continue to love them even as we all grow old and gross. Also, in case you missed it last week, Drew wrote up a very interesting article about just what a mark the Blue Album left on all of us...
Blake Solomon on 05/12/14 - 08:02 AM
Watch a lyric video for a new Suicide Silence song titled "Cease to Exist" in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/12/14 - 07:47 AM
Bleeding Through will embark on their final tour of the west coast this summer with support from Winds of Plague, Scars of Tomorrow and Lionheart. Dates are in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/12/14 - 07:44 AM
Tickets for Riot Fest Toronto are on sale now and can be purchased here. The full (awesome) lineup, which was announced last week, is available on their website.
Thomas Nassiff on 05/11/14 - 05:09 PM
Trapt will be performing their self-titled debut album in its entirety on their upcoming tour. Dates are in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/11/14 - 04:00 PM
Check out You Blew It!'s interactive music video for "Award of the Year Award."
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/11/14 - 03:58 PM
The release of Opeth's eleventh album, Pale Communion, has been pushed back to August 26th.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/11/14 - 03:52 PM
Eyes & Teeth's music video for "Old and In the Way" can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/11/14 - 03:49 PM
Today marks the 10th anniversary of both The Matches' E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals and Killswitch Engage's The End of Heartache.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/11/14 - 03:39 PM
Hit the replies to watch Eminem's new Spike Lee-directed video for "Headlights," featuring fun.'s Nate Ruess. The video serves as an apology to his mom.
Ryan Gardner on 05/11/14 - 01:22 PM
Hit the replies to see Young Thug's music video for the song "Stoner."
Jake Jenkins on 05/11/14 - 06:08 AM
The Talkhouse is currently featuring a heartfelt and interesting article written by Geoff Rickly (Thursday) about how circumstances in his life ended up with him paying $2000 to see The xx play in New York. Well worth a read.
A couple of weeks ago I paid $2,000 to see the XX play for forty people at New York’s Park Avenue Armory. They’re not one of my favorite bands or anything. And I’m not rich. But, to me, it was worth it. That either means that it was an utter revelation OR I have no idea of the value of money.
Kyle Huntington on 05/11/14 - 05:46 AM
It's Sunday, and that means it's recommendation day. Here are the staff recommendations for the past week. Hit the replies to let us know what you've loved as well.
Jason TateAs always, check out my blog and the AP.net podcast.
Kyle HuntingtonAfter having the best night of my "live music life" this week, nothing but Gambles for those fans of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan or Nick Cave. This new article by Geoff Rickly sums it up pretty well (aside from the cost aspect) too.
Jake JenkinsYoung Thug, Antwon, and Lil Durk all week.
Alex DiVincenzoSometimes you just have to write 750+ words about the soundtrack to 1998's awful Godzilla.
Jason Tate on 05/11/14 - 01:00 AM
"I won't be too far from Torrance, California."
Album ReviewsPillow Talk - Recreational Feelings (Zac Djamoos)
Zac Djamoos on 05/10/14 - 02:05 PM
Today marks the twentieth anniversaries of both Sunny Day Real Estate's Diary and Weezer's debut Weezer. Discuss and reminisce about the two legendary records in the replies.
Zac Djamoos on 05/10/14 - 01:46 PM
Ed Sheeran's song from The Fault In Our Stars, "All of the Stars," can be heard in the replies.
Joe DeAndrea on 05/09/14 - 04:46 PM
Coheed & Cambria have updated their website with a picture of an old style rotary phone and a place to enter your phone number.

Submitted by Supernova
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 03:05 PM
Watch Lovelectric's video for new single "Rock Bottom" in the replies.
Ryan Gardner on 05/09/14 - 02:35 PM
Bastille just released a live video for "Bad Blood" which they performed at the Troubadour in LA. Be sure to check it out in the replies. Also, they are playing the 7th birthday show for Radio 104.5 this Sunday at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden. You can still get tickets for yourself and your mother here.
Anthony Sorendino on 05/09/14 - 01:27 PM
Count to Four vocalist Mike Hayden's been doing this cool project called "Cover Sessions," covering popular and beloved songs. Today we're bringing you the video for his cover of OneRepublic's "Counting Stars," which can be found in the replies, along with the band's tour dates.
Zac Djamoos on 05/09/14 - 01:23 PM
The Black Keys' Patrick Carney recently spoke with Rolling Stone and re-ignited his spat with Justin Bieber. The state of the music industry has me so cynical that my first reaction was, "but of course, they have a new album out to get hype around."
"I mean, Justin Bieber is a fucking moron. And that's the gist of what I was saying. And then he goes and says I should be slapped? Honestly, I feel bad for him. Every single person who works with him should fucking be embarrassed that they don't... No one is doing him any favors, you know? And honestly, I don't dislike his music. I don't listen to his music, but he needs to not conduct himself that way. Like, really, you make millions of...
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 01:18 PM
William Beckett has announced some summer shows supporting Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo and Rick Springfield. Check the replies.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 01:11 PM
NBC has canceled Community. Sort of related: If you add up viewers for new episodes of Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Mindy Project -- the sum total is less than those for a Big Bang Theory rerun.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 01:08 PM
Blue of Colors has made Small Little Pieces with bonus tracks available for name-your-price on bandcamp in celebration of his current tour with Matt Pryor (dates are in the replies).
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/09/14 - 12:51 PM
Bryan Romero, an AP.net reader, is looking for OC/LA metal drummers to participate in a scientific study for his graduate program.
Hey OC/LA metal drummers! Have you ever wondered how athletic drumming actually is? Well here is your chance! My name is Bryan Romero, and I am a Kinesiology graduate student at CSU Fullerton in Orange county. My masters thesis is titled "Metabolic Demands of Heavy Metal Drumming" and my aim is to find out how much our bodies work while we play metal music. I am currently looking for metal drummers to come to the exercise physiology lab at CSU Fullerton to be hooked up to a mask that you breathe into while exercising that tells you how many calories you burn...
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 12:41 PM
Fall Out Boy will be performing on the first episode of the upcoming VH1 series "SoundClash."
The battle-of-the-bands concept gets a new twist with SoundClash, the new VH1 series being executive-produced by The Roots drummer Questlove. The show, which premieres July 23, features three bands onstage together, performing each others' songs, as well as covers and other collaborations.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 12:31 PM
Gilligan, an AP.net reader, has created a PledgeMusic campaign to fund a book about the music industry. It will feature contributions from folks at such labels as Sony Music, Polydor, Matador, Kill Rock Stars, Don Giovanni, Fake Chapter and BaDa Bing Records. The campaign ends in a week, so check it out if you're interested.
So Gilligan, you’ve spent 17 years working in the music industry. What have you learned thus far?

1. Your Band Sucks
2. No One Is Honest
3. Clive Davis is a Moron

That about sums it up, but of course it’s no fun to stop there.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 12:00 PM
Awesome AP.net user, Boucher187, has uploaded some Saves the Day house show videos for our enjoyment.
So last year I was lucky enough to be able to get my buddies and get together enough cash to have Saves The Day play a "Pledge Show" at my house. I was finally able to get the videos and have them uploaded of the show. The band played for about 2 hours electric and it was the best time of my life. Would love to share these with the site as there are many Saves The Day fans. The band was the most laid back, personable people I've ever met.

Submitted by Boucher187
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 11:55 AM
Gerard Way has written a blog update that hints at a monthly comic series coming soon.
I’ve also given a lot of thought to what exactly it is I do. I spent so many years defining myself or reading other people’s definitions (where I found myself occasionally looking for clues, strangely) that I became comfortable with the job description “Rocker who writes comics and makes drawings on the side”. Over the years this stopped working for me, and I really needed to embrace the fact that there are many things I do, and it is difficult to give that a title, so basically I stopped looking for definitions and just started giving myself over to my artistic flow, and where it takes me.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 11:53 AM
El-P has remixed Warpaint's "Keep it Healthy." Check it out in the replies.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 11:46 AM
Sorority Noise's video for "Dirty Ickes" can be found in the replies.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 11:40 AM
Scientists have created a living cell with DNA containing more than just the familiar A, T, C, and G units.
Hailed as a breakthrough by other scientists, the work is a step towards the synthesis of cells able to churn out drugs and other useful molecules. It also raises the possibility that cells could one day be engineered without any of the four DNA bases used by all organisms on Earth. "What we have now is a living cell that literally stores increased genetic information," says Floyd Romesberg, a chemical biologist at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, who led the 15-year effort.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 11:37 AM
Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne has spoken, in length, with Rolling Stone. And yes, he addresses the claims made by former drummer Kliph Scurlock.

I would say that I'm very sorry, to anybody that is following my Instagram or my Twitter, if I offended anybody of any religion, any race, any belief system. I would say you shouldn't follow my tweets; you shouldn't even probably want to be a Flaming Lips fan because we don't really have any agenda. We go about doing things through our imagination. And I would say that if we wrongly stepped on anybody's sacredness, then we're sorry about that. That was never our intention.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 11:26 AM
Hit the replies to see Kurt Vile's recent TV performance on Australia's "RocKwiz."
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 11:19 AM
Apologies, I Have None are streaming their new EP on Spotify.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 11:18 AM
The Fall of Troy have posted some video footage from their reunion shows and hint at upcoming announcements.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 11:16 AM
Communities Digital News conducted a great interview with Bill Stevenson. He mentions that the Descendents are working on a new album and that it's a priority for the band in the next few months. There's currently no plans for any new ALL recordings though.
We started on it. We’re not really far into it, but we’re making it a priority to kind of focus on it in the coming months.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 11:12 AM
Paramore will be performing on Good Morning America for their "Summer Concert Series" on Friday, June 13th on ABC.
Jason Tate on 05/09/14 - 11:08 AM
The guys in Driver Friendly have been including the hashtag #UB all over their social media. Could this be the initials of their new album title? Take your best guess in the replies! In case you missed it, they've recently teased pre-order packages and a music video.
Anthony Sorendino on 05/09/14 - 10:55 AM
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