Inkwell has posted two new songs on their Myspace.

Submitted by jrtbighurt
Mike Kraft on 04/03/09 - 07:39 AM
Inkwell will be releasing Rivers of Blood and Sadness, or Maybe Happy on April 21st.

Submitted by SoCoSquid4
Mike Kraft on 03/27/09 - 09:42 AM
111 Records have posted a Holiday Catalog with a bunch of great merch deals.
Garett Press on 12/15/08 - 01:55 PM
Inkwell have updated their myspace with information regarding a new EP. Flotsam will be available digitally December 30th.

Submitted by Jusscali
Blake Solomon on 11/30/08 - 11:29 PM
Dearestazazel will be touring with Mindless Self Indulgence this September/October. Details will be announced soon.
Steve Henderson on 08/20/08 - 09:42 AM
I Am The Dream's new album hits stores today and their label, 111 Records, wants to give you an autographed copy.... oh, and a 500GB external hard drive. Enter here.
Garett Press on 07/22/08 - 01:50 PM
Stepsonday has posted a new song on myspace.
Joe DeAndrea on 06/03/08 - 12:43 PM
Stepsonday have posted another new song on myspace.
Joe DeAndrea on 05/22/08 - 01:08 PM
Stepsonday will be releasing a new song from their upcoming full length each week until its release on June 3rd. Check their myspace to stream "Deep."
Joe DeAndrea on 05/13/08 - 08:34 PM
Foreverinmotion has left 111 Records.

Submitted by SoCoSquid4
Joe DeAndrea on 05/06/08 - 03:00 PM
Ian Dexter, drummer for North Col (ex-Thin Dark Line), is having surgery on his shoulder right now. Leave him some love in the replies so he can read them while he recovers. You can also reach him at his personal myspace here.
Blake Solomon on 04/08/08 - 11:43 AM
Stepsonday's debut LP, Little Light, will be released on June 3rd, 2008 on One Eleven Records. This re-release contains three brand new songs not found on the original self-release, as well as being resequenced and remastered with new artwork.

1. Same Difference
2. Boy and His Balloon
3. In Crowd
4. Deep
5. High Five
6. Old Man
7. 1234
8. Don't Be Afraid
9. Be Still
10. Little Light
11. +++

Produced by Nick Rucker and stepsonday.
Anton Djamoos on 02/28/08 - 06:10 PM
If you're a drummer and are interested in hitting the road with Foreverinmotion in 2008 and you've got what it takes, e-mail Brendon at brendon@foreverinmotion.net.

What It Takes
-A lot of experience playing in a band/with other musicians
-Touring experience
-An open mind
-A love of music
-Live in the northeastern US (preferably)
Anton Djamoos on 01/28/08 - 11:06 AM
North Col (formerly Thin Dark Line) have announced their first show. They'll be playing with Kris Roe (The Ataris) and Oh, The Story! at the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD on Feb 25th at 7PM. You can also download their debut free EP on their myspace.
Anton Djamoos on 01/21/08 - 04:16 PM
One Eleven Records have announced the signing of two new artists: Canon and Dearestazazel. A full press release can be found in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 01/21/08 - 03:53 PM
111 Records have a brand new website and merch store with exclusive new items from The Spill Canvas, Rookie of the Year, This Day and Age, and more. How do you all like the new design?
Anton Djamoos on 01/15/08 - 10:25 AM
This Friday is 111 Day (1/11), because of it, One Eleven Records has a ton of new things in store including a brand new website, and the introduction of their newest signings. Make sure you watch out for updates.
Nathan Lint on 01/09/08 - 08:52 PM
North Col (formerly Thin Dark Line) have posted their debut EP for free download at their website.
Nathan Lint on 12/27/07 - 05:41 PM
Thin Dark Line have changed their name to North Col and posted a cover of John Lennon's "So This is Christmas" on their myspace. On Christmas Day, the band's debut EP will be available to download for free.

Submitted by shoelaces
Julia Conny on 12/18/07 - 01:15 PM
Along with posting a Christmas song this Tuesday (12/18) for you to hear, Thin Dark Line will also be announcing their name change that day. The band has also announced that they will release their debut EP, available for free download in its entirety, starting on Christmas day - none of that streaming BS! This will all be taking place on their myspace. The TDL guys have also assured me that they miss and love everyone!
Nathan Lint on 12/13/07 - 03:39 PM
Devin Lima & The Cadbury Diesel was recently on Fearless Music TV where they performed a live version of "Crafty Witch". You can check that out here.
Nathan Lint on 11/06/07 - 03:29 PM
Stepsonday has a new track called "Same Difference" up for download on their myspace. You can check it out here.
Nathan Lint on 11/06/07 - 03:25 PM
Stepsonday have agreed to terms on a contract with One Eleven Records. The Los Angeles-based duo will release their debut, full-length effort, Little Light, at a later date via the label.

Submitted by ksbpistolbrian
Brandon Allin on 09/25/07 - 12:46 AM
Foreverinmotion have unveiled the schedule for their forthcoming headlining tour, on which the act will feature support from The Real You. The outfit will be touring in support of its latest release, The Beautiful Unknown, which is available now courtesy of One Eleven Records.
Tour Dates20 Sep 2007 Northside Cafe at WSU Pullman, Washington
21 Sep 2007 El Corazon Seattle, Washington
23 Sep 2007 Club Underground Reno, Nevada
24 Sep 2007 Brainwash Cafe San Francisco, California
2 Oct 2007 One Place Phoenix, Arizona
4 Oct 2007 Cafe Revolucion San Antonio, Texas
5 Oct 2007 Red 7 Austin, Texas
6 Oct 2007 The Door Fort Worth, Texas
10 Oct 2007 Swayzes Marietta, Georgia
14 Oct 2007 The...
Brandon Allin on 09/18/07 - 08:36 AM
One Eleven Records has announced a new minisite called 111 is Mobile.
From The LabelOne Eleven Records is proud to announce the launching of a new minisite: www.111ismobile.com, a site that will be compatible with most cell-phone browsers. At this site, users will be able to check the latest One Eleven News, Tour Dates, Releases, Ringtones and more right from their mobile devices!
Nathan Lint on 09/07/07 - 01:57 PM
Thin Dark Line has announced that they will be recording three new songs in September, there's also a chance they might change their name.
Message From The BandWe will be recording three new songs in early September.

We hope to post them in late September.

We're not sure if they will fall under the name "Thin Dark Line" - would you listen to us if we had a different name?

Discuss amongst yourselves and then report back to us.


for now
Nathan Lint on 08/21/07 - 01:04 PM
There are now 2 more shirts available at the One Eleven store for only $6.11 including shipping. Don't forget there are also 4 other shirts available for the same price.
Nathan Lint on 08/13/07 - 12:25 PM
One Eleven Cell Phone ringtones and wallpaper are now available at cellfish.
Nathan Lint on 08/13/07 - 12:01 PM
You can now preorder The Reign Of Kindo's (ex- This Day & Age) self-titled debut EP over at the 111 Store for only $5.11. It will be released on August 21st.
Nathan Lint on 07/31/07 - 09:54 AM
One Eleven Records is bringing you two more amazing summer deals. They're putting two of their Mashlin shirts up for sale for only $6.11 on the labels' website. You can also still buy a This Day And Age and a Spill Canvas shirt for the same price also available on the website.
Nathan Lint on 07/23/07 - 10:47 AM
The Exit Radio, formerly known as Mashlin, has posted a new song titled "Alibi" on their myspace page. The band will be posting a new track for streaming every week or so. Don't forget that you can stream the band's forthcoming EP on their AP.net profile.

Submitted by Mashlin
Rohan Kohli on 07/21/07 - 09:19 AM
Mashlin has changed their name to The Exit Radio and will be releasing an EP entitled Alive At Sunrise on September 11th.

Submitted by MattRM and ishotthepilot
Rohan Kohli on 07/08/07 - 06:15 PM
All the bands' myspaces on the One Eleven roster have undergone a facelift. You can check them all out in the replies.
Nathan Lint on 06/25/07 - 10:49 AM
One Eleven Records has unveiled their second t-shirt in their "Amazing Summer Deals" promotion. You can recieve a special shirt from the defunct act, This Day & Age for only $6.11. Don't forget that you still have a chance to buy a specific Spill Canvas shirt for the same price. You can buy both here.
Nathan Lint on 06/25/07 - 10:45 AM
One Eleven Records is looking for an intern to help out with their myspace pages. The intern will be highly organized, well-versed in myspace and other social networking websites and available at least 3 weekdays per week (sometime between 9-5). This person will work from their home computer. All interested candidates should send their weekday availability, pertinent experience, personal myspace link and/or resumes to onlineteam@111records.com.
Nathan Lint on 05/15/07 - 09:27 PM
The Foreverinmotion contest that we are currently running runs for one more week and it will be over on the day the album is released (May 8th), so get your entry for some sweet Logitech/Ipod gear and some FIM stuff. Also, there is a myspace/bamboozle contest currently going on for people who like the "Where's Waldo" books. The contest is called "Where's Brendon" and you have to find Brendon at bamboozle and take your picture with him. You can read the details here.
Nathan Lint on 05/03/07 - 07:57 PM
If you preorder Foreverinmotion's new album The Beautiful Unknown right now for only $8.11, you will get free shipping and also an extra 3 song EP with unreleased material.
Nathan Lint on 04/25/07 - 01:45 PM
Foreverinmotion has a new website. You can check it out right here.
Nathan Lint on 04/20/07 - 01:34 PM
You can pre-order Foreverinmotion's upcoming album, The Beautiful Unknown, here. The album will hit stores on May 8th through One Eleven Records.
Ryan Imhof on 04/15/07 - 06:24 AM
I will be interviewing Foreverinmotion next week. Please leave any questions you may have in the replies.
Nathan Lint on 04/13/07 - 11:34 AM
One Eleven Records has a new message about Foreverinmotion.
Message From The LabelYou may now preorder the Forever In Motion debut album "The Beautiful Unknown" for only $8.11 (free shipping) at www.111store.com. To celebrate, some of you may have noticed a sweet new FIM/AP Contest has appeared on the left side of this page. Apply for the contest with just your email address and you'll be entered to win tons of stuff from Logitech and One Eleven Records. Brendon will also be appearing on the DJ Rosstar show tonight at 7PM PST.
Nathan Lint on 04/11/07 - 11:17 AM
Foreverinmotion has made a new song entitled "The Clothes We Walk In" available for streaming on his myspace profile. The track is set to appear on Brendon Thomas' forthcoming, full-length release, The Beautiful Unknown, which is scheduled to hit shelves on May 8th via One Eleven Records.

Submitted by bigmike
Brandon Allin on 04/10/07 - 02:34 PM
New tour dates for the Liars and Battlefields Tour featuring Rookie of the Year, Making April, and Foreverinmotion have been added.
Tour DatesApr 11 - Johnsoncity, TN @ A Hideaway 6:30PM
Apr 12 - Murfreesboro, TN @ The Music Stop 7:00PM
Apr 13 - Little Rock, AR @ Vinos 8:30PM
Apr 14 - Tulsa, OK @ The Hive 6:00PM
Apr 15 - Columbus, NE @ AG Park 6:00PM
Apr 16 - Des Moines, IW @ Vaudeville Mews 6:00PM
Apr 17 - Minneapolis, MN @ The Toybox 6:00PM
Apr 18 - Madison, WI @ The Loft 7:00PM
Apr 19 - West Chicago, IL @ The Oasis Cafe 6:00PM
Apr 20 - El Paso, IL @ El Paso VFW 6:00PM
Apr 21 - Indianapolis, IN @ Emerson Theatre 7:00PM
Apr 22 - Kettering, OH @ The Attic 5:00PM
Apr 23 -...
Anton Djamoos on 03/29/07 - 10:15 AM
Foreverinmotion have posted an e-card for for their debut album which will be released on May 8th, 2007. You can check it out here. Also, 111 Records has posted an exclusive Foreverinmotion video from the SXSW festival at iam111.com. The video is a documentary-style look at Brendon Thomas' experience in Austin this year and has clips of his performance. Check that out here.
Nathan Lint on 03/21/07 - 02:00 PM
One Eleven Records is looking to hire an intern for their online team. The job would consist of maintenance and upkeep of several online outlets. Interested parties should send an email here with their resume detailing their computer skills as well their weekday availability and contact information. You will be working from home, not from their offices in Orlando.
Nathan Lint on 03/06/07 - 08:27 PM
One Eleven Records have posted a Foreverinmotion exclusive track at I Am 111 - the track is called "The Clothes We Walk In" and is featured under the "Sounds" section. New Wallpapers and AIM icons are also available under the "Downloads" section. Foreverinmotion's debut album "The Beautiful Unknown" will be released on May 8th, 2007.
Nathan Lint on 03/06/07 - 08:25 PM
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