Acceptance hung out together "for the first time in about a decade" over the weekend and snapped some new promo photos. Look for more news to be coming in the next few weeks.
Jason Tate on 02/23/15 - 11:48 AM
Hey ... did you hear Acceptance is playing Skate and Surf? I'm going to be talking with the band in the near future and I've obviously got a bunch of questions I want to ask; however, I started thinking: is there a bigger collection of Acceptance fans online than here on the website? It's always seemed like we've been ground zero for Acceptance fandom. So, with that, I think it makes the most sense that I ask questions you guys want to know. Hit up the replies and let me know -- I'll end up asking the ones I see the most often.
Jason Tate on 02/04/15 - 01:58 PM
Acceptance's Phantoms came out 9 years ago.
Jason Tate on 04/28/14 - 01:18 PM
Ok that wasn't too catchy, but I tried. Bad Timing Records is offering a 20% discount on Acceptance's Phantoms. Use the coupon code "TAKECOVER20" at checkout or click here for it to be applied automatically. BTR002 will be announced and in the label's hands in early December.
Christian Wagner on 11/26/13 - 10:16 AM
Congratulations to battalionaffair, Ponyboy, and whitelipstickkk, who are the winners of the Acceptance vinyl giveaway. The winners can send an email to Bad Timing Records with their mailing address. If you did not win, there are still white with blue splatter copies available and three test presses will be randomly inserted into orders.
Christian Wagner on 09/27/13 - 10:56 AM
The second pressing of Acceptance's Phantoms has been made available via our friends at Bad Timing Records. The webstore version is limited to 500 white splatter copies.
Christian Wagner on 09/25/13 - 11:32 AM
Bad Timing Records have announced second press details on Acceptance's Phantoms.
The records will be getting to us within the next 2-3 weeks. Like the first pressing, we'll put it up for sale once we have the records in hand, so probably around the third week of September. Here's the pressing info:
White w/ Blue Splatter – 500 units – available in the Bad Timing Records webstore
Solid White – 500 units – available exclusively via Hot Topic
So there it is. See you in a couple weeks.
Drew Beringer on 08/28/13 - 03:58 PM
Acceptance's Black Lines to Battlefields is now available on vinyl. Pick it up from Enjoy the Ride Records, Thunderbeard Records or Interpunk. Pressing info is in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/09/13 - 09:52 AM
Seattle Weekly has written an article on Acceptance's vinyl pressing and Bad Timing Records. You can read it here. There is one paragraph that stuck out to me, you can interpret it for yourself.
Following the vinyl’s success, the band is receptive to the idea of a reunion of sorts, though no one seems to want to pull the trigger. The logistics alone are daunting, with members spread across the country, many with families of their own and those full-time jobs.
Christian Wagner on 07/31/13 - 11:04 AM
Just a reminder, since so many of us are ecstatic about it - the vinyl pressing of Acceptance's Phantoms is available for purchase today at 2 pm EST (11am PST) via Bad Timing Records.

Update: There were some hiccups, but all is well - head over to their site to purchase.

Update #2: Four hours later ... the first pressing has sold out completely. - JT
Jack Appleby on 07/16/13 - 10:51 AM
Starting tomorrow, July 16th, at 2 PM EST -- Acceptance's cult-favorite Phantoms will be available for purchase on vinyl. The album will be released via Bad Timing Records and I'd recommend following them on Twitter and Facebook as well, since they've got some other great vinyl releases coming in the near future. An interview about the label and first release can be seen at Modern Vinyl.
Jason Tate on 07/15/13 - 09:59 AM
Soooo... it's looking like Acceptance's Phantoms is coming to vinyl. Take a look at #BTR001 on Twitter & Instagram - several people have posted photos, the hashtag, and lyrics. Seems like we'll find out more on Monday.
Jack Appleby on 07/12/13 - 11:06 AM
Today is the 8th Anniversary of Acceptance's beloved full-length, Phantoms. Go listen to a phenomenal record.

Submitted by Boucher187
Jack Appleby on 04/26/13 - 09:13 AM
I recently interviewed Christian McAlhaney of Anberlin and he had this to say about the possibility of an Acceptance reunion. Look for the full interview early next week.
There’s always been whispers of reunion stuff here and there. Basically, I think Jason is the last person everyone is waiting on. I don’t even know what that would look like or what we would do, I just want to get the dialogue going because it’s been awhile. I think a lot of people would like that, and I would like it too. There was never any closure for the guys in Acceptance. We just said we were done and never played any final shows or anything. There was just never any closure.

I think you could definitely do a...
Jonathan Bautts on 03/01/13 - 10:04 AM
A Loss For Words recently covered "So Contagious" by Acceptance for Neck Deep Media. You can find the video in the replies.

Submitted by kidinthebushes
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/28/12 - 06:49 AM
Congratulations to Jason Vena, and his wife, who had their first child today.

Submitted by remoteCONTROL
Jason Tate on 09/12/12 - 08:59 AM
Watch Transit cover Acceptance's "Take Cover" in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 03/01/12 - 03:04 PM
A previously unreleased Acceptance demo titled "Waiting" can be heard here.

Submitted by 7HD
Matthew Tsai on 01/09/11 - 01:25 PM
EDIT: Sadly, it is not Acceptance.

It looks like one of our favorites may be making an appearance tomorrow night.
Keagan Ilvonen on 11/26/10 - 08:38 PM
An (old) new Acceptance song has surfaced, and it's in the replies.

Submitted by 11:11
Blake Solomon on 07/06/10 - 12:33 PM
Head to the replies to hear a new Ivoryline song that features Jason Vena, formerly of Acceptance.

Submitted by CLoach
Blake Solomon on 06/21/10 - 10:51 PM
Acceptance now has a twitter. Oh, the band doesn't have any plans of reuniting, but they won't rule it out.
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/25/10 - 11:33 PM
Acceptance has posted a new (old) demo, "Desperate," on their Myspace.
Mike Kraft on 09/24/09 - 02:34 AM
Anton Djamoos on 09/05/09 - 09:53 PM
Acceptance have posted a remix of "So Contagious" on their myspace. No, this does not mean that they are reuniting.

Submitted by permanent[[dan]]
Anton Djamoos on 06/03/08 - 08:14 PM
Apparently David Cook of American Idol fame is a big fan of Acceptance.

Submitted by Nick Collison
Adrian Villagomez on 05/06/08 - 08:49 PM
Update: The chat is now over. I would like to personally thank Jason for staying on for so long and for answering everyone's questions and to take the time to return to the music community, even if it was only for a few hours. For everyone that missed the chat, you can read everything Jason said here.

Jason Vena (ex-Acceptance) will be chatting in this thread at approximately 7 p.m. EST under the username jvena. Come in and ask him how life is, about his post-touring adjustment, or just say hello.
Anton Djamoos on 01/30/08 - 04:54 PM
Tomorrow night around 7 p.m. EST, Jason Vena (ex-Acceptance) will be chatting on AP.net. We cannot guarantee an exact time at the moment, but it will be around that time, so be sure to check in to talk.
Anton Djamoos on 01/29/08 - 05:59 PM
Christian (ex-Acceptance) has posted an update on what him and a few of the other ex-members have been up to since the break up.
UpdateSoooooooooo, I bet many of you have been wondering what the crap Nick, Kyle, and I have been up to since Acceptance broke up and we moved to California. (For those of you just joining us, yes Acceptance has broken up) Well, I'll tell you.... Kyle has been diligently working on a movie script for Warner Bros. that he and his brother have been writing for quite some time, Nick has been trying to make some cashish working odd jobs around town (think slave labor), and I have been painstakingly working on my tan and a killer mullet.

Collectively we have been...
Melissa Johnson on 10/25/06 - 09:11 PM
Acceptance, who recently broke up, has made their full length Phantoms available for download in its entirety over at pureVOLUME.com.
Rohan Kohli on 08/05/06 - 08:56 AM
Acceptance have posted a new demo entitled "Not Afraid" on their MySpace, which you can stream or download. You can expect one more new track to be added in the very near future. We'll keep you up-to-date and let you know when it's up. Consider this their "goodbye" gift to you.
Jared Kaufman on 08/04/06 - 05:55 AM
Punk Video Guys posted a live video of Acceptance performing "Permanent", and it can be viewed here.
Katie Schmitz on 07/13/06 - 03:03 PM
Episode three of the Acceptance video series can be seen at their MySpace page. The band is currently working on their second full length album.
Ryan Imhof on 05/02/06 - 02:33 PM
Acceptance has posted a new video on their MySpace page of the band working on new material. Transition's "Excusable" is the song playing in the background, in case anyone was wondering.
Ryan Imhof on 04/25/06 - 06:55 PM
Acceptance has launched a video series that highlights all of the 'drama and suspense' of making a new record. Episode one can be seen here and a new episode will be posted every week.
Ryan Imhof on 04/20/06 - 12:17 PM
Acceptance is currently at home writing new material.
Rohan Kohli on 04/05/06 - 08:28 PM
I am not sure if this is already common knowledge but Acceptance will be playing the May 7th date of Bamboozle.
Ryan Imhof on 04/05/06 - 03:52 PM
Acceptance will begin writing and then go into recording for their new record as soon as they get home to Seattle.

Submitted by: drainyourheart
Jon Foucart on 03/27/06 - 10:45 AM
According to an update posted on Acceptance's website, their next album should be released before the end of summer.
Acceptance MessageAs you may know, we have begun our first fun family road trip for 06--the Truckstops and Statelines Tour, with our friends The Academy Is, Panic! At The Disco and Hellogoodbye. In fact I am writing this message, wrapped in a blanket staring out the window of our RV @ the frozen tundra that some people call Wisconsin, en route to the first show in Grand Rapids, MI. We are pretty excited in the pants for this tour--so excited in fact that we decided to get a head start on all the other bands by crossing 9 statelines and hitting up at least 20 truckstops...
Ryan Imhof on 02/02/06 - 03:04 PM
According to DecoyMusic.com: Ryan, bassist of Acceptance, has decided to leave the band. The band's keyboardist, Kyle, will be temporarilly filling-in on bass.
Acceptance Bassist Decides To LeaveGood News For People Who Like Bad News
Greetings dear and beloved friends. The sun has set many times since our last correspondence and the rising of that sun has brought with it some changes for the boys of Acceptance. Most importantly, I think you should all know that a familiar face will no longer be seen amongst our ranks. Our friend and bass player of four years has decided to leave the band to explore other adventures. Ryan explains below, but I will say that we love him and will miss him...
Frank Giaramita on 01/31/06 - 05:28 PM
Acceptance have posted a live video compilation for their song "Take Cover". Be sure to pick up the band's Columbia Records debut, Phantoms, out now!
Frank Giaramita on 12/23/05 - 02:08 PM
Below is a message from Acceptance:

Acceptance MessageFor those coming to the next three shows you are in for a little surprise. Our dear
and faithful guitar player, Kaylan, is dropping off the tour for a few shows to finally marry his beautiful and wonderful girlfriend of like 15 years or something. Congratulations Kaylan and Alicia! You can do it! This obviously leaves a huge hole in the Acceptance starting line up. So we did a little brainstorming and experimenting with mind altering drugs whilst listening to Pink Floyd and decided to put Nick on the guitar (his true calling) and call upon on our friend Nate from Anberlin to fill in on the drums. Could get interesting.

Rohan Kohli on 11/15/05 - 10:08 PM
PunkRockVids.com just posted a live video of Acceptance performing "Take Cover". This is the third and final video from their set filmed in Orangevale.
Frank Giaramita on 11/15/05 - 06:55 PM
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