Sam Means (ex-The Format) has released the music video for his track "Other Side of You," which was written and directed by his 6 year-old daughter Lola.

Submitted by neo506
Eric Wilson on 02/08/16 - 12:58 PM
We'd like to welcome Sam Means (formerly of The Format) to the website to chat today about his new album 10 Songs, which will be released this Friday, January 22nd. Hit the replies to chat with him about the new record, plans for the future, etc. I'll also be posting my interview of the record (which is really great) early next week.

Update: The chat is over. Thanks to Sam for hanging out.
Craig Ismaili on 01/20/16 - 02:54 PM
Just a reminder that Sam Means will be chatting on the site tonight at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST so be sure to swing by!
Craig Ismaili on 01/20/16 - 10:54 AM
Sam Means (ex-The Format) is set to release his solo album, 10 Songs, this Friday, and he will be website to chat about the new record and a host of other topics with our users this Wednesday, January 20th at 5:00 pm EST.
Craig Ismaili on 01/18/16 - 02:44 PM
You can now stream Sam Means' (ex-The Format) new album here.

Submitted by neo506
Eric Wilson on 01/15/16 - 10:11 AM
You can stream a new Sam Means (ex-The Format) track called "Other Side of You" over on Billboard.
Keagan Ilvonen on 11/18/15 - 12:12 PM
Sam Means (ex-The Format) has released a new song called "We're Alone." It comes from his upcoming album 10 Songs, which releases January 16th, 2016. No word yet on how many songs will be on the album.
This song may not necessarily be the obvious first choice to kick off the new album, but I’ve never been a fan of playing it safe, I suppose. Disregarding all potentially less interesting back story within the lyrics; the core of it is really just about that overwhelming sense of insignificance that consumes you the first time you’re struck with a basic understanding of how truly infinite the universe is. Doubled, when you find out how little we know about it.
Blake Solomon on 10/20/15 - 08:56 AM
Nate Ruess performed his new song "Moment" during the 2015 ESPYs last night. Video in the replies.

Submitted by ericsounds41
Jason Tate on 07/16/15 - 11:34 AM
Nate Ruess's new video for "Great Big Storm" can be found in the replies. Nate will also be performing at the ESPYs on July 15th.
Jason Tate on 07/14/15 - 12:11 PM
Nate Ruess did an AMA on Reddit.

Submitted by iamthealex
Jason Tate on 06/17/15 - 12:26 PM
Nate Ruess' new album is streaming ... in Ireland.
Jason Tate on 06/08/15 - 12:42 PM
Nate Ruess' Grand Romantic is now up for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

Track Listing
1) Grand Romantic (Intro)
2) AhHa
3) Nothing Without Love
4) Take It Back
5) You Light My Fire
6) What This World Is Coming To (feat. Beck)
7) Great Big Storm
8) Moment
9) It Only Gets Much Worse
10) Grand Romantic
11) Harsh Light
12) Brightside
Jason Tate on 06/01/15 - 12:04 PM
Nate Ruess's new song "What This World Is Coming To" is streaming on Stereogum.
Jason Tate on 05/31/15 - 10:08 AM
Nate Ruess hints at the possibility of a The Format reunion.
We are bound together, musically.

Submitted by jkalldaway
Jason Tate on 05/20/15 - 01:23 PM
Hit the replies for a "How I Wrote That Song" with Nate Ruess talking about "Nothing Without Love."
Jason Tate on 05/13/15 - 11:31 AM
Update #2: Official pre-orders are now up.

Update: I've heard from a reliable source this information is incorrect. The record actually isn't finalized yet (Nate keeps wanting to add more stuff) but an early June release is still probable.

Nate Ruess' new album Grand Romantic was up for pre-order on Amazon for a few hours this morning. It contained a June 23rd release date and the following tracklisting:

Track Listing
1. Grand Romantic (Intro)
2. AhHa
3. Nothing Without Love
4. Take It Back
5. You Light My Fire
6. What This World Is Coming To (feat. Beck)
7. Great Big Storm
8. Moment
9. It Only Gets Much Worse
10. Grand Romantic
11. Harsh Light
12. Brightside
Jason Tate on 05/11/15 - 11:34 AM
Nate Ruess has posted his new song "Great Big Storm right here.
Jason Tate on 05/10/15 - 01:10 PM
The album cover for Nate Ruess' Grand Romantic is in the replies.
Jason Tate on 05/08/15 - 12:04 PM
Hit the replies for a Q&A with Nate Ruess by Ryan Seacrest and two acoustic performances.
Jason Tate on 05/05/15 - 03:33 PM
Nate Ruess will be going on a small tour this May and June. Dates in the replies.

Submitted by ericsounds41
Jason Tate on 04/28/15 - 12:59 PM
Nate Ruess' new song "Ah Ha" is in the replies. Enjoy.
Jason Tate on 04/26/15 - 08:59 PM
Nate Ruess will be releasing "Ah ha" on Monday. The artwork for the single can be found here. Oh, yeah, it was done by Sam Means ... Nate's former bandmate from The Format. This is the song that turned my excitement for this album up to 11, I'm excited to hear other thoughts on it.
Jason Tate on 04/24/15 - 02:13 PM
Hit the replies for Nate Ruess' performances with Brian Wilson & Friends. A few little birdies told me a new song is coming next week.
Jason Tate on 04/22/15 - 01:15 PM
Nate Ruess will be joining The Voice for the knockout rounds as a "special advisor."

Submitted by WhoSaidThat?
Jason Tate on 03/16/15 - 11:26 AM
Nate Ruess has posted an update on Facebook talking about his new album, and new song, a little more. Full thing is in the replies.
This is probably my favorite song I've ever written. The one I've listened to the most on repeat. And I can't pinpoint what it is about it that makes its so special to me. Which makes me love it even more.
Jason Tate on 02/23/15 - 12:41 PM
Will Noon will be the drummer for Nate Ruess.
Jason Tate on 02/12/15 - 12:18 PM
Nate Ruess has launched his new website -- links to all the social networks are available there as well.
Jason Tate on 02/07/15 - 12:06 PM
Sam Means will begin recording his first full-length in California next week with Steven McDonald, the producer of The Format's Dog Problems, and musicians from Dog Problems sessions.

Submitted by neo506
Jason Tate on 10/30/14 - 12:33 PM
The Format are selling some of the first batch of Dog Problems vinyls that were a little messed up. They're $5 and the proceeds will be going to animal charities -- you can grab one here.
The issues with these records are visual and should not affect the sound in any way, but since this is considered a donation, all sales are final. SOLD AS IS! We will not be accepting any returns or exchanges for any reason.
Jason Tate on 04/04/14 - 10:06 AM
Sam Means (The Format) has released a new song called "Little Song."
Jason Tate on 01/22/14 - 09:35 PM
The Format's Dog Problems on vinyl has been delayed.
First of all, we are so sorry for the delay on the Dog Problems vinyl. I promise we’ve been doing our best to keep everyone up to speed, but sometimes information is hard to come by. So here’s the deal..

Early on in the Dog Problems project we had a couple issues with the die-cuts and dog bowl etching. Both caused a slight delay, but were resolved quick and things were looking good. Then last Thursday, the records showed up and I was totally blown away.. until I looked a little closer. Both the die-cut and etching were still bad. We spent so much time and effort making sure these turned out as cool as possible, I couldn’t stand the...
Jason Tate on 01/22/14 - 09:34 PM
The Format's repressing of Dog Problems will be delayed a couple weeks.
Unfortunately, there were some etching issues on the Dog Problems vinyl that have caused a bit of a delay in production. We’re being told they should hopefully be in our hands by the middle of January. Sorry for the last second information, we only just received it yesterday. We’ll pass along more updates as they come along. On the bright side, if you’ve placed a vinyl order that does not contain Dog Problems, it should have already shipped earlier this week, or will be shipping on schedule tomorrow.
Jason Tate on 01/02/14 - 12:49 PM
Sam Means has sat down with Modern Vinyl to talk about the release of The Format's albums on vinyl.
Tons of back and forth over the years, but once we finally made a definitive decision to move forward, it came together pretty quick. Nicky, who works at The Format’s management office in Boston played a major role in assembling all the pieces. I can’t thank her enough. It was also really cool that Elektra finally let us license Interventions + Lullabies. For a couple years, the plan was just to do Dog Problems, so in a way, I’m glad it took a while so we could make the whole package that much more special.
Jason Tate on 12/23/13 - 02:05 PM
Miss out on grabbing The Format's Dog Problems on vinyl yesterday? It's back on black.

Submitted by Loveisa4lttrwrd
Jason Tate on 10/23/13 - 01:53 PM
The entire The Format discography is now available to pre-order on vinyl.
Drew Beringer on 10/21/13 - 03:27 PM
The Format's Interventions + Lullabies was released ten years ago today.
Zac Djamoos on 10/21/13 - 02:31 PM
The Format is teasing something for today. Could it be news about the upcoming vinyl re-issue of Dog Problems? Stay tuned.
Drew Beringer on 10/21/13 - 01:19 PM
The Format's Dog Problems will be pressed again and be available on vinyl in 2013. Damn it feels good to use this icon.
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/23/12 - 11:25 AM
Check out an acoustic video from Sam Means -- right here.
Jason Tate on 04/25/12 - 11:24 AM
Sam Means' NONA teaser video and pre-order are up. Check the replies for the teaser.

Submitted by nickstetina
Jason Tate on 04/03/12 - 10:27 AM
Photo Finish Records has announced that they will be teaming up with Sam Means (of The Format) to release a 7” vinyl EP for Record Store Day this April. More announcements, details and sneak peaks at Sam Means' music are forthcoming; in the meantime, more information can be found here.
Rohan Kohli on 02/29/12 - 03:48 PM
Sam Means (The Format) has released a new song on his Bandcamp page called "Bigger Hearts."

Submitted by blinkme
Christian Wagner on 05/08/11 - 01:43 PM
Actor Kal Penn loves The Format. Can the guy get any more awesome?

Submitted by WhoSaidThat?
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/13/10 - 09:01 PM
Download a new mp3 from Sam Means (ex-The Format) here.
Steve Henderson on 09/22/09 - 05:25 PM
Check out fun.'s live, stripped down UStream performance right here. Skip to 2:30 in the video for the show.
Garett Press on 08/25/09 - 04:36 PM
The high-res artwork for fun.'s Aim and Ignite can be seen in the AP.net Gallery. Two promo shots can be seen here and here.
Anton Djamoos on 07/24/09 - 10:20 AM
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