Streetlight Manifesto thinks it's ironic that Victory Records apparently hasn't seen royalties from Spotify.
Ironically, Victory Records hasn't paid us a cent in royalties in over 2 years. More info soon
Jason Tate on 10/20/15 - 11:26 AM
Streetlight Manifesto is heading out on tour in May. Dates in the replies.

Submitted by indoorliving
Jason Tate on 02/25/15 - 01:05 PM
Streetlight Manifesto have posted an update announcing Toh Kay's solo album has been "canceled" and pre-orders for their latest album are "delayed."
It’s with a very heavy heart that I have to announce the following:
1) The Toh Kay album “The Hand That Thieves” has been canceled for the foreseeable future. More details will come to light in the coming days.
2) Due to Victory Records refusal to send us copies of our own new album, there will be another delay in our ability to deliver preorders on time. We hoped to find a compromise with them, up until the bitter end; unfortunately, it just wasn’t possible.

We ask you to once more be patient: we’re working around the clock to find a...
Jason Tate on 04/30/13 - 10:15 AM
You can stream Streetlight Manifesto's new song, "The Three of Us," in the replies.

Submitted by dylanagibson
Drew Beringer on 04/02/13 - 07:38 AM
Streetlight Manifesto will release The Hands That Thieve on April 30th. Listen to samples from the effort here, and pre-order it here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 03/09/13 - 07:54 AM
Dates for the first leg of Streetlight Manifesto's "The End of the Beginning Tour" tour with support from Rodeo Ruby Love can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 03/06/13 - 12:07 PM
Streetlight Manifesto has issued an update on its upcoming record, The Hands That Thieve. It's been mastered but the release date is still up in the air, and it sounds like the album will be coming out through Victory Records. You can hear two separate one-minute samples from the album here. The Hands That Thieve and the corresponding acoustic album by Toh Kay, The Hand That Thieves, were originally going to come out in November, then they got pushed to January.
From The Band Long time, eh?

So this is the time when we should be shipping out all the pre-orders for “The Hands That Thieve” and “The Hand That Thieves” but as most of you who have been posted next to your mailboxes have...
Thomas Nassiff on 01/15/13 - 05:01 PM
Nadav Nirenberg (trombone player of Streetlight Manifesto) seduced a man by impersonating a woman on the dating site, OKCupid to retrieve his stolen iPhone.

Submitted by multiple users
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/06/13 - 12:17 AM
Streetlight Manifesto have postponed their album release date.
Message From The BandSo, first off, I’d like to apologize to everyone who has been waiting for this record to come out as originally announced, on Nov 6th. I’d normally say “on behalf of everyone in Streetlight” but that’d be misleading. I am entirely and solely at fault for the delay of these records and I take full responsibilty for it. I simply put too much on my plate and lined up too many deadlines and tours, and I just couldn’t finish everything in time, between writing, recording, planning and my now notorious but unavoidable tendency to remix, rewrite and, in general, redo everything a few times before it’s “just...
Jason Tate on 10/24/12 - 09:51 AM
Streetlight Manifesto's new record can be pre-ordered here. An accoustic version of the album performed by Toh Kay will also be released.

Submitted by gonfreaks
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/28/12 - 11:04 AM
Streetlight Manifesto will release The Hands That Thieve on November 6th.

Submitted by takeaction
Jason Tate on 08/22/12 - 12:01 PM
Check out Streetlight Manifesto performing a brand-new song at Warped Tour in the replies.
Thomas Nassiff on 06/27/12 - 11:57 PM
A video interview with Streetlight Manifesto talking about their self-boycott - can be found in the replies.
Jason Tate on 03/23/12 - 12:18 PM
Streetlight Manifesto frontman Toh Kay will be heading out on an acoustic tour. Dates can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 03/05/12 - 11:57 AM
Streetlight Manifesto just posted on their website that their album is in its final stages of being recorded and will be out in the Summer. They also ask for fans to boycott buying merch/music of theirs from Victory Records and that they will be off the label in the summer.
Message from the BandFor the sake of keeping things emotion-free and legal, we'll cut straight to the chase and forgo the insults and accusations: It is and has been for quite some time our position that Victory Records is an artist-hostile, morally corrupt and generally dishonest company, with whom we have had the displeasure of being associated due to a contract that was signed years ago. We're not writing...
Jason Tate on 02/23/12 - 02:55 PM
Last night at the Reel Big Fish show in Hartford, Streetlight Manifesto announced that they are 90% done with their new record.
Dre Okorley on 11/28/11 - 08:05 AM
Streetlight Manifesto frontman Tomas Kalnoky - under the name Toh Kay - will release Streetlight Lullabies on November 22 via Pentimento Music Company. It features ten acoustic versions of Streetlight Manifesto songs. The tracklisting and album art can be found in the replies. Pre-order it here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 10/18/11 - 10:01 AM
It seems that Streetlight Manifesto may be recording new material.

Submitted by takeaction
Dre Okorley on 10/17/11 - 03:45 PM
An extensive Streetlight Manifesto update can be read on their website.

Submitted by Logan95
Matthew Tsai on 10/23/10 - 07:00 PM
An update from Streetlight Manifesto can be read in the replies.

Submitted by takeaction
Matthew Tsai on 10/20/10 - 12:57 PM
Streetlight Manifesto and The Wonder Years will be touring together this summer. Dates are in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/26/10 - 03:28 PM
You can download "Hell" by Streetlight Manifesto here. (near the middle of the page).

Submitted by takeaction
Blake Solomon on 03/09/10 - 11:19 PM
Preview Streetlight Manifesto's songs from 99 Songs of Revolution right here.

Submitted by takeaction
Blake Solomon on 03/03/10 - 10:49 PM
The tracklisting and cover art for Streetlight Manifesto's 99 Songs of Revolution is in the replies.

Submitted by Logan95
Blake Solomon on 02/15/10 - 09:13 AM
Streetlight Manifesto's 99 Songs of Revolution is now up for pre-order. It will be released through Victory Records on March 16, 2010.

Submitted by fezmar9
Blake Solomon on 02/04/10 - 09:03 AM
Streetlight Manifesto will embark on The Last Tour For A While tour with Outernational and Broadway Calls. Full details are in the replies along with their video for "Would You Be Impressed?" if you missed it.
Anton Djamoos on 09/16/09 - 09:43 AM
Check the replies for a massive Streetlight Manifesto update detailing their newest world tour and eight-album cover project, 99 Songs of Revolution.
Anton Djamoos on 09/15/08 - 01:11 PM
Streetlight Manifesto's new album will be released on October 28th. Be sure to check out Victory Records' 2008 Summer catalog which features new merch, tour dates, and additional release dates from other Victory artists.
Joe DeAndrea on 05/23/08 - 12:04 PM
Streetlight Manifesto has posted a new song on their myspace.

Submitted by Thug_Nasty
Joe DeAndrea on 10/18/07 - 05:10 PM
Streetlight Manifesto's highly-anticipated, sophomore effort, Somewhere in the Between, is now available for pre-order courtesy of Interpunk. The album is scheduled for release on November 13th via Victory Records.

Submitted by ChickiManifesto
Brandon Allin on 09/26/07 - 03:15 PM
The high-resolution album art for Streetlight Manifesto's Somewhere In The Between can be found in the AP Gallery.
Anton Djamoos on 09/08/07 - 05:56 AM
Streetlight Manifesto have revealed the track list for their long-awaited sophomore release, Somewhere in the Between, which is slated to hit stores on November 13th courtesy of Victory Records. Furthermore, a low-resolution scan of the album's cover art can be seen in the replies.

Track List
1. We Will Fall Together
2. Down, Down, Down To Mephisto’s Cafe
3. Would You Be Impressed?
4. One Foot On The Gas, One Foot In The Grave
5. Watch It Crash
6. Somewhere In The Between
7. Forty Days
8. The Blonde Lead The Blind
9. The Receiving End Of It All
10. What A Wicked Gang Are We

Submitted by Logan95
Brandon Allin on 09/07/07 - 04:04 PM
Streetlight Manifesto have posted song snippets of 3 songs off their upcoming album, Somewhere In The Between. You can find them here.

Submitted by ChickiManifesto
Scott Irvine on 09/01/07 - 02:22 PM
Streetlight Manifesto have unveiled Somewhere In The Between as the title for their highly-anticipated, sophomore release.

Submitted by billymonk
Brandon Allin on 08/22/07 - 07:27 PM
Streetlight Manifesto have updated their website with information regarding a new record and music video.

Submitted by ChickiManifesto
Jared Kaufman on 08/22/07 - 07:20 AM
According to Victory Records, Streetlight Manifesto's forthcoming, currently untitled third release has been delayed from a previously announced January release date until February. You can find a user-submitted scan of a page from a recent Victory Records catalogue bearing the details in the replies.

Submitted by MomentOfSilence
Brandon Allin on 11/29/06 - 02:26 PM
According to the latest issue of Alternative Press, Streetlight Manifesto's forthcoming, as-of-yet untitled full-length release is scheduled to hit shelves on January 23rd via the band's label, Victory Records. You can find two user-submitted scans of the article for your viewing pleasure in the replies.

Streetlight Manifesto released their debut album, Everything Goes Numb, in 2003 via the label, and re-recording of lead vocalist Tomas Kalnoky's past material, Keasbey Nights, followed earlier this year.

Submitted by MomentOfSilence
Brandon Allin on 11/26/06 - 01:02 PM
You can watch two new, live videos of Streetlight Manifesto performing two, brand new songs in the replies. You can expect to hear new, live material from the group on their current run, the Fall of Ska tour, alongside headliners Reel Big Fish, as well as additional support acts Westbound Train and the Suburban Legends.
Brandon Allin on 10/30/06 - 05:05 PM
Streetlight Manifesto has announced via a post on their website that they will complete work on their forthcoming, currently untitled album once their previously announced tour schedule has run it's course. You can read an update from the band, who are currently performing nightly on the Fall of Ska tour alongside headliners Reel Big Fish, as well as additional support acts Westbound Train and the Suburban Legends, below.
Streetlight Manifesto UpdateWe are offically and definately not playing any more shows or doing any more tours until the new record is complete. As for that, we are a good chunk into the recording process and we're all very, very, very psyched for this one to be released.
Brandon Allin on 10/29/06 - 01:25 PM
You can listen to a new interview with Tomas Kalnoky of Streetlight Manifesto on the twenty-ninth installment of the Top Welt podcast, in which Tomas discusses the band's new material among various other topics. Although no official release date has been set, the group has announced that the majority of the new material, which is set to appear on their forthcoming, sophomore release, has been completed.
Brandon Allin on 10/09/06 - 09:54 PM
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