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OKComputer1016 06/13/09 03:57 PM

Casting Curses - Heartificial EP
Casting Curses Heartificial
Record Label: Tuned To You Records
Release Date: March 23, 2009


Casting Curses are a New York hardcore band with two years and two EP’s to their name (counting this one.) The band is already signed to Tuned To You Records, and they hope to release their debut full-length this summer or fall. They borrowed the title Heartificial from an Into It. Over It. song, but they sound nothing like those introverted indie rockers. At all.

How is it?

Pretty solid. Their style of melodic hardcore is very engaging, with these oldschool things called bridges instead of breakdowns carrying the tunes from chorus to verse. The vocalist is powerful and commanding the way a hardcore vocalist should be – no whining bullshit, no cliché clean-vocal-switch – and the guitar crunch sounds excellent (due to good production). Of course, this EP is only two songs / five minutes long, so it’s difficult to gauge whether a full 45 minutes of this type of very straightforward music would hold up so well, but both of these tracks are definite keepers – better than their old material, certainly. We’ll have to keep our eyes and ears open for the album.

Automatically, short EP’s cut out the space for any filler. When a group puts out a couple of songs standing all by themselves, what that means is that these songs have been practiced to the point of perfection, and the band stands by their performance. There was no in-studio rush to complete an album-length quota; these songs just are what they are. Hopefully Casting Curses will put as much effort into all the songs on their album. And let’s hope bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers start putting out 2-song EP’s.

01. Hey Disbeliever
02. Change The Lights

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Hardcore that isn’t gimmicky and pointless. Boy Sets Fire, Gallows, “Trepanning” by Cave In, etc.

Check ‘em Out:

evanthomas 06/14/09 10:05 PM

Into It. Over It. is just me. There isn't a band. And I'm not introverted at all. Brian (their singer) and I are close personal friends.

chelseaxsmilexD 06/28/09 04:35 PM

sounds cool