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Paul Tao 07/03/09 12:18 PM

Farewell Added To Fireman's Hall Fest
Farewell have been added to the line-up of the AP.net-sponsored Fireman's Hall Fest 2009. Tickets can be purchased here. More bands will be announced in the coming weeks.

UnderMyDreams 07/03/09 12:43 PM

Looks like a pretty cool lineup... Cash Cash SHOULD NOT be the headliner though.

Christian Wagner 07/03/09 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by UnderMyDreams (Post 47264282)
Looks like a pretty cool lineup... Cash Cash SHOULD NOT be the headliner though.

There are a few reasons they are the headliner:
1. It's their home turf.
2. They are getting pushed REALLY hard and are getting more popular than you think.
3. I would say they're the biggest draw on the fest anyway.

terbear773 07/03/09 01:03 PM

Digggg it. Farewell is an amazing band. I've seen them live a handful of times, love it.

kristanxmarie 07/03/09 01:12 PM

I definitely think i'm going to check this out. Farewell, Jet Lag, Action Item. Sounds good to me.

zubinmoosa 07/03/09 01:20 PM

Cool lineup

orbulon 07/03/09 01:31 PM

Cash Cash is by far the biggest band on that line-up and it's their hometown. Headliners aren't chosen by your personal opinion of a bands music lol

Farewell does make this show slightly more tolerable and I think I'm gonna check this show out

I'm interested in checking out All Night Dynamite, not sure if they will be like 3oh3 or like a rocket to the moon or something completely new.

denissuxx 07/03/09 04:13 PM

Cool show

TakenByCars 07/03/09 04:23 PM

lucky jerseyans!

ilovemae07 07/04/09 12:04 PM

Hey, I'll be there. =] This will be awesome.