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ridthedisease 08/01/09 09:39 AM

(hed) pe - New World Orphans
(hed) pe - New World Orphans
Record Label: Suburban Noize Records
Release Date: January13th 2009

Living with a vast amount of impending political issues, hardcore veterans (hed) pe continue to express their feelings to the listener with their seventh studio album, New World Orphans. With their attempts to educate the world's youth about corruption and labeling themselves as leaders of the truth movement, (hed) pe are making an attempt be heard loud and clear.

Starting off with, (hed) pe waste no time spreading their message with the song "New World Intro," quoting Jordan Maxwell by saying "You had better wake up and understand, that there are people who are guiding your life and you don't even know it. And all American citizens I think, have suspected something like this has been going on." Following the theme, on the song "Bloodfire," you hear the lyrics "Can't you see them coming for you, poisoning you, Programming you? And you don't even know it," being very adamant about the fact the government is doing things to the American citizens and most of them having no real knowledge.

A few tracks later, we come across the song, "Family," with (hed) pe stating that they represent the world's youth, like they're all a huge family, from Houston to Amsterdam, helping them realize that conspiracy theories are (hed) pe's reality. In the song "Tow The Line," you hear a distinct message about how the soldiers have been in the battlefield for way too long, and how the general doesn't care how a mother's son will never come home again.

New World Orphans also features the song "This Love," on which (hed) pe slow down the pace a bit and continue to help the corrupted youth by helping them realize they aren't alone, that they'll always have family no matter what they look like or where they come from. (hed) pe's lyrics may seem a bit out of hand for some listeners, but it's what they do. They express their feelings, no matter what other people think about it. They're well informed on what their music is about and all they want to do is share their message in the only way they know, and that's through music. In the way of music, New World Orphans is as diverse as it gets, with their combination of multiple styles and genres, even in the same song. With so much popular music these days with no real meaning, (hed) pe are anything but that.

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UpperNinety 03/07/11 01:22 PM

they lost it...Broke was their best album and this just doesn't sound any better