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Garett Press 09/01/09 03:05 PM

Unsigned Showcase: Static Jacks
We thought you might enjoy the sandy vocals and raw-sounding indie-punk delivery of a band who sound wise beyond their years, Static Jacks. Check out two of their brand new songs, one exclusive, on their AP.net Profile and sound off on whether they deserve some label love.

Gregory Robson 09/01/09 03:15 PM

I reviewed their EP. W00t w00t!

Garett Press 09/01/09 03:48 PM

I actually can't stop listening to "Parties and Friends..."

geebee889 09/01/09 04:21 PM

I like!

lidoscotty 09/01/09 04:32 PM


thechrisformat 09/01/09 05:11 PM

Holy shit... My roommate 2 years ago grew up with these kids and we almost got them to play at our school. Wow, good for them; never expected to see them on here.

coreyman 09/01/09 05:12 PM

wow i cant believe this
i actually saw these guys. they opened for my friends band SHAPEs. and i remember their set blew me the fuck away. and i asked them they were all like yeah we dropped out of college to get this band really moving. they really worked hard and when i saw them on AP i was fucking shocked. these guys were really cool and they deserve some big label recognition.

Truman122 09/01/09 08:54 PM

Yeah these guys went to my high school. Graduated last year though. Always thought they had talent, but honestly never thought I'd hear about them again. It's good that they are getting some popularity.

Beloved Broken 09/02/09 01:46 AM

I like these guys. The songs are also very well produced. Hopefully, they find a label soon to back them up.

Ellie Rose 09/08/09 07:55 PM

Grew up With These Guys...
Yea, I grew up with these guys, went to high school together, had class together.. one of the members and I even worked at a bake shop together. :-)

they are really sweet guys, and I remember when they were just a local band playing some school shows... they seem to have really blossomed into something great, and I think they could go far.

I'm rooting for you guys! You guys ever need a female singer... Ian? You know who to call... ;-) hehe

love you guys!
-Ellen S.

Garett Press 09/09/09 07:21 AM

A little follow up video - such potential in these young fellas: