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Mike Kraft 09/24/09 02:42 AM

Finch Are A Comic Strip
What happens when Finch visit the comic strip, The Days of the Week? You get this.

introduction 09/24/09 03:28 AM


Andres3thousand 09/24/09 03:48 AM


Andres3thousand 09/24/09 03:50 AM

seriously dude learn about continuity/suggestion/HUMOR

hornerlas 09/24/09 03:51 AM


Originally Posted by Andres3thousand (Post 54483681)

this... Love Finch, dull comic

Andres3thousand 09/24/09 04:02 AM

dinosaur comics/achewood/pbf/xkcd or nothing

TheInfamousAdam 09/24/09 04:44 AM

no comprede... do like Finch though

thatwasamoment 09/24/09 05:15 AM

Where's the funny?

Naenia 09/24/09 05:38 AM

All those comics are so so crap. Yay for Finch though.

ChrisCTL 09/24/09 05:55 AM


Originally Posted by thatwasamoment (Post 54484801)
Where's the funny?


SilverWings 09/24/09 06:07 AM

Wow. These comics are massively un-funny.

Brandao 09/24/09 06:22 AM


Originally Posted by SilverWings (Post 54485621)
Wow. These comics are massively un-funny.

shit...i was worried i didn't get the joke while reading....

that strip is crap....

Can't wait for some new Finch

inthemidst 09/24/09 06:42 AM

Can they just make music? I miss the What It is To Burn days! I freaking love that album!

shinobivslyndon 09/24/09 06:44 AM

Real comics:
American Elf http://www.americanelf.com/
Dar! http://www.darcomic.com/
Spinadoo/Stay-At-Home Matt http://thespinadoo.blogspot.com/
Inkdick http://ghostcarpress.com/inkdick/
Sorry Comics http://sorrycomics.blogspot.com/

denissuxx 09/24/09 07:55 AM

They exist?