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andrewa5 11/24/09 12:25 AM

pretty fucking stoked!

DGlazier 11/24/09 12:48 AM


Originally Posted by mel9298 (Post 57833121)
I like it.
They need to stop using that font for their name.

everyone needs to stop using that font for their name. Im surprised its not in a shitty neon color.

Naenia 11/24/09 08:47 AM

I really like the artwork and Seven Hours sounds liek a really nice progression too.

StartAngry&Mad 11/24/09 08:53 AM

I miss the personalities of the former members, but I was definately impressed with the guitar work on Go West...so even though I've been growing away from their style of music, I'll definately give this a chance

miketheauthor 11/24/09 09:14 AM

Their new tunes are super heavy. pretty sick. Producer is awesome too.

parkerxcore 11/24/09 11:17 AM

Great artwork
I know this album is gonna be great
these guys definitely deserve more credit then given
I hope tragic pushes them a ton

bjm1702 11/26/09 09:55 AM

super stoked for this

THISWARISOURS. 11/27/09 12:13 AM

they just put out a new song with guest vocals from craig mabbitt!