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Blake Solomon 01/07/10 12:14 PM

More Bamboozle Left Bands
More bands have been added to Bamboozle Left, which can all be seen in the replies.

Submitted by romeoheart

Blake Solomon 01/07/10 12:14 PM

angels and airwaves
all the day holiday
chase long beach
evny on the coast
jonny craig
kill paradise
say anything
the bouncing souls
the maine
cold falamez
far east movement
the bangz
the ready set

Blaise&Panthia. 01/07/10 12:16 PM

Mixed bag of good and shit.

Posthardcore 01/07/10 12:17 PM

see a couple

Colin1755 01/07/10 12:19 PM

wtf why does bambooozle left get all the good bands?/ say anything angels and airwaves envy on the coast bouncing souls wtf

TheRealJohnOC 01/07/10 12:19 PM

not bad.

Colin1755 01/07/10 12:19 PM

soco too.

Indie_Ebby 01/07/10 12:19 PM

Meh. Say Anything is the only band worth seeing.

bandnamexmyname 01/07/10 12:20 PM

fun! say anything! far east movement! angels and airwaves! other stuff i don't care about!

tjm125 01/07/10 12:21 PM

Anyone know the bands coming to Chicago this year?

Nick Le 01/07/10 12:21 PM

There's a few on there I'm looking forward too, especially Say Anything.

TangledUp 01/07/10 12:21 PM

angels & airwaves :inlove:

thecomingweak 01/07/10 12:24 PM

anything for bamboozle right yet? or did i miss that?

BozzBlonde 01/07/10 12:28 PM


zachff 01/07/10 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by tjm125 (Post 60013002)
Anyone know the bands coming to Chicago this year?

Was just going to ask this. I heard there would be a Chicago stop (Bamboozle Middle?) but haven't heard anything since.