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smoke4thecaper 02/10/10 07:08 AM

Weekly Nostalgia: Teen Idols
Imagine if the Ramones had at least one female vocalist backing them up while Ben Weasel wrote their songs. Now you know what Teen Idols sound like, a rotating four-piece based out of Nashville (now Chicago) that always played second fiddle to their skate-punk peers. Perhaps it was due to their powerpop-infused harmonies or lack of political awareness, yet no matter how you spell it, their four full-length albums were something to celebrate. While the band plans to return later this year with new material, it's been nearly eight years since the band recorded anything at all. Their jubilant three-chord sound that mixed traditional punk rock with powerpop, rock n' roll and surf has been sorely missed as the new face of pop-punk has taken over. Join us in the replies to share your fondest memories of the band's music or hey, if you aren't familiar with Teen Idols at all... what are you waiting for?

smoke4thecaper 02/10/10 07:08 AM

Weekly Nostalgia: Teen IdolsWhen I Hear Your Name

Midnight Picture Show

Twenty Below

Drag Strip (Live)

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prefix-core 02/10/10 07:14 AM

"20 Below" and "Insanity Plea" are two phenomenal pop-punk gems. Something tells me these guys will have a decent reaction to their latest release given the "resurgence" this "genre" has seen over the past few years a la the Ergs!, the Copyrights, etc.

At least, y'know, that's what I'm hoping for. That being said? Bullets To Broadway is phenomenal and features ex-members of this band. Whoo'hah!

smelltheglove 02/10/10 07:29 AM

Teen Idols Self-Titled is one of my 40 favorite punk records of all time. really vastly underrated and overlooked. I always enjoyed them more than the bands they're compared to. I'll take the Idols over Screeching Weasel, the Queers, Ramones, Lillingtons, Riverdales, etc. any day. yea, I said it. Something about Heather's backups and the catchy hooks and nostalgic greaser vibe. it all works very well

thanks for calling attention to such an overlooked and outstanding straight-forward punk band.

smoke4thecaper 02/10/10 07:43 AM

They signed a contract with Fat quite awhile ago -- hope they do release something soon!

Jamais_vu 02/10/10 07:48 AM

Teen idols were awesome back in the day. I saw them on the first tour after their record in like 1997 I believe. Great show.

imagination 02/10/10 08:00 AM

i miss them

towrope 02/10/10 08:26 AM

20 Below is an amazing song - brings me back to the good ol days of NOFX, Lagwagon, Pulley and Unwritten Law.

Crimson_Curse 02/10/10 08:27 AM

One of my favorite bands. Still listen to their records constantly!

micksmaster 02/10/10 08:56 AM

their guitar player got jumped while trying to help someone who was getting robbed or something from what i remember. he was in the hospital in pretty bad condition. not sure when teen idols will be playing again, but i hope soon.

0b4m4 02/10/10 08:56 AM

Never heard of this band. Will definetly have to check their records out after hearing these songs.

Chris Immunity 02/10/10 08:58 AM

i saw this band with Less Than Jake, Anti Flag, and New Found Glory.
LOVED this band, probably one of the most underrated farwreck bands at that time.

anamericangod 02/10/10 09:06 AM

AP_Punk 02/10/10 09:36 AM


chordsforacure 02/10/10 09:37 AM

I always remember their song Ketchup Soup on the short music for short people CD