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SlappedActor 03/03/10 11:16 AM

One of those few bands that really changed how I listen to music. Sucks I never got to see them live.

HometownHero 03/03/10 11:17 AM

Great great band

thehook11 03/03/10 11:18 AM

There Are Bands... Then There Is At The Drive-in -ross Robinson

LoveFameDeath 03/03/10 11:21 AM

As much as I love At The Drive-In, I would like to see what The Mars Volta could do if their songs had to be within 3:30 to 4 minutes.

zubinmoosa 03/03/10 11:31 AM

Relationship of Command is classic

love_american_style 03/03/10 11:39 AM

was just talking about these guys last night.

one of my most favorite bands.

Andy Young 03/03/10 11:45 AM

I need to see them live somehow. Hopefully it becomes possible someday, a part of me really believes that it will someday happen.

I do love the older Mars Volta albums (Deloused and Frances) never been able to get into the newer ones though. I never liked Sparta all that much though.

EndSerenading 03/03/10 11:46 AM

amazing amazing band. So glad to see them getting props on here!

Chemical Love 03/03/10 11:52 AM

One of my favorite bands of all time. Wish I could have seen them live.

review 03/03/10 11:56 AM

Incredible band. Trailblazers for the post-hardcore genre.

rhinitus 03/03/10 12:03 PM

man one armed scissor was my JAM back in the day

Tony 03/03/10 12:04 PM

I never got around to thinking through a "best of the decade" list, but Relationship of Command would most likely get the #1 spot. The sad thing is I didn't pick it up until about a week before what ended up being the band's last Seattle show, and I opted to skip it. That's probably my biggest show regret of all time.

I never got into any of their older stuff though, and I never liked Sparta and only marginally liked The Mars Volta's first album. So it's really all about RoC for me.

hardpill 03/03/10 12:07 PM

Favorite band of all time. Not a bad album in the bunch, sans a couple skippable songs. Dance it out, Bixler, dance it out

avengedtbs 03/03/10 12:13 PM

That video/live performance of Arcarsenal is absolutely fantastic. Love watching that video.

Sic Transit Zeb 03/03/10 12:22 PM

wish i could of seen them