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recall reality 03/23/10 11:27 PM

Legit band, my brother got me into them with their first release and I still enjoy them up to their last one.

cowboychris88 03/23/10 11:35 PM

safely is one of the greatest songs of all time

Mirrorsandfevers 03/23/10 11:39 PM

Never gave these guys a proper listen. Where should I start?

NorthstarPark 03/23/10 11:49 PM

Solid solid band, I was really sad to see them go. I couldnt really get into Death In The Park, I'll try again though. I havent heard a song buy Terrible Things yet, I was waiting until the album comes out but I might just give in and listen.

starkandarcadia 03/24/10 02:52 AM

Great choice; Stateside is one of my all time favorite songs

kevinrocks409 03/24/10 03:24 AM

incredible band, how i miss them. they will always be a favorite of mine

anamericangod 03/24/10 03:35 AM

Best show I ever saw was Hot Rod Circuit/Say Anything/Northstar/Straylight Run. Unreal.

emo_boo 03/24/10 04:14 AM

arcarsenal72 03/24/10 04:15 AM

Such an awesome band. I remember seeing them around 2005 and it was one of the best shows I've been to. Unforgettable.

Cue the Sun 03/24/10 04:21 AM

I remember I could have seen them at Warped Tour in 2007, but opted to get a hot dog instead. They broke up soon after and I've had a hard time forgiving myself ever since.

They're one of my favorite bands, for sure.

Gregory Robson 03/24/10 04:33 AM

Goddamn you write well, Jeremy. Such a fair and honest portrait of a band whose reign felt far shorter than 10 years. Cheers, mate.

piaffeprncess98 03/24/10 04:36 AM

Loved these guys. Got into them rather late with Sorry About Tomorrow, but I prefer Reality's Coming Through.

Elijscott 03/24/10 04:55 AM

This is and has been my absolute favorite band for a long time. Really glad to see all the love in here for them. Went to 17 shows and every single time they were amazing. Actually, I guess I went to 19 shows if you count the acoustic shows Andy played in Florida last year. I've also been to 4 Death in the Park shows. Freaking amazing.

EndSerenading 03/24/10 05:01 AM

man i miss HRC. these weekly nostalgia threads are great. brings me back to HS ha

coolwithme19 03/24/10 05:08 AM

favorite band all time, hence my username