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SmittyMA 04/01/10 02:10 PM

Years Gone By, The - The Last Songs
The Years Gone By - The Last Songs
Record Label: None
Release Date: April 1, 2010

I should note from the start that, yes, I do understand these three songs were not released as an actual EP. But when The Years Gone By released their final 3 songs in the wee hours of the morning on April Fools Day, I downloaded them immediately. And I felt they deserved whatever recognition I could give them.

After leaving Rise Records in 2009, The Years Gone By followed their first full-length album with a self-released EP, Something You Know Nothing About. The EP received very favorable reviews, and the band proudly promoted "New Music in 2010" on their myspace page. In reality, however, those plans never came to fruition. Despite the great reviews, the band felt their EP didn't progress them far enough in the eyes of those who mattered. Rumors swirled predicting the band's demise, and finally the band posted a myspace blog, putting an end to the speculation and confirming what many had feared: The Years Gone By were calling it quits.

That blog post left us with a bittersweet ending, announcing that the band's final 3 songs would be released on April 1st, 2010. Originally intended to comprise part of a full-length album, the tracks were released as three separate singles on iTunes, "Down," "Heart In Boy," and "When We Were Kids."

"Down" has one of the catchiest melodies lead singer Nick Madore has ever let flow off of his vocal cords. The entire song is bound to get stuck in your head, with a sound that brings you back to a time when Drive-Thru Records dominated the pop-punk scene. It is also evident that Madore's lyricism has vastly improved, as has the creativity in the drums and guitars across the board. "Heart In Boy" follows along this path, making it know that the development we saw in "Down" is no fluke. This band has grown up and realized their vast potential. They've finally defined their sound and make no mistake: they were ready to go places.

This leads us to "When We Were Kids," which is perhaps my favorite song the band has ever put out, let alone my favorite of the three. I sense a little Starting Line in the beginning of the song, and Madore's lyrical/melodical development is again put on full display. The song seems almost like a farewell, talking about falling apart and returning to a more promising time. The bridge itself reads like an open letter written to the fans: "Thank you for everything you ever gave to me/Even if the world was burning down you'd sit and watch with me." Farewell or not, these three songs were some of the best that The Years Gone By have ever put out, showing a lot of empty promise now that we know there will be no follow-up.

Simply put, these songs are great. Anyone who took promise out of Something You Know Nothing About would have been extremely pleased with the band's follow-up full length. It's just a damn shame they never got that far.

Recommended If You Likeall their old stuff; New Found Glory; The Starting Line; the Drive-Thru days; when pop-punk was done right


Gautz 04/07/10 05:25 AM

Love the review! Shame about the split though, I love these guys!

So-Crates 04/09/10 01:48 PM

Nice review, one of their blogs gave me hope they might be be back some day, I hope so

JoeForPresident 04/09/10 01:50 PM

very good review, maybe a little too much background info compared to actual reviewing of the ep though.
thought these three songs were great, definitely better than their last EP. These guys did a lot for the local scene, i'm gonna miss them.
nothing will ever beat On the Verge though

roche 04/09/10 02:33 PM

I'm using when we were kids in my grad dvd.

therealthing 04/09/10 02:42 PM

awesome review.

xName Takenx 04/09/10 02:55 PM

Absolutely on the RIYL...it's a shame this band went the way of Name Taken, a la leaving at the top of their game. The new songs felt very much a continuation of their ep which showed so much potential and promise..and album full of these gems would have been one to be remembered...

briXinRhands 04/09/10 03:08 PM

totally agree dude. glad you gave these songs some recognition--they deserve it

drevans18 04/09/10 03:32 PM

i'm so sad they're gone. great review though. really well written.

birtcho 04/09/10 04:22 PM

I NEED to get these

DavidSAW 04/10/10 04:29 PM

These songs blow my mind. I hope Nick finds something else to do soon, if willing of course. His voice is too good to not be polluting the airwaves.