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Blake Solomon 05/19/10 07:50 AM

Reality Show Jumps 50 Sharks At Once
It looks like Trace Cyrus and his dad Billy Ray are in talks to star in their own reality show.

Submitted by Satan

MReprogle 05/19/10 07:52 AM

haha, this discussion is going to go bad, real fast..

live. 05/19/10 07:52 AM

These talks will finally lead to a show around the time that Miley turns 18 and her subsequent Playboy shoot.

drawndead 05/19/10 07:53 AM

Someone save us please

anamericangod 05/19/10 07:53 AM

I'd prefer them to be eaten by sharks. I'd watch that.

ZoSo1886 05/19/10 07:54 AM

Too Many Sharks

nignag 05/19/10 07:55 AM

maybe he will be in the farm with all the horses

Aphasia17 05/19/10 07:56 AM

It would be interesting to see a shark eat a horse...

sweepthenation 05/19/10 07:58 AM

If it was a fight to the death, one episode style show, I'd like to watch. But only if the winner was Tracy, in an unforseen circumstance, was then chosen to be fed to a grizzly bear.

Arry 05/19/10 07:59 AM

maybe a horse eating a shark who ate the cyrus' at a farm

aradiantsunrise 05/19/10 08:02 AM

Please no.

simplejack 05/19/10 08:03 AM

What have we done for deserving this?

JesseKilgannon 05/19/10 08:05 AM

Billy Ray.
Not Billly Bob.

nikster 05/19/10 08:06 AM


TSTLSOOM 05/19/10 08:07 AM

Perhaps, some sharks with freakin laser beams attached to their heads?