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AttAss 06/07/10 06:33 PM

Walter Gross - Live From Switzerland
Walter Gross - Live from Switzerland
Record Label: I Had An Accident
Release Date: May 18, 2010

Underground hip hop and mainstream hip hop mix together like oil and water. Very rarely does the threshold get crossed and amongst the underground is the grime and gutter trash of artists using their MPC’s for what sounds more like noise than beats Usher would be singing to. Walter Gross has been performing for years in the Baltimore area; such a fitting place for such a grime hop sound. With an award winning remix of an Odd Nosdam track and a spot on the Youth: Kill team, Gross has begun to make a name for himself. So much so that he was able to score a Euro tour in late 2009. Live from Switzerland is an album that documents the underground hip hop scene and the true punk ethic that it represents. Proving that hip hop music is not all about bitches and money, Gross’ live set takes apart and rebuilds beats and creates a rhythm of its own kind. Shying short of an hour long, the performance includes an introduction that resembles the decent into the abyss, a break down period that is beyond creative brilliance, and an onslaught of thrash beats and mayhem. Gross’ live performance compliments the studio production and with a soundboard recording the album is crisp and clean.

Anyone familiar with Joseph Campbell’s work is familiar with the hero’s journey. The introduction represents the ordinary world that is interrupted by the call to adventure. Refusal of the call only leads to the meeting of the mentor and, through trials and tests, Gross crosses the threshold into the abyss. Upon enlightenment Gross is able to return to the ordinary world as a person no longer as one but of another kind. A true artist resurrected and defined. Live from Switzerland marks this transformation and provides us with the hero of this underground scene.

The artwork this album has produced is all handmade by Gross himself. Using collage style painting and imagery Gross creates artwork that closely represents his musical stylings displaying chaos and illusion. Keeping the punk ethic alive and bearing the fruits of the underground, this type of personal touch is only available by a true DIY artist.

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