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A7XXX 07/06/10 04:28 PM

Awesome. I can't listen to this since I'm at work but so happy with all the comparisons that are being made. Excited to see them live at the end of July

phillipjacob 07/06/10 04:36 PM

wow im so impressed with his range and power of his voice

childofdust 07/06/10 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by Croggs (Post 70624472)
I liked it, but I kept waiting for a hook that never came. Sounds like it could be a solid closing track.

seriously? that chorus wasn't enough of a hook for you?

TheGoodnightMoon 07/06/10 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by AndrewCloer (Post 70617872)
I dig this. Does anyone else hear a little Copeland in here?

So much so it's scary, in a good way. These songs are making me a believer.

Croggs 07/06/10 05:02 PM

It's not that I didn't like it. I was just waiting for something more explosive and faster. It was just an expectation, and it didn't happen. I wasn't upset about it, I was just surprised they didn't transition into something heavier for the chorus. It's different than their older stuff, and that's awesome.

sao6sin 07/06/10 06:15 PM

Sounds like it has a strong Umbrellas influence too especially the vocals.

OurLadyCoolbean 07/06/10 06:35 PM


Originally Posted by Drew Beringer (Post 70619132)
new album is fairly good!

How does it compare to their debut?

trappedintime 07/06/10 06:42 PM

That was an amazing song! Gonna pick up Vessels first day out.

trevorshmevor 07/06/10 08:34 PM

Didn't really care for this, but this band is solid for the most part. I wonder if their singer can actually hit the notes he's recorded this time around though...

Jeff_Ryan 07/06/10 09:47 PM

not feeling it. after "Cities", aaron sprinkle has not been able to really wow me

Max_123 07/06/10 10:39 PM

very different from any of their other stuff, but i dig it
i can't wait for this album

Of A Machines 07/06/10 11:01 PM

wow this is rly good

Of A Machines 07/06/10 11:02 PM


Originally Posted by HeadSock (Post 70615812)
This song doesnt really get me excited for the album by itself. Im still excited for the album though because I loved their last one.

I find it interesting how aggressive his "b's" and "p's" are.

hahah yeah dude his ps and bs hit hard

awakeohsleeper 07/07/10 01:04 AM

Yeah, this is a great song.

emoboy333 07/07/10 03:17 AM


Originally Posted by studskalny (Post 70620042)
Very true..Deas Vail could definitely be thrown in there too.

I wasn't expecting this. Consider me excited :-)

Considering Deas Vail is a Copeland cover band, yeah I guess we could say so ;)