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Blake Solomon 07/21/10 12:46 PM

Something Alt Press
Something Corporate is on the cover of next month's Alt Press.

Submitted by StepsInADance

anamericangod 07/21/10 12:47 PM

So it's like the Hayley's Comet of Alt Press covers.

herestoyoufla 07/21/10 12:47 PM

nice, a good band on the cover.

raptorz44 07/21/10 12:48 PM

"OMG jack from jack's mannequin has a new band?!?!?!?"
So many people are gonna be saying that, along with,
"Who the hell are Jawbreaker?"

Dammit youth of today.

CTMarshall 07/21/10 12:48 PM


Rysker6 07/21/10 12:48 PM

A good band on the cover of AP, that doesn't happen that often nowadays.

B.G. 07/21/10 12:49 PM


TheProsAndCons 07/21/10 12:49 PM

Haha, awesome....If only I got AP.....

theintention 07/21/10 12:51 PM

Fucking yeah.

robat19 07/21/10 12:52 PM

I was glad my subscription ran out last month. Guess I'll have to buy this one.

CoheedForever 07/21/10 12:55 PM


hiya 07/21/10 12:57 PM

pretty nice, and this issue actually seems pretty decent article wise.

brandon_260 07/21/10 12:59 PM

I'm more stoked for the articles on You Me At Six and Pierce The Veil

Broclee 07/21/10 01:00 PM

Were they ever on the cover before? If so, they should've incorporate the old pictures of them. I think it'd be neat, especially with Andrew.

fieldbelow 07/21/10 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by anamericangod (Post 71614092)
So it's like the Hayley's Comet of Alt Press covers.

ahah, amazing.

I hope I get this one and didn't cancel my subscription too soon...