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smoke4thecaper 08/25/10 04:08 AM

Weekly Nostalgia: Lit
"Please tell me whyyyyyyy..." Don't lie: you still pump your vocals up as loud as you possibly can every time "My Own Worst Enemy," the massive hit single from Lit's 1999 breakthrough A Place in the Sun, comes on during your iPod shuffle playlist. The SoCal quartet might have made a name for themselves with one of the late-90's most recognizable guitar riffs, but the band was more than its singles. Coming up with the likes of No Doubt, Sugar Ray and the Offspring, Lit were a combination of California surf, classic heavy metal and melodic '70's pop all rolled into one giant spliff of perfection. Their 2001 follow-up, Atomic, served as a lightweight segue into broader and less conventional material, but still retained the well-polished sheen of what any great guitar-centered rock album should have: tight melodies and an enormous sound. The Popoff brothers, A. Jay and Jeremy, were the focal points, combining one's miraculous vocal range with the other's penchant for soaring guitar strokes. Top it off with one of the better rhythm sections you're likely to come across in recent radio-rock memory, and Lit tore through the late-night airwaves like Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper on the road to Mardi Gras. Featured on dozens of soundtracks, it's fairly likely you still hear Lit more often than you think. The band still performs regularly at concerts around the country and have been hinting at a new record for many years, but as of now, have not released any recorded material in over 6 years. Their 2004 self-titled effort is a sadly-ignored collection of tight guitarwork, engaging vocals and unpredictable rhythm sure to give your limbs a serious workout when it comes to air banding all night long. The band has seen its fair share of tragedy in the past several years, with the Popoffs losing their stepfather to a drunk driver and drummer Allen Shellenberger passing away from brain cancer last year. Lit have danced around on a 50-foot-tall Pamela Anderson, conquered the early days of TRL and made it through tragedy, and here's hoping the nostalgia doesn't have to end here.

smoke4thecaper 08/25/10 04:08 AM

Weekly Nostalgia: LitMy Own Worst Enemy



Lipstick and Bruises

Looks Like They Were Right

theartofsilence 08/25/10 04:10 AM

Always had a soft spot for these guys, A Place In The Sun is an awesome summer album. Just a shame they've never been able to top it.

DriftingNAndOut 08/25/10 04:22 AM


ilovesofie 08/25/10 04:24 AM

Great band! I saw them in April and they were really good live. They were really kind too! After all this band has been trough, respect. Besides, they were saying they are working on a new album, and it would came it this summer, I guess they were a little too optimistic.
About the albums, A Place In The Sun is such a perfect summer album, but I really love their last record as well, especially the slower songs.

1000Faces 08/25/10 04:24 AM

I still cherish my copy of, A Place In The Sun, but now it's on my iPod. Last I heard of these guys, the Popoff brothers were on Loveline and some sex-talk VH1 show back in '04.

I'd love to hear new material from these guys again.

Gregory Robson 08/25/10 04:30 AM

My favorite write up of yours since I started visiting this site. And one of my absolute favorite bands of the 90s. Mad props like woah for this Chris. This seriously just made my day. Love you long time for this. Cheers.

aradiantsunrise 08/25/10 04:40 AM

I don't think I've ever heard a full album by these guys.

AussieBoy 08/25/10 04:59 AM

remember watching these guys on the Woodstock 99 video, heaps tighter than i expected to be and realised they actually had heaps of mad songs

AussieBoy 08/25/10 05:02 AM

i saw them on some shitty cop show with Pamela dont know what it was but they were interwoven in some crummy story line which ended with them playing some songs at the end, haha, then i think the miserable clip in the credits
was shot in orange county???

EndSerenading 08/25/10 05:07 AM

never really liked anything I heard by them.

Chemical Love 08/25/10 05:13 AM

I loved all of their singles, but never listened to any of their albums.

smoke4thecaper 08/25/10 05:27 AM


Originally Posted by Gregory Robson (Post 73940912)
My favorite write up of yours since I started visiting this site. And one of my absolute favorite bands of the 90s. Mad props like woah for this Chris. This seriously just made my day. Love you long time for this. Cheers.

You're too kind :blush:

Fox83 08/25/10 05:44 AM

I've been a Lit fan since A Place In The Sun, and I can honestly say that their 2004 self-titled is, like Chris says, LARGELY underappreciated. Since their drummer died they have a replacement and claim they are working on new material. Thank you so much for giving a nod to this band. They will always be one of my favorites.

etomicsean 08/25/10 05:46 AM

Atomic is one of my favorite straight up rock records front to back. Such a fun listen.