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smoke4thecaper 09/15/10 04:29 AM

Weekly Nostalgia: Sense Field
Sense Field was one of the more underrated pioneers of the early emo rock movement. Despite going through major-label turbulence and never finding their true breakthrough hit (minus the blip on the radar screen that was "Save Yourself"), the band has remained a vital example of what emotionally-charged rock music has contributed to our modern scene. Whether this is your first official introduction to Sense Field or you were a fan back when they were making music, we'd love to hear your thoughts and reflections. Respect your elders: check the replies.

smoke4thecaper 09/15/10 04:29 AM

Weekly Nostalgia: Sense FieldFormed from the ashes of a melodic hardcore band, Sense Field helped revolutionize the mid-90's emo-rock movement with bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World and Texas Is The Reason. They soon became synonymous with bands such as Further Seems Forever, The Juliana Theory and Acceptance after being sought after by major labels.

After releasing their first three records, the band signed to Warner Brothers and waited five long years to release an album. During that time, Sense Field discovered their sound and distanced themselves from the grittier, darker tones of previous releases. Eventually, the label released them and allowed them to re-record the album they had been sitting on for so long.

Now signed to Nettwerk, Tonight & Forever was released at the height of emo's mainstream success, during a time when Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional were both receiving critical & commercial success. Sense Field's single "Save Yourself" garnered them some short-lived success with radio and magazines, but by the time they released their next album (which came out much sooner than the one before it), 2003's Living Outside, things were coming apart at the seams.

Their sound developed into a much cleaner, tighter style with a focus on Bunch's melodic vocals. While still a fresh change from other modern rock bands of the era, Sense Field was unable to keep their momentum on track, both with fans and each other.

While no other single of theirs touched the success of "Save Yourself," they were still recognized for assisting emo's rise, and are frequently heralded as pioneers alongside legends such as SDRE and JEW. The band broke up in 2004, shortly after their world tour for Living Outside. Vocalist Jon Bunch went on to record one album with Further Seems Forever before the band split up, and all other members went on to other musical projects:

- Guitarist Rodney Sellars performs with the Year Zeros.
- Guitarist Chris Evenson performed with Brett Detar under the moniker Belasana.
- Original drummer Scott McPherson became a session drummer who worked with Neil Finn and Elliott Smith.
- Last drummer Rob Pfeiffer plays in Valley Lodge.

"Save Yourself"

"Found You"


"I Refuse"


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jasonisasleep 09/15/10 05:02 AM

love this band. i was actually listening to living outside yesterday. tonight & forever is my favorite album of theirs, although i also really like building and their earlier albums...also love the album jon did with FSF. thanks for featuring them, i feel like they never truly got the recognition and love they deserved.

jasonisasleep 09/15/10 05:04 AM

was there a video for "burn"? great song, so if anyone likes what they hear in the videos posted here, check out that song and their last album living outside

xent 09/15/10 05:07 AM

i thought before senses fail sing save yourself :)

bluecrunchy 09/15/10 05:43 AM

I still listen to Tonight and Forever regularly. Solid band.

codeine 09/15/10 06:00 AM

one of the best bands ever - ever - ever..

Lightsout911X 09/15/10 06:26 AM

I used to love I Refuse back in the day.

Jeremy Aaron 09/15/10 06:45 AM

I'm a huge fan of Revelation Records' lineup in the '90s-- Sense Field, along with Texas Is the Reason, Quicksand, CIV, etc. Killed for Less was a landmark of that era, at least in my mind. Nice to seem them remembered.

crippledmark 09/15/10 06:48 AM

YES. Fully backed. 'Living Outside' still stands up all these years later.

mybreakingpoint 09/15/10 07:13 AM

Man, what an amazing band. I love everything Jon Bunch ever did (including his work in FSF, which no one ever seemed to appreciate). Living Outside is a classic, but their whole discography is fantastic. I wish they'd jump on this "reunion" bandwagon.

TerrancePryor 09/15/10 07:20 AM


Originally Posted by mybreakingpoint (Post 75278432)
I wish they'd jump on this "reunion" bandwagon.

Seriously. Emergency Exit is such a stellar song.

josh8282 09/15/10 07:24 AM


Originally Posted by codeine (Post 75276502)
one of the best bands ever - ever - ever..


There is a bunch of rare stuff up on the blog if anyone is interested: http://bsidesrus.co.uk/

mybreakingpoint 09/15/10 07:31 AM


Originally Posted by TerrancePryor (Post 75278742)
Seriously. Emergency Exit is such a stellar song.

They could tour with Further Seems Forever and Far and it would be pretty much the best tour of the last few years haha

josh8282 09/15/10 07:32 AM


Originally Posted by mybreakingpoint (Post 75279022)
They could tour with Further Seems Forever and Far and it would be pretty much the best tour of the last few years haha

Haha that would be pretty rad. I wish they'd put out another album at least, Living Outside was fantastic.