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Matthew Tsai 09/29/10 09:06 AM

Weekly Nostalgia: Terminal
Not everyone knows Terminal began under the moniker Letter Twelve in 1998, but a sea of hearts were broken when they disbanded in 2006. The Mansfield, TX band had a propensity for writing the most powerful music - How The Lonely Keep, their only Tooth & Nail album, was one of the great emo releases of the 00's. When Travis Bryant belted "Somewhere in between here and the window pane, life is gray," we sat up straight in our seats; when he screamed "Someday you'll learn no place will make you happier!" we shivered at the meaning behind the words; when he crooned "Surely there had to be a way to smile again," we were racked with sympathy and understanding. Sure, they might have derived much of their sound from Recover, but they put forth enough personal, genuine pathos to leave a deep mark on their scene. Their demise may have brought us bands like Alive in Wild Paint and Oh, Sleeper, but none of them quite match the energy and majesty that was Terminal. Nor have they managed to help us make as many memories.

Matthew Tsai 09/29/10 09:06 AM

Dustin Harkins 09/29/10 09:09 AM

I love and miss this band so much.

Here It Goes 09/29/10 09:12 AM

I never got into this band, and callling HTLK one of the best emo albums of the 00's is a stretch and a half, but "Dark" is a pretty fabulous song.

Matthew Tsai 09/29/10 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by Here It Goes (Post 76168152)
I never got into this band, and callling HTLK one of the best emo albums of the 00's is a stretch and a half, but "Dark" is a pretty fabulous song.

I said "great" not "best" - great for the impact it had on people. They mean different things haha

freaking_engel 09/29/10 09:17 AM

Oh, Terminal. I miss thee.

freaking_engel 09/29/10 09:18 AM

What is Travis Bryant up to by the way?

visible_noise 09/29/10 09:18 AM

Love this band, lovely surprise to see a thread about em. Saw them with Anberlin, Saosin, and Acceptance back in the day in Syracuse, and it was an awesome show.

I don't mind Alive in Wild Paint, but I sure miss the energy of Terminal.

p93 09/29/10 09:27 AM

I always liked the sound of this record more than the vocals. Personally I thought the lyrics were pretty weak, though Travis is a great singer.

*crying stars* 09/29/10 09:31 AM

Ohhhh want to make you feel alright, hold you through the dark tonight.

arcarsenal72 09/29/10 09:32 AM

Recently have been listening to this album a ton. Absolutely fantastic release. Thanks to AP.net for the introduction to them. I miss those pop-ups.

hibbityhoo 09/29/10 09:34 AM

I grew up in the town next to these guys, saw them several times as both Letter Twelve and Terminal. With the exception of 'Dark', I'm not 100% sure I liked the transition from Letter Twelve to Terminal.

If nothing else, I surely disagree that this was one of the greatest emo albums of the 00's.

joe.boy.fresh. 09/29/10 09:35 AM

yesssss. great fucking band

Keagan Ilvonen 09/29/10 09:41 AM

Love this band and album to death. A staple in my collection for ever and always.

Echo Park 09/29/10 09:41 AM

i loved these guys. Miss Louisiana, Maps, Dark, so many great tunes. I agree totally, none of their followup bands had that impact, Alive in Wild Paint just wasn't as good or catchy. Damn, I was SUPER depressed when they called it quits after only one release. DAMN!