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Keagan Ilvonen 09/29/10 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by freaking_engel (Post 76168562)
What is Travis Bryant up to by the way?

Has a new band called Brothers.

ThisIsNotDan 09/29/10 09:43 AM

couldn't weeeeeeeeeeeee all use the compaannnyyyyyyyyyyy

bifforama1 09/29/10 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by freaking_engel (Post 76168562)
What is Travis Bryant up to by the way?

He played bass for Analog Rebellion on the Lydia Farewell Tour. I saw him and got so giddy. Ha ha... I yelled to him, "Bring Terminal back!" and he smiled awkwardly. Ha...

InTheatersNow 09/29/10 09:52 AM

window pane.

themagicrat 09/29/10 09:53 AM

God, what an amazing record. Foster crushes me every time I hear it.

gold soundz 09/29/10 10:04 AM

Can someone please upload the letter twelve release?

HometownHero 09/29/10 10:08 AM


Originally Posted by freaking_engel (Post 76168562)
What is Travis Bryant up to by the way?

His new band Brothers and he tours with Analog Rebellion and plays shows with him locally I believe.

Best day of my life was opening for Analog Rebellion and Travis and his girlfriend were standing in the back watching us play and appeared to be slightly impressed. Then getting to talk to him later was amazing.

Loved the shit out of Terminal and Alive In Wild Paint. Brothers sounds amazing too.

rifframshark 09/29/10 10:14 AM

Strange. I've been listening to this band for the past week. I really do miss them.

jcarr405 09/29/10 10:25 AM

"i've been twice on the highway, back to texas with heaven behind me"

this band will always hold a special place in my heart....so many memories of listening to their songs

theherox 09/29/10 10:30 AM

represent! this band was so great, and even more so live. good days.

but my nostalgia is still all for Goodbye Tomorrow, whose EP contained three of the most perfect emo songs ever

Cricket. 09/29/10 10:32 AM

Love This Album. I think "Pillow Fighting" will always be my favorite song.

walk aimlessly 09/29/10 10:54 AM

i miss this band so much. i remember listening to their ecard (haha remember those?) back in the day, everyday for a week and then i bought the album.

Nick Le 09/29/10 10:58 AM

This album is so good. As is this band, so it was a nice surprise seeing this on here. I do love Oh, Sleeper though.

ThisDayForward 09/29/10 11:08 AM

I remeber when this album came out and a lot of people gave it shit. It's alright. I like Alive in Wild Paint better.

neversaynever73 09/29/10 11:09 AM

according to the guys in oh, sleeper Travis was the last on board for their reunion show. he demanded more and more money until it was finally substantial enough for him to play. They also believe he wrote the album way out of his range and their live show suffered because of it. I love that band a lot and would love to see them come back but, after talking to their other members about a reunion, it doesn't seem likely. RIP Terminal, excellent memory and a great memory album.