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Keagan Ilvonen 10/18/10 01:41 PM

Gay Blades, The - Savages
The Gay Blades - Savages
Record Label: Triple Crown Records / 4Never Records
Release Date: October 5th, 2010

Rock and Roll use to be about breaking all the rules and disobeying anything and everything. Nowadays it’s about who can squeeze into the tightest jeans and rack up facebook fans. So it’s head turning when you come across a band that simply doesn’t give a fuck. The Gay Blades are that band, and they have taken punching you in the mouth to another level. Clark Westfield and Puppy Mills are kicking ass and taking names without a cause and it’s never felt so good.

Their second album, Savages is anything but a slump. More like the surprise album of the year. For those who are expecting a Ghosts Pt. Deux, go search else where. The band has expanded on their trash-pop core and have developed and progressed into one of the most solid two pieces in music.

“Rock N’ Roll (Part I)” starts Savages off with bang delivering some of the grungiest undertones throughout the album. Complete with in your face riffs and screams, The Gay Blades come at you harder then ever, letting you know they are a force to be reckoned with. The first single, “Try To Understand” follows showing the up scaling of the band with the new, full sound including the addition of horns to the chorus. The stadium swagger continues with “Mick Jagger” which has the sass and punch to be played on rock radio stations world wide. “Why Winter in Detroit” has been kicking around for awhile in the band’s live show and their DVD release, but the new and improved studio version packs more bite than Barq’s. The band shows some experimentation with “November Fight Song” and “Too Cool To Quit” implementing some strings and new tones that show the band’s ability to diversify without skipping a beat. The album continues to impress and never miss throughout it’s 40 minute running time. It comes to a stunning end with “Every Night Is Like A Revival” where the band’s talent come front and center, mixing the best of Ghosts and Savages to create the picture perfect ending, demanding a curtain call.

The Gay Blades have not only stepped up their game tenfold but have shown that they know how to bring the rock in more forms then one. Clark sounds better than ever proving that he is one of the true overlooked talents of the scene and Puppy hasn’t sounded tighter on the skins. The band set high expectations with their debut album, but those have been left in the dust thanks to their latest effort. Savages has enough swagger and cahones to make the Rolling Stones shake in their boots and that’s something to take notice of.

Track Listing1. Rock N' Roll (Part I)
2. Try To Understand
3. Puppy Mills Presents
4. Mick Jagger*
5. Why Winter in Detroit?*
6. November Fight Song
7. Too Cool To Quit
8. Shadow's Like A Ghost*
9. Burns and Shakes
10. Wasted On The Youth
11. Every Night Is Like A Revival*
*Key Tracks

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theargylepilot 10/18/10 02:03 PM

Fucking love these guys.

Loveisa4lttrwrd 10/18/10 02:05 PM

This album is fantastic.

i2ockbotm 10/18/10 02:07 PM

I'm glad this album finally got a review on AP.net, it certainly deserves it. Savages is much more consistent and accessible than Ghosts. One of the most pleasant surprises of the year


tottivillarossi 10/18/10 03:10 PM

Wow, a 90%?

dash64 10/18/10 04:05 PM

Nice to see such a great review

DI Pistola 10/18/10 04:13 PM

And the bonus ending "This is How the Conversation Ends" is so simply amazing.
Goddamn irritating that I had to trim 8 minutes of silence from the track to get it to play normally.

Nick Le 10/18/10 04:22 PM

Awesome review. Still need to listen to this.

thesollopsist 10/18/10 04:27 PM

Love this album

bandnamexmyname 10/18/10 06:23 PM

Record is ace. Probably top 20.

Hidden In NJ 10/18/10 06:32 PM


Originally Posted by bandnamexmyname (Post 77519712)
Record is ace. Probably top 20.

Of what?

This year?
Your life?
Of all time?

bandnamexmyname 10/18/10 06:40 PM


Originally Posted by Hidden In NJ (Post 77520262)
Of what?

This year?
Your life?
Of all time?

What's the difference between life and all time?

But yeah, this year.

billy_yo 10/18/10 07:02 PM

i love this band and this cd.

Argentine 10/18/10 07:07 PM

Excellent. I wasn't let down by the album at all; totally blows Ghosts out of the water.

NeonBlonde407 10/18/10 07:16 PM


Originally Posted by tottivillarossi (Post 77506012)
Wow, a 90%?

ive heard good things, who may i ask they sound like?