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Modern Leper 10/20/10 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by bandnamexmyname (Post 77520802)
What's the difference between life and all time?

Have you been alive since the beginning of time? Are you an angel?

NateGolubiewski 10/20/10 04:19 PM

All of these great albums need to stop coming out. I'm going beyond broke thanks to all of these phenomenal artists scheduling their release dates so close together.

keep swinging 10/20/10 04:31 PM

great review. i will definitely be checking this out.

themagicrat 10/20/10 06:15 PM

This review convinced me to give this band a listen. Very glad I did. Great review.

AMackChuck 10/21/10 10:57 AM

My personal favorite, most anticipated, underrated album of the year.

RX XR 10/21/10 04:50 PM

ill check it out as long as someone can tell me why they are called "the gay blades" ...

fobmcrafi6 10/22/10 06:19 AM

Saw em in a little nitty gritty basement last month giving out copies be4 it was released.
the lead singer is a really fun guy to talk to. i m sooo x cited to be hearing this album nonstop!

mcfudge 10/22/10 08:03 AM

love this band.Couldn't agree more with this review ,now i just wish i could pick this up in the uk easly

phillycheese37 10/23/10 09:45 AM

Can anyone give me a RIYL?

i_am_sexy 10/24/10 01:21 PM

saw them on tour with Craig Owens, Ace Enders, and Versa Emerge.
this album is significant.

Steeeve Perry 10/24/10 06:40 PM

The word then is not the same as the word than.
Please learn that.

Travis Parno 11/09/10 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by DI Pistola (Post 77510332)
And the bonus ending "This is How the Conversation Ends" is so simply amazing.
Goddamn irritating that I had to trim 8 minutes of silence from the track to get it to play normally.

seriously. i dig it, but why the obnoxious minutes of silence?

and this album is fucking fantastic.

DI Pistola 11/09/10 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by phillycheese37 (Post 77841582)
Can anyone give me a RIYL?

Fresh. To death.

HardcoreCracker 11/26/10 11:07 PM

I prefer ghosts, but this album is pretty fucken amazing