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Christian Wagner 01/11/11 09:22 PM

Here and Now, The - What You Live For
The Here and Now - What You Live For
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date: November 30, 2010

The Here and Now are a pop-rock group from Poughkeepsie, NY who released their debut EP called What You Live.

How Is It?
Poughkeepsie is the place to be for upcoming pop-rock acts these days (We Are The In Crowd, The Best Week Ever) and The Here and Now fits right into this crowd. Relying on catchy hooks and sugar sweet melodies, the band puts out a strong effort on their debut EP. One thing I definitely enjoyed on this record is their use of keys and synths. They use them with great taste to put a little spin on the song that gives it a sliver of memorable quality over a lot of the pop-rock bands of today. It's a complementary piece of the puzzle for The Here and Now, where the little things go a long way for this band. The most prevalent example for me is "The Radio Song." A catchy as hell song with fantastic piano and synth lines that really accentuate the hook in the song.

You can see the potential here, but the only problem is that it is terribly inconsistent. There are two standout tracks for me, "The Radio Song" and "Sleepers & Dreamers." Unfortunately, the other three songs are bland. They're very formulaic and don't do much for me. There is no real substance that makes me go back and want to re-listen to the songs. However, you can see this band has the potential to write some catchy material and I will be keeping my eye on them.

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more heart 01/11/11 09:35 PM

These guys just recently broke up :-(

Now I'm stuck with shitty teenage-pop bands.

cwhit412 01/12/11 06:14 AM

I actually just took this album off my iPod for room.
Maybe I'll give it another shot.