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Keagan Ilvonen 01/20/11 01:15 PM

Daytrotter Listeners Love The Gay Blades
Listeners of Daytrotter have voted The Gay Blades' "November Fight Song" as one of the best Daytrotter recordings of 2010.

Someone'sCoat 01/20/11 01:31 PM

Awesome for them. Great guys

briantalife 01/20/11 01:44 PM

great song. daytrotter rules.

AMackChuck 01/20/11 01:59 PM

I would do pretty much anything to see them live. Come back to Maine, guys.

provethatIexist 01/20/11 02:32 PM

well deserved

Spenny 01/20/11 04:40 PM

I think probably my favourite of the recordings chosen is the one by Rocky Votolato. So good!

fifpb99 01/20/11 05:18 PM

more of a fan of rocky or local natives

i2ockbotm 01/20/11 10:46 PM

Are they going to release the final batch of 'Song for Cities'?

SensesFailTY 01/21/11 05:41 AM

great song...great lyrics...love daytrotter <3