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Thomas Nassiff 01/21/11 02:21 AM

Captain, We're Sinking/Timeshares - Split
Captain, We're Sinking/Timeshares - Split
Record Label: Kiss of Death Records
Release Date: October 29, 2010

Splits are always interesting to me. In fact, I usually would rather see a band release two songs of their own, paired up with two songs from a band I've barely heard, than see them release a four-song EP of their own work. There's nothing quite like enjoying the one half that you're familiar with then flipping it over and getting to hear a band that you might really get into.

On Captain, We're Sinking's split with Timeshares, this is exactly the case. The two Captain, We're Sinking songs showcase the band's familiar brand of gritty punk music that you're used to hearing from them. On the flip side, Timeshares plays a slightly less produced but still catchy brand of punk, with rough vocals and clashing guitars.

The first Captain, We're Sinking song, "Doctors," is the best track on the entire split. It would fit in perfectly on the band's It's A Trap EP and the dual vocals have only improved. The abrasive yet unforgettable melody of the chorus is paralleled by some really impressive drum work on this track, and unfortunately "Doctors" might overshadows its successor, "Roar Responsibly."

The song starts off acoustic with the lines, "We would rather die as martyrs / Than live as saints / We're searching for the day / When the sun decides to rise in a different place / We're looking at the stars and giving them their names / Like they were ours to keep." The band kicks things into gear from there, and the dual vocals in that intro and throughout the rest of the track are eerily shaky yet confident. It gives listeners the comfortable and welcoming impression that it's okay to yell back some lyrics despite the fact that you might not be feeling all that stable. The songwriting absolutely stands out on this track.

On the Timeshares side, we get to hear some raw-sounding punk in the vein of Hot Water Music and other Gainesville-sounding punk bands. Yes, Gainesville has a sound. "Woke Up In A Grappler School" is the better out of the two Timeshares songs, as the cries of, "Well if everybody hates us for this" in the chorus are great to jam along with.

Basically what you have here is a couple of Captain, We're Sinking songs to hold you over until their next release or full length, and a couple of Timeshares songs to go along with the heralded EP they put out in 2009. This split is a good release for both bands and worth a listen.

Note: It should be noted that the Timeshares songs are actually on the "A" side of the 7" here, and I just reviewed the Captain, We're Sinking songs first.

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Bare Essentials1. Woke Up In A Grappler School
2. Little Full, Lotta Sap
3. Doctors
4. Roar Responsibly
Run Time: 9 minutes
Star Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars
Captain, We're Sinking

xdifference88x 01/21/11 08:14 AM

yo man, timeshares is great.

twotoneterror 01/21/11 10:39 AM

More credit needs to be given to Timeshares.
Also- the line in "...Grappler School" is "WHAT if everybody hates us for this?"

gurby 01/21/11 03:59 PM

can't get enough captain.

leighm13 01/24/11 03:48 AM

Great split, two awesome bands.

You can download Timeshares old EP for free (legally!) from here: http://www.ifyoumakeit.com/album/timeshares/timeshares/