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Christian Wagner 03/01/11 12:54 AM

We Still Dream - Chapters
We Still Dream - Chapters
Record Label: Eulogy Records
Release Date: March 1, 2011

You know those albums that just instantly hit you when you turn on the first track? This was one for me. We Still Dream presents us with their full-length debut, Chapters, and it's quite the departure from their debut EP Oh Snap!. The band traded in the hardcore influenced riffs and breakdowns for a poppier approach that is reminiscent of Fall Out Boy's Take This To Your Grave. Yes, I went there.

The album starts off with "Life's An Avalanche...Survive It" as it takes you on a roller coaster of the pop-punk spectrum. You get the double-bass beat with the gang vocals "let's go!" in the beginning but also encounter a lead guitar line that will get stuck in your head. On top of that, the words ring an all too familiar theme of being oppressed and rebelling against a certain power. Lead singer Dustin Monk has a very (Nearly identical at times) vocal tone compared to Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and Brendan Urie of Panic! At The Disco. He repeats countless times in the song "Say what you say/Cause I'm not listening anyway" and the message of the song is overtly clear.

Just when you though the first track will get stuck in your head forever, it transitions into my personal favorite "She's Got Class." While it is a love song, I enjoy the take they have on the lyrics. It's all about a guy pursuing a girl of high societal status and it's much more witty than expected. The chorus is just so catchy and simple that you will definitely be singing it after your first listen.

The thing that stands out to me about We Still Dream is is their ability to create pop melodies that feel fresh. Perfect song example is "This Is Home" when Monk belts out "This is all/This is all/This is all that I've got left."

The band shows their songwriting versatility on the acoustic track of "Story of Strangers." Adding a touch of keys with fast paced strumming, the band talks about their father wasn't around. While not a personally relate-able topic, it's a heartfelt subject matter that definitely rings in a powerful way.

Now call me crazy, but I think given the exposure, this album can be a pop-punk staple for years to come. Hopefully my bold statements are backed with enough reason to warrant you to check out this album. However, in the current music environment only time will tell if this album becomes accessible and widespread within the community.

RIYLFall Out Boy, Hit The Lights, New Found Glory


John is a cult 03/01/11 09:20 AM

good band. good album. great review.

gr33ndayfr3ak 03/01/11 10:18 AM

A generous review for a NFG-style pop punk band? And on AP, no less! I'm going to have to give this a spin.

ashkristiansen 03/01/11 12:18 PM

best overall album i've heard since The Years Gone By's Full Length and "Skip School Start Fights" by HTL. this is one of those records you'll leave in the cd player of your car for months and play on repeat and it'll never get old.

fyfbooking 03/03/11 04:23 PM

Great dudes..Check out their tour dates!

suicidalmoose 03/03/11 07:44 PM

this album is really good. a little bit to poppy for my taste apart from a few songs, but I can tell its quality right away.

Alt Press Mag. 03/04/11 01:45 AM

big new found glory rip off in my eyes, but hey its what the kids love these days

So-Crates 03/04/11 01:36 PM

really need to check this out, good review

Christian Wagner 03/05/11 09:43 AM

If it's a New Found Glory rip-off, I feel like it would have to be Not Without A Fight. However, I'm happy bands are ripping off NFG and not bad bands haha.

COREhorizon 03/05/11 05:03 PM

I had no idea Eulogy Records put anything decent out anymore. This reminds me of a different band, but I can't remember which one.

more heart 03/08/11 02:42 AM

It's really been awhile since I've heard a pop punk band this catchy. Eulogy is awful with promoting their bands(especially those that reside outside of metal/hardcore) so hopefully these guys catch a break somehow and people get behind them. This is record is way to catchy for people to not know this band.

Great review, Christian.

xHoodieWeather 11/24/11 08:31 AM

really digging this, reminds me of hit the lights.

Archael 10/02/12 12:42 PM

good album definitely.