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Alex DiVincenzo 03/18/11 10:17 AM

Keith Buckley/Chris Dudley Collaboration
Stream a song written by Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die and Chris Dudley of Underoath in 2007.

Ryan Gardner 03/18/11 10:19 AM

Awesome track

SoundwaveUproar 03/18/11 10:22 AM

That was... so not what I expected, but really, really good

FailureWithinMe 03/18/11 10:23 AM

love the name of the track

SoulClast 03/18/11 10:24 AM

Listening now, pretty good. Was it just a random collab, or was it meant to be for something in particular?

SkateFirm21 03/18/11 10:27 AM

sounds good

schmohawk 03/18/11 10:35 AM

is that keith singing? dude sounds way different

brenByah 03/18/11 10:37 AM

I dig it

Drew Beringer 03/18/11 10:40 AM

ah The Roman Carnival of 1510, I remember the talk about this project a few years ago.

matrocksteady 03/18/11 10:44 AM

Everything Keith touches turns to gold immediately.

EvilZeppelin 03/18/11 10:47 AM

I'd love to hear more of this kind of stuff from these two.

topher465 03/18/11 10:47 AM

Chris's program is so recognizable. This track was pretty enjoyable

irthesteve 03/18/11 10:51 AM

written and performed by them?

PetitnaindesĪles 03/18/11 11:01 AM

Sounds a bit like Desolate Earth, i love it.

circletheworld 03/18/11 11:03 AM


Originally Posted by SoundwaveUproar (Post 86732092)
That was... so not what I expected, but really, really good

i know...