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The Minn 04/12/11 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by KatastrophiE (Post 87876211)
ah yes. The elitist jerk that lacks your basic reading comprehension skills. I see you a lot around here. Why am I responding when my response will go unread? Well, because it wont. You're predictable, boring and everything I despise in this world. Oh, I never called her fat, that one's on you, you judgmental dickface. Typical christian behavior, crafting and trusting the competency of an ill-advised conclusion based off assumptions and made up facts. Go fuck yourself.

ha ha ha. i read it. and you're still an idiot =) and even more a douche

CircaSin 04/12/11 10:29 PM

you guys have image issues. With a voice like that, I'll make her baby.

stevenisfading 04/13/11 07:11 AM

Glad that Turning Tables got a mention seeing as how you left out SLY and SFTTR which are both easily the highlights of the album.

Good review. Glad she's having huge success in the U.S.

Dookie1 04/13/11 07:37 AM

Like her voice, just don't like the genre.

radicalrilee 04/13/11 12:02 PM

I adore this album very much. Just wondering why Someone Like You or even Set Fire To The Rain never got a mention... otherwise, great review! Her voice is amazing. This woman deserves all the recognition in the world.

Sancho10 04/14/11 12:14 PM

Only $8 at HMV:-)

amii_G 04/24/11 01:53 PM

Wonderful review, although I can't remember if AP always write up reviews months after the albums are released? ;)

'Set Fire to the Rain' and 'Don't You Remember' are personal favourites, but the whole thing is beautiful.

Kelly Doherty 04/29/11 01:35 PM

Absolutely beautiful album. No matter how many times I hear Someone Like You, it still makes me feel emotional.. :) And the Cure cover is perfect! :9:

Alligator Blood 07/17/11 12:38 PM

Sometimes pop music can be great. This is one of those cases.