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Thomas Nassiff 04/15/11 09:07 AM

New Farewell Continental Song
You can stream a new Farewell Continental song from their upcoming LP, ĦHey, Hey Pioneers!, called "Capybara" right here.

Thomas Nassiff 04/15/11 09:09 AM

So good, can't wait for this release. One of the better songs on the record too ;-)

Jat 04/15/11 09:25 AM

Just saying, without the girl this could easily be a MCS song..

ajakober 04/15/11 09:29 AM

This song is really good! Stoked for a new album!

Alex DiVincenzo 04/15/11 11:40 AM

I like it

Freshman15Davey 04/15/11 11:54 AM

No offense to these guys but every time I see "Farewell" on the headline I think it's finally news on "Farewell"! :(

Mochem 04/15/11 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by Jat (Post 88108671)
Just saying, without the girl this could easily be a MCS song..

It has more in common with other Farewell Continental songs than it does MCS songs. It's following along with the whole 90s indie style that they do. The only MCS song that really does that is Sunny Day.

Also, it's pretty good. I get a feeling that this album will be better than both of the EPs.

thelastturtle 04/15/11 05:05 PM

Quality. I'm really excited for this record.

stellaparkmike 04/15/11 06:30 PM


blinkATL-182 04/15/11 09:01 PM

Love this song so much. Anything involving Justin Pierre is great