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Ryan Gardner 04/16/11 09:48 PM

April 17, 2011 (Week Prior)
One Win Choice - Conveyor (release date: 03/01/11)
Hardcore / Punk from Philadelphia (RIYL: Strike Anywhere • No Trigger • Comeback Kid • A Wilhelm Scream)

Real Friends - This is Honesty (release date: 4/19/2011)
Honest Pop Punk from Chicago, Illinois

Meadower - 1994 (release date: January 2011)
Post Punk from Detroit, Michigan (RIYL: Dinosaur Jr, Fugazi, and Minus the Bear)

Oh No Fiasco - Oh No Fiasco (release date: 5-10-2011)
Alternative from Knoxville, TN (RIYL: Paramore)

Charlie Blacksmoke and The Swamp Energy Mass Choir - Hippie Glue (Release Date: April 3rd, 2011)
Dark Pop / Psychedelic from Tennessee (RIYL: James Blake, Neon Indian, Cee-Lo Green, David Bowie)

Teen Girl Scientist Montly - Pioneer Ghost (release date: May 31)
Indie Rock from NYC (RIYL: Arcade Fire, Decemberists, Black Lips)

The Nuclears - The Nuclears (release date: April 19 (digital), June 14 (LP)
Rock / Punk / Garage from NYC (RIYL: The Stooges, Thin Lizzy, The MC5, Black Sabbath)

The Republic of Champions - Notice of Termination (Release date: November, 2010)
Punk Rock from Canada

Antonymes - The Licence To Interpret Dreams (release date: 21/4/11)
Neo-Classical / Ambient form North Wales (RIYL: Max Richter, Harold Budd, Erik Satie, Brian Eno)

Cash Cash - Love or Lust (release date: April 19, 2011)
Pop / New Wave / Electronic from Roseland, NJ (RIYL: Cobra Starship, Metro Station, Breathe Carolina, The Ready Set)

Blackfield - Welcome To My DNA (release date: April 19, 2011)
Progressive Rock fromUK/Israel (RIYL: Porcupine Tree)

The Air Station - The Human Condition (release date: 10.19.10)
Rock / Alternative (RIYL: U2, Jimmy Eat World, Anberlin, Angels and Airwaves

Andrew X - Language Of Love (release date: 12.08.09)
Rock / Indie / Alternative (RIYL: Cat Stevens, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Prince, MGMT, Sufjan Stevens)

The Sophomore Beat - Party Like A Lobster (release date: April 19th)
Power Pop from Portland, ME (RIYL: Motion City Soundtrack, Say Anything)

Mason Summers - Who Wants The Future? (release date - June 7, 2011)
Punk Rock from Maryland (RIYL: zolof, the rock and roll destroyer, the wonder years)

Thousand Needles - Thousand Needles (release date: 5 April 2011)
Punk Rock / Pop-Punk from Jakarta, Indonesia (RIYL: Blink182, New Found Glory, All Time Low)

Mojo Fury - Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus (release date: 9th May 2011)
Rock / Punk / Alt from Northern Ireland (RIYL: Future of the Left, Biffy Clyro)

Goodnight Caulfield - Taking Shape (release date - May 3, 2011)
Alt Rock from California (RIYL: armor for sleep, paramore, anberlin)

The Sundelles - Georgia Swan (release date: 3/15/2011)
Indie Rock (RIYL: The Replacements, early REM, The Feelies)

Its Teeth - In The Year of Your Lord (release date: May 24th 2011)
Post-Rock / Instrumental from Denver, CO (RIYL: Mogwai, Mare, Cult of Luna)

Gideonz Army - On Ten (release date: April 5, 2011)
Rap / Holy Hip Hop from GA

Tonight, the City Skyline - Nothing Will Be The Same (Release Date: April 19th 2011)
Ambient / Pop / Rock from Milwaukee, WI (RIYL: Death Cab For Cutie, Radiohead, Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, Number One Fan, Muse)

Jacobi Wichita - Lambsie.Divey (release date Digital: Febuary 21, 2010, Hard Copy Summer 2011)
Hip-Hop / Latin / Rock from Connecticut (RIYL: Faith No More, Bad Brains, Deftones)

Other Lives - Tamer Animals (release date: May 17th)
Indie Rock / Alternative from Stillwater, OK (RIYL: Shearwater, Wolf Parage, Great Lake Swimmers, The Decemberists)

1,2,3 - New Heaven (release date: June 21st)
Soul from Pittsburgh, PA

The Ultramatics - MK Ultra (release date: January 8th, 2011)
Punk from Arizona

Red Bellows - Epone (release date- March 15, 2011)
Progressive / Regressive from Boston, MA (RIYL: Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, As Tall As Lions, Secret Machines)

Bare Branches - Haunts (release date: March 27, 2011)
Indie Rock from Pennsylvania (RIYL: Joy Division, The National, Okkervil River)

Blue Collar Convicts - Blue Collar Convicts and Two and Change (release date: 2004 and 2011)
Punk from MA (RIYL: Have Nots, The Acro-Brats, The Mores, Johnny Thunders, The Godfathers, The Stooges, The Marvels)

Tonight, the City Skyline - Nothing Will Be The Same (Release Date: April 19th 2011)
Ambient / Acoustic / Indie / Pop / Rock from Milwaukee, WI (RIYL: Death Cab For Cutie, Radiohead, Fall Out Boy, Muse, Motion City Soundtrack, Owl City, Number One Fan)

Monoslang - Greener (Release date: 4/1/2011)
Alternative / Indie Rock from North Carolina

Arpline - Travel Book (Release Date: 13/05/11)
Indie / Pop from NYC (RIYL: Animal Collective, Arcade Fire)

Holy City Zoo - (EP) (Release Date: March 31st, 2011)
Alternative / Post-punk from New Brunswick, NJ

Extra Arms - Race to Sleep (release date: 04/11/11)
Indie / Rock from New York

Mike DeBenedictis - Environs (release date: Feb. 1, 2011)
Folk Rock from Massachusetts

The Mutineers - From the Dirge to the Dance (release date: April 15, 2011)
Rock from California (RIYL: Mumford and Sons, Uncle Tupelo, The Pogues, The Avett Brothers, Band of Horses)

Patrick Anthony - Your World From Here (release date: April 12 2011)
Acoustic Pop Rock from Minnesota (RIYL: Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Augustana, Taylor Swift)

Carletta Sue Kay - Pas le Même (release date- April 19)
Indie from San Francisco, CA (RIYL: The Sandwitches, Kelley Stoltz)

P for Persia - Coral Canyon (release date: February 2011)
Noise Rock / Electronica from Brighton, UK (RIYL: Nature)

Herra Hidro - High Command (release date: April 20th)
Alternative / Progressive Rock from England, Leicester (RIYL: Biffy Clyro, Limp Bizkit, Blakfish, Yourcodenameis:milo)

Tony Halchak - Into the Deep Pt. 1 (release date: April 9, 2011)
Indie / Folk from PA (RIYL: Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, Conor Oberst, Ryan Adams, Iron and Wine)

Dead Stars - The Wasted EP (release date: 4/26/11)
Psychedelic / Indie / Grunge from Brooklyn, New York (RIYL: Dinosaur Jr., My Bloody Valentine, Yuck)

After the Sirens - Rainy Day Serenade (release date 4/5/2011)
Rock / Pop / Emo from MA (RIYL: Panic! At the Disco, Hellogoodbye, Death Cab for Cutie)

Breaching Vista - Vera City (release date: May 3rd, 2011)
Alt-rock from Kitchener, ON (RIYL: Billy Talent, Jimmy Eat World, Down With Webster)

The Dig - Electric Toys (release date: April 2011)
Indie / Pop / Rock from NYC

The Fervor - Arise, Mighty Warrior (release date: March 2011)
Rock & Roll / Americana / Psych Roots from Kentucky (RIYL: My Morning Jacket)

Bedouin Soundclash - Light the Horizon (release date: June 7)
Reggae / Alt Rock from Toronto, Canada

Federico Aubele - Berlin 13 (release date: April 12th)
Latin / Electronic / International from Argentina (RIYL: Ursula 1000, Les Hommes, The Pinker Tones)

Munroe Effect - ultraviolenceland (release date: May 30th 2011)
Alternative from UK (RIYL: Glassjaw, At The Drive-In, Deftones, Oceansize, Yourcodenameis:Milo,)

Iggy Pop - Roadkill Rising: The Bootleg Collection 1977–2009 (release date: May 17)
http://www.shoutfactorystore.com/pro...xzz1JcNadq1 f
Rock from MI

Skeptic? - Now Look What You've Done (release date: April 2011)
Punk Rock from Alabama

Little Kid - Logic Songs (Release Date: April 9th, 2011)
Folk / Indie / Ambient from London, Ontario, Canada (RIYL: Right Away, Great Captain!; Pedro the Lion; The Microphones; Neutral Milk Hotel; Leonard Cohen)

No Regime - As the World Implodes (release date: April 10th / 2011)
Alternative / Punk from California (RIYL: Rise Against, Authority Zero, Manu Chao, Comeback Kid, Rancid)

React - Old Problems (release date: 4/12/11)
Hardcore / Thrash / Punk from Toledo, OH

Kevin Regan - It's A Jersey Thing (Single) and Reincarnated (EP) (release date: March 15, 2011 and February 22, 2011)
Pop / Rock / Dance from Nutley, New Jersey

Forkillspoon - Empty Hand, Empty World
Progressive / Ambient from Chicago, IL

30 Dirty Thoughts - Hard Times (Release date: Nov 13, 2009)
Pop Punk from Los Angeles, California

Ryan Gardner 04/16/11 09:50 PM

PM Linda Ferreira if you would be interested in writing a user review for any of these.

If you would like to be included in this listing for next week, email reviews@absolutepunk.net .