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Alex DiVincenzo 04/18/11 01:27 PM

How Could This Not Be Real?
Is Pete Wentz hinting at a Midtown reunion? Maybe, maybe not.

Rysker6 04/18/11 01:29 PM

No way, also, Pete, I would like an AA reunion as well.

wall e 04/18/11 01:29 PM

Don't even.

underdog217 04/18/11 01:29 PM

please let this be true!

SincerelyMe 04/18/11 01:29 PM

I wish.

gonfreaks 04/18/11 01:29 PM

I refuse to believe.


domotime2 04/18/11 01:30 PM


zachff 04/18/11 01:31 PM

I doubt it, he's probably just fucking around.

provethatIexist 04/18/11 01:31 PM

this again? really?

I am Mick 04/18/11 01:31 PM

I remember last time I thought Pete was hinting at a Midtown reunion and it turned into a shitty Fall Out Boy record.

abusedcat 04/18/11 01:31 PM


Rysker6 04/18/11 01:31 PM

Are blink-182 opening?

tyler2tall147 04/18/11 01:32 PM

I saw this tweet last night, and thought "wow... what the hell absolutepunk... why wasn't that a news story...", I thought the reunion show was last night haha.

mynameisgeneric 04/18/11 01:32 PM

I've seen like 4 of these topics on this website over the years, god damn its getting old.

zachff 04/18/11 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by Rysker6 (Post 88240702)
No way, also, Pete, I would like an AA reunion as well.

Are you referring to Arma Angelus?