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Christian Wagner 04/27/11 09:50 PM

The Morning Of Interview
The Morning Of did an interview regarding the status of the band, their situation with Tragic Hero Records, and what the future holds. Read it here.
In This InterviewThey did everything they ever could for us. I have nothing bad to say about Tommy or Tragic. At times when I felt that nobody cared about our band, the only person I absolutely knew did care was Tommy.

JuneJuly 04/27/11 09:53 PM

I love this band so much. Please come to Milwaukee. I will bring you guys food.

Etrain4242 04/27/11 10:17 PM

Can't wait until anything new from this band. Hopefully ill be able to see there show soon! can't wait for Justin's new project too. If it is anything like Heaven or Hell from TWIFI it will be great.

TimothyKuras 04/27/11 10:43 PM

Nice, stoked the bands not done. I was starting to wonder for a while.

vivatoto56 04/27/11 10:48 PM

Thank God.

socratic07 04/28/11 12:28 AM

I remember meeting this band on the Dangerous Summer tour. By far some of the most humble and down-to-earth musicians I have ever met. They deserve much more in my opinion, but it's great to hear they're doing well. I really enjoy their second album.

beau blood rush 04/28/11 02:25 AM

So crazy talented and amazing songwriters, I just think they need get a little bit more edge
and a little bit less churchy if they want to be more mainstream, which I think they'd destroy at.

incognitojones 04/28/11 05:58 AM

I feel bad for the solid bands on Tragic Hero that don't get noticed by another label right away :/

Clintoto 04/28/11 07:57 AM

They were shorter in person than I had imagined. They also looked frightened. They are a very good band.

Rysker6 04/28/11 08:09 AM

Well, that cleared the air with a lot of the obvious. They went to college, so I guess they'll only tour during the summer and during winter break then.

MikeyAndTheCity 04/28/11 09:33 AM

Amazing band! The progression from The World As We Know It to The Way I Fell In was perfect and a step in the right direction. A new album from them would be fantastic! I can't wait to see them in Europe - it's going to be one of the highlights of my trip to London! Glad to hear they aren't breaking up, that would be tragic.

My only gripe about the Europe EP is that it doesn't have some pretty album artwork!

DeadPoetic 04/28/11 10:50 AM

I absolutely love this band and can't wait for their UK tour, it's been a long time coming. TWIFI is one of my all-time favourite pop rock albums.

Miketheunicycle 04/28/11 11:44 AM

i'm excited to hear new material, glad they're not done