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panicbxmb 08/12/11 01:50 PM

i'm gonna miss these guys. glad i got to catch them live at various points throughout their career (including tours for almost each album, and one date of the final tour).

i also have to thank RXB for touring with such excellent bands all the damn time. their shows were always so stacked with goodness.

i'm gonna miss these guys. i can't wait to see what they do in the future.

kidinthebushes 08/12/11 01:50 PM

Always sad to hear a DTR band from my high school days calling it a career.

I remember watching their video for Analog Boy on the first Drive-Thru Records DVD over and over again.

gonfreaks 08/12/11 01:51 PM

RIP RX Bandits. Truly a fantastic band that I will miss dearly.

JimmyIymmiJ 08/12/11 02:18 PM

Incredible band. I missed them on their last 2 tours, unfortunately, but I saw them several times and they were always amazing. They were one of the best live bands out there.

Cameronisonfire 08/12/11 02:40 PM

Great band. One of the best live shows youll ever see. Glad I got to see them a few times.

falafelmywaffle 08/12/11 03:49 PM

Great read! This made me throw on ...And The Battle Begun, my favourite from them.

joel_one 08/12/11 04:42 PM

best live band i ever saw. i truly will miss them. their last show was absolutely insane, one of their best ever...i went to 3 of the shows on this tour, wish i could have gone to them all!!!!!

Crowe41 08/12/11 07:03 PM

So happy I was able to see these guys last year in Australia. Incredibly talented.

thesollopsist 08/12/11 08:32 PM

Amazing band, will be highly regarded. I'll miss em.

punk89 08/12/11 08:36 PM

One of the most talented bands out there. Here's to hoping they reunite sooner than later!

Poochemist 08/12/11 09:55 PM

Got to see their final show in SF- it was good. Just wished that they played Status...

NoOneRunsFaster 08/13/11 12:33 AM


Originally Posted by stuffsux00 (Post 93275812)
ahh stop reminding me!! i saw the last two shows in Pomona and SF. still refuse to take off the wrist bands.

I was also at the SF show. Watching them embrace at the show was breath taking. Such a solid performance. I'm going to be treasuring that show for a long time

nfgdragon 08/13/11 01:32 AM

I saw at the last show in S.F., and by pure happenstance, I was lucky enough to also catch them back in June in D.C. What a great fucking band. They always moved forward with their music. All of them are incredibly talented musicians. I first was exposed to them when they toured with New Found Glory. Cyrus had a broken foot, so Chris pulled double duty playing drums in RxB and NFG. Since then, I think I've maybe missed one of their bay area shows.

If you haven't heard RxB, you're missing out.

fcbucks1 08/13/11 01:42 AM

great group of guys. I don't listen to them quite as much as I used to, but they are still more important to me than any other band. It was awesome to see them at the philly date during this last tour and to see how much it meant to the guys to be coming through for the last time (for now).

amorning_ofsleep 08/13/11 11:05 AM

Lucky enough to see them back in 06. But man. Fucking amazing musicians. Definitely a huge blow to the music community. We need more music like them.