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Nathan Lint 06/21/07 11:41 AM

2*Sweet - Burning Alive in the Prairie State
2*Sweet - Burning Alive In The Prairie State
Record Label: By A Thread
Release Date: October 17, 2006


2*Sweet is a quintet of guys from Chicago Metropolitan area who have literally taken the midwest by storm. Their experimental type of pop punk has differences from the typicals, and they're finally falling into place. Don't turn your back just because their name sounds like some pop group. They will catch you off guard. Look out for their full length late in 2007.

How Is It?

It's rough, not really production wise, just rough in some of the guitar parts and vocals. After a string and horn intro called "Welcome To The Village Of Sin", the band goes straight into the catchy but repetative "All Aboard This Sinking Ship", it's a good start but I know they're capable of doing better. Then the band shines with "There's Only One Kind Of Rock And Roll" and "All One Hundred of Us Are Enlightenment", that I can see people going crazy for at shows. I get almost an Unwritten Law kind of feel from the songs. They finally finish off "Expatraites And Survivers Of Love, This Song Is For You" is the bands piano rock ballad that will catch you completely off guard, in a good and bad way. They have talent, but they're all over the spectrum, and the vocals can make you cringe at times. But next time, they'll get it, I promise.

For Fans Of: unpredictible pop punk

tm decomposer 06/21/07 12:28 PM

I don't like these guys much. but Ill give this another listen

thatwasamoment 06/21/07 07:45 PM

The name is catchier than the music. But they're on their way to great things, possibly..

iwasahero 06/21/07 08:28 PM

Saw them live once, they were alright.

honeststoryline 06/23/07 10:50 AM

the new demos are excellent, and their live show is really something you need to see to get into this band. they're really solid dudes.

abcdefghijennie 06/24/07 05:13 PM

Good review, but with all due respect, you are wrong about the vocals.

furey 09/03/08 06:01 AM

when i heard them live i didn't really appreciate their music once. but then i heard one of their songs during an album review on the radio and i was kinda warming up somehow