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tylerschnizzle 10/08/11 01:05 PM

James Pants - James Pants
James Pants-James Pants
Record Label: Stones Throw Records
Release Date: May 3, 2011

James Pants is a chill-tastic musician. Though still flying under the radar, he has remixed for artists such as Beck, Pharell & Santogold, Dam Funk, and Mayor Hawthorne. His latest album, James Pants, takes everything we love about 90's synthesizers and combines it with moody and simplistic rhythms.

I listen to this album the same way I listen to a Massive Attack album. Massive Attack creates music for introverts and people digesting their thoughts. Pants does a fine job of providing this similar escape. He blends his creations well, allowing his listeners to stay in the zone. Be sure to catch "Every Night," and the single "Darlin'." If anything, it can be said that Pants is all upside. Listeners should expect less of the same, which is a great thing to be said about electronic music.

Pants's vocals, creepily portrayed on most tracks, would serve the album better if they were more distinguishable. "These Girls" is a perfect example. Pants gasps in The Bravery laced baritone, but all that is distinguishable is "these girls." Nevertheless, the song remains one of the most upbeat and enjoyable on the album.

Though not an electronic genius, Pants throws in some pleasing surprises: an inspiring time change during "A Little Bit Closer", and some perfectly placed female vocals on the sultry "Dreamboat." Any missteps on the album are due to Pants's tendency to resort to weak beats. Says Pants, "I wanted to use either really generic drum machines or really simple rock patterns. And quiet. I wanted to craft songs instead of beats." Though it may be in keeping with his vision for the album, many listeners new to the genre will come expecting dubstep-like and raw drum sounds, thanks to post-2010 perceptions of electronic music. Pants never strays from his musical conceptions. As a third release, James Pants provides a great segue to the rest of the fore-mentioned's career.

Recommended If You LikeElectronic, Dance; The resurgence of 80's and 90's influence in music