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Rohan Kohli 10/17/11 09:32 AM

Hot Chelle Rae Tour Video/Article
Vevo has posted a Hot Chelle Rae tour video/article.

Jeff_Ryan 10/17/11 09:52 AM

Obnoxious band.

plns 10/17/11 10:07 AM


aboyandhiscurse 10/17/11 10:38 AM

wish this band would go away

NorthstarPark 10/17/11 11:03 AM

Such dirty mouths for little boys!

sammyboy516 10/17/11 11:10 AM

It still blows my mind that their bassist is Phil Keaggy's son.

WeltallAY 10/17/11 11:29 AM

Outside of a few laughs, why would this be posted?

SmallFrailBoy 10/17/11 12:42 PM

Hot Queef Rae.

SuNDaYSTaR 10/17/11 01:29 PM


Originally Posted by SmallFrailBoy (Post 96572652)
Hot Queef Rae.

Wow, haha.

j4callen 10/17/11 02:32 PM

% chance they ever have another hit?

MBIIdollaBill 10/17/11 03:14 PM

i was so glad this site didn't cover this band... up until this point. way to drop the ball AP

ZeoVGM 10/17/11 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by plns (Post 96565362)

Wow, look at this idiot.

Mudkip! 10/17/11 03:33 PM

Go awayyy

Fringe 10/17/11 03:58 PM

Fuck everybody I like these guys

Co and Ca 10/17/11 04:18 PM