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Dre Okorley 11/01/11 04:07 PM

Mylo Xyloto Hits #1 Spot
Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto debuted at #1 with over 458,000 sold. This makes it the 3rd highest in first-week sales of 2011, after Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV and Lady Gaga's Born This Way.

Submitted by WhoSaidThat?

bojl 11/01/11 04:10 PM

geez. congrats

epaynedds 11/01/11 04:15 PM

Should be higher, album is fantastic/fun.

Cody Nelson 11/01/11 04:16 PM

Good for them. Love the album.

FallOutWeeze 11/01/11 04:34 PM

Saw it coming. Amazing album

stevenisfading 11/01/11 04:35 PM

As if there was any doubt.

Metal Now 11/01/11 04:41 PM

Water wet.

luqmanhakim 11/01/11 04:52 PM

I must've been living under a rock since I didn't know Tha Carter IV sold that many copies.

re7ard1337 11/01/11 04:57 PM

good for them, i wasn't sure that this would sell so well after hearing so many people didn't like the new direction.

AussieBoy 11/01/11 05:14 PM

I still don't know how a goomba like lil Wayne sold that many

Ryan Gardner 11/01/11 05:18 PM

Congrats to them/great record

drudo182 11/01/11 05:24 PM

It is a good album. Happy to see it do so well.

trolland10 11/01/11 05:52 PM

way more importantly Tom Waits in at 6, highest chart position of his career

MyFriendsOver 11/01/11 05:52 PM

Nice! Good for them

Acad08 11/01/11 05:53 PM

Awesome CD. They deserve it!