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Jon Wark 09/03/03 11:16 AM

Riding Bikes - 09.03.03
I interviewed these three Clowns from Riding Bikes... It's basically a conversation, but a conversation filled with fun, and you can learn about the guys too! Ha.

Wark: What are your names and what do you play in the band Riding Bikes?

Dan: My name’s Dan, I play bass.

Stewie: Stewie - I’m an ass…oops guitar*

Mike: Michael Bolton; guitar.

Wark: How long have you been a band?

Mike: about 7 months.

Dan: about yea

Stewie: yeah, the end of February.

Wark: I showed Randy from Finch your CD and he thought it was amazing.

Dan: "amazing"?

Mike: that’s awesome to know

Wark: He said "this is really good dude" and he is always honest

Dan: that’s incredible!

Stewie: yeah it is. i cant believe that

Dan:: they are amazing.

Wark: What bands have you grown up listening to?

Stewie: get ready to laugh at dan

Stewie: :-D

Dan: this is where everyone makes fun of me

Wark: Dan, don’t even say it

Mike: hahahahahahah

Wark: just pretend you dont like them

Stewie: lol

Mike: hahahahahhahahahahahahaha

Mike: im crying (gets naked)

Dan: i hate you jon

Wark: No, seriously you can all answer…except for Dan.

Dan: you fuck …hahahahah

Wark: hahaha

Dan: i hate you

Wark: dude i can edit this out so you don't look weak. it's okay if you like the goo goo dolls, you're still kick ass

Dan: whatever… bon jovi, our lady peace, strung out.

Mike: I grew up on all the fiddler bands. Ha.

Wark: What are your "dream" labels to be on?

Dan: Dream label? We don't really have one... but whoever likes our music, and wants to work with us would be a
perfect label for us, we just want to be able to love the people we work with, and have it be like a family.

Wark: Best records that came out this year?

Mike: new saves the day.....thrice....brand new straylight songs

Dan: definitely straylight

Mike: Everytime I die, the bled

Dan: anything on fiddler

Stewie: thrice is awesome, Everytime I die, straylight, brand nizzle.

Wark: If heaven exists what would you like to hear God say to you when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Dan: "hello, have a seat".

Mike: “Would you like some water”?

Stewie: “Hello, I’d like you to meet your new sex slave, Pamela Anderson”.

Dan: Haha…i cant wait till people are like man I liked riding bikes till I saw that interview.

Wark: Favorite Movies?

Mike: do i get scene points if i say donnie darko? Haha.

Stewie: happy gilmore, high fidelity, friday, freddy vs jason, and punch drunk love.

Dan: happy gilmore, freddy vs jason, mothman prophecies, and high fidelity.

Mike: any monty python, john cusack…

Alina: (eeek! PDL!!!!! PTA RULES)

Wark: What do you plan to do with Riding Bikes?

Dan: I wanna tour an insane amount, so I never have to work a real job.

Stewie: Yeah, same, just tour for the rest of my life. Fuck work, I hope I get fired tomorrow, but my Dad just isn’t gonna do it.

Mike: I wanna write an awesome record and tour.

Stewie: i just wanna make a CD that you can sit and enjoy and not just fucking be like oh listen to this part it sounds like everything else.

Wark: what do you want kids to walk away with thinking after theyve seen a riding bikes show?

Dan: An empty wallet. Haha, just kidding. We just want kids to like us, and have fun with us. : i definetly want our shows to be a lot of fun.

Mike: We just hope they want to get our CD, and we want to be entertaining!

Dan: we're trying to go on tour with a band called days like these on lobster

Stewie: as soon as a nice label approaches us and says hey

Dan: sometime around march

Mike: just as soon as we can afford it

Stewie: yes…we are so broke its ass. we spent like 60 dollars in 2 days for gas

Dan: since our practice space is 2 hours from us… yeah man 2 hours there, 2 hours back

Stewie: 100 miles there , 100 miles back

Wark: dang you must be really pissed when you dont write a good song at practice. Haha.
Dan: yeah

Wark: What do you want people to know about your band that they don’t know yet ?

Mike: that we enjoy everything about doing this band and were glad we have people, fans supporting us and letting us do it and hopefully we can do it for life.

Stewie: yes and we are unsigned!

Mike: also Jon Wark =sex!

Dan: thanks to stew and his family for letting me live with them or else I wouldn’t really be here or in this band!

Wark: are you guys on Friendster?

Dan: Yeah, add me Dan@ridingbikes.net

Stewie: Yeah, Stewart@ridingbikes.net

Wark: where do you guys all work?

Dan: i work at sunoco, i pump gas

Mike: i work at a sunglass shop on the boardwalk ive been there for like 5 summers

Dan: it hurts to even say that

Stewie: I work at my dads garden store. I work there by default and I’ve tried to get fired but hes just not feelin it.

Wark: Anything else you’d like people to know?

Dan: Yeah, check us out @ Mp3.com/ridingbikes, and look for us on tour, and if we come through town come to the show, meet us, and let us sleep at your house! We’re all awesome dudes! You can also order our new CD from our website.

Mike: Thanks Wark!

Dan: I'd also like to thank my mom for getting me where I am, and my girlfriend for staying with me... I love you Sam!

Stewie: Yeah and we really like The Bled and The Higher!



The End

Mountain_Range 08/10/05 02:54 PM

wotever happened to these guys?? I checked the site the other day but it dont work :(

drummer 08/11/05 06:36 PM


i am the father of the drummer of riding bikes. after some interst of major labels like columbia and capitol they broke up due to joe the drummer being inlove and not wanting to tour.he has since gotten married.
he is still friends with the guys and misses their music.
he is now the drummer for eric james.www.ericjames.com
check them out.